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Soundproofing underlay

Silentstep is a high-performance acoustic carpet underlay, comprising of a flexible mass-loaded barrier fused onto high-density premium foam underlay. The combination of these two products allows Silentstep to reduce the transmission impact-generated noise such as footfall, and airborne noise such as speech.

Silentstep was developed to meet market noise reduction requirements in multistorey living, commercial, automotive and marine markets. Simple to cut and lay, it offers excellent support and a firm cushioned base for all types of carpet applications. It is ideally suited for lightweight flooring constructions such as timber and marine applications, where fibreglass and composite floor panels are used.

When laying carpet over a floor constructed using lightweight timber and joists, typical standard underlay only reduces impact noise and offers little effect in reducing the transmission of airborne noise. Silentstep can significantly reduce both impact and airborne noise transfer through a floor system. This means that noise generated from speech and electronic audio technologies, such as radio and television, can be reduced along with noise generated by impact such as footfall.

Silentstep products are environmentally safe, contain no ozone-depleting substances and complies with European and Australian standards for Volatile Organic Compound emissions.

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Soundlag is a high-performance composite acoustic lagging product consisting of a reinforced aluminium foil faced, mass loaded flexible vinyl noise barrier bonded to a decoupling layer. The product was developed to reduce noise break-out from pipes, valves, fan housings and ductwork in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings.

The unique construction of Soundlag gives the dual benefits of a noise barrier and a noise absorber. The highly dense and flexible mass layer provides excellent sound reduction properties, whilst the decoupling layer breaks the vibration path between the substrate and the mass barrier, thus allowing the vinyl external wrap to remain flexible and thereby optimise its performance. The external foil facing offers a fire resistant covering and an excellent surface to join adjacent sheets.

Proven over 20 years success


  • Excellent acoustic performance: 25dB(A) noise reduction
  • Maximises noise control by providing high sound absorption (reverberation control) and superior transmission loss
  • Excellent flame resistance
  • Long useful life
  • Easy to cut
  • Easy to install

Areas of Use:

  • Hydraulic and waste pipes in all locations
  • Air-conditioning ducting and shrouds
  • Compressor wraps
  • Spa motor wraps

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Echohush Cosmo panels solve the problem of reflected sound, offering fire resistance, robustness, uniformity and simple installation in a revolutionary room acoustic wall panel.

These decorative Cosmo panels soundproof in a myriad of situations, from schools, bars, restaurants and call centres to studios, showrooms and (home and commercial) theatres – anywhere you need greater privacy, improved acoustics or enhanced speech intelligibility.

Echohush Cosmo panels can be incorporated into the design process or retrofitted once construction has been completed.

The panels are available in six standard designs and nine stock colours or depending on the project size by designer’s choice.

Echohush Cosmo panels are manufactured from sheet metal and unlike timber or fabric panels, they contain no chemicals that may outgas and are not affected by moisture. The sheet metal face is made acoustically transparent by decorative cut-outs and is then formed into a three dimensional panel and powder coated to your colour choice. The three dimensional shape creates a cavity which is in-filled with an acoustic medium giving the panels outstanding acoustic performance.

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Pro-Fit® Modera™ Ledgestone.

Our Modera Pro-Fit® collection offers a practical way to achieve a tailored ledgestone look with small-scale, low relief stones. It's quick and easy to install because it isn't applied one stone at a time. Instead, the primary building blocks are groups of small stones meticulously bundled together to form modular components of equal height.

Modera Pro-Fit® products also feature the patented Cultured Stone® cladding interlocking mortar groove for secure adhesion without grouted joints.

Garage doors that are secure, strong and beautiful

Your garage door is usually one of the most visible features of your home, so it’s important that it looks the part. And whether you’re coordinating colours with other COLORBOND® steel elements around your home, or with other building materials, the 22 colours can help you to easily co-ordinate your garage door with the rest of your home’s colour scheme.  But of course, it’s not just great looks that matter. A garage door made from COLORBOND® steel will also give long life performance. Thanks to the five layer design of COLORBOND® steel, it resists chipping, flaking and blistering, it’s easy to maintain, corrosion resistant, non-combustible and termite resistant too.

Garage doors come in a wide variety of designs, sizes and special finishes, so you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and budget. The main types of garage doors available today are:

  • Sectional. These comprise a series of hinged panels with rollers that run in a track up and along the ceiling. They open easily and allow space for storage.
  • Tilt. This is a single panel door that tilts and recedes into the garage. Ideal for garages with little headroom.
  • Roller. The most common and cost efficient door on the market.

For over three decades, DesignBUILD has supported Australia’s architecture, building, construction and design communities, as the leading commercial platform for manufacturers and suppliers to showcase new products and meet key industry buyers and specifiers. DesignBUILD is the only dedicated trade show to bring together Australia’s architects, building professionals, contractors and designer community together with manufacturers, suppliers and service providers who work across the residential and commercial industry sectors, for 3 days of unrivalled networking and inspiration.

Merging the traditional brick form with the transparency and illuminative properties of glass, the VetroPieno range from Seves Glassblocks is a modern reimagining of the conventional glass block.

VetroPieno bricks can be used to create dramatic interior walls and partitions that maximise natural light penetration, and can also be incorporated into existing brick walls as subtle design accents.

The bricks are available in square and rectangular modules, in a selection of four colours. A reduced width and profile compared with typical glass blocks allows designers to achieve thinner structures with VetroPieno, thus maximising interior space. The low-maintenance bricks are water resistant, and suitable for use in indoor areas where exposure to moisture is expected.

Using a combination of an internal air space and high mass, Seves Glassblock’s soundproof glass blocks are excellent acoustic insulators. Part of the Technology Line of high performance products, the soundproof blocks can achieve a minimum interior noise level of 40dB, outperforming both double glazing and brick walls of identical thicknesses.

This outstanding degree of functionality alongside a clean and contemporary aesthetic makes the blocks ideal for applications where noise reduction and creative design are of equal importance, such as restaurants, night clubs, and other public spaces.

Soundproof blocks in the Technology Line are available in a square module and clear glass, with finishing options including light directing, waved, and light diffusing.

For the STINGER CN100, use the 1″ Pneumatic NailPac. Each 2000 count STINGER 1″ NailPac includes 10 – 200 count reels of full 1″ plastic collated caps and 10 – 200 count coils of wire collated, 1″ electro-galvanized ring shank nails. Each NailPac will cover approximately 25 square.

For the Hitachi NV50AP3 and Plasti-Tacker Plus® Cap Nailers, use Plastic and Steel Pneumatic NailPac, and Plasti-Top® and Round-Top® ProPacs. Each 2800 count NailPac or ProPac includes 8 – 350 count reels of collated caps and 8 – 350 count coils of wire collated, electro-galvanized ring shank nails. Available in 7/8″, 1-1/4″ and 2″ lengths, Each NailPac or ProPac will cover approximately 35 square.

For the STINGER RT2 or RT3 Cap Nailers, use the 1-1/4” NailPac or RolPac. Each 3000 count NailPac includes 2 – 1500 count reels of 1” collated steel caps and 2-1500 count coils of wire collated, electro-galvanized ring shank nails.

The EZYtube Yellow Formliner™ is a revolutionary new innovation which significantly improves the surface finish of off-form finished concrete structures. The Yellow Formliner™ is simply and easily rolled out over the formwork surface and held in place with staples and adhesive tape. The steel reinforcing is then placed on top of the liner before the concrete is poured.

A unique composite material, the Yellow Formliner™ is robust enough to endure the rigours of other trades such as steel fixing and concrete placing; has excellent release properties without the need to apply release agents; is not slippery when wet; and is simply and easily installed on site. Cutting on site is quickly performed using a basic hand held utility knife, which makes trimming around complicated shapes – such as columns, set downs and corners – a simple task.

EZYtube offers a range of standard sizes for various concrete column forming shapes including, triangular octagonal and pentagonal shapes. For other shapes and sizes EZYtube offers our custom design section to cater for unique requirements.

Oval concrete columns (rectangular shaped with rounded ends) are commonly specified for areas such as carparks, but can be difficult and costly to form. Ezytube offers a simple solution by taking one of the standard Ezytube round Formatube, placing it between two timber shutters, and squashing the tube to the required width. The shutters are supported by simple timber beams which are held in place at both ends using Z-bars. The concrete column can be formed using either spiral or plastic lined Ezytube depending on the surface finish required on the column.

To achieve a smoother, higher standard of surface finish on the concrete column, an additional thicker plastic liner can be inserted within the square or rectangular EZYtube formatube. The standard liner results in an easy release from the concrete and will achieve a class 3 surface finish. The option to install an additional box liner will result in a more consistent high quality surface finish for every column poured.

Boomerang™ is a range of column forms to produce square and rectangular columns. Lightweight user-friendly, its perfect for set up and stripping. Internal components can be re used by returning to closest Ezytube factory for a re-asembly, making it the cost effective choice. Less site work means a faster and more effective set up.

To achieve a smoother, higher standard of surface finish on the concrete column, a durable plastic liner can be inserted within the EZYtube. EZYtube liners are designed to be thin yet robust, which ensures a lower overall tube weight, minimising the effect of the vertical seam and allowing for easier removal. Unlike thicker alternative tube forms, EZYtube’s advanced design allows for simple removal processes which will not damage the smooth concrete surface that has been formed.

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