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From common componentry across the range to quick and easy installations, the Alpha Awning Series is an ideal contemporary hardware system for the Australian market. The Alpha Awning series features a complete suite of product options including Straight Drop, Cable Guide, Side Retention System, Pivot Arm and Deep Channel.

The Alpha Awning series also features numerous operating options from basic crank systems to fully motorised awnings.


The Straight Drop Awning is a traditional awning style that uses no guides making it ideal for sun/UV protection, air flow and where channels are not suitable. This is the entry level product for the Alpha Awning Series.


The Cable Guide Awning is a great contemporary straight drop option for sun/UV protection, air flow and where channels are not suitable. The cables are high tensile 2.5mm 316 grade marine stainless steel, making them perfect for coastal applications.


The Alpha Side Retention System Awning is a premium, versatile straight drop option ideal for sun/UV protection, insect resistance, windy applications, enclosing a balcony plus creating privacy, light and heat control. The fabric is tensioned by utilising a floating channel, located within the special two piece side channel, eliminating the possibility of fabric “blow outs” or light gaps. As the fabric is held taut between the left and right channels, this system is ideal for enclosing courtyards, patios or balconies, essentially adding an extra room to the home.


The Pivot Arm Awning projects the fabric off the window, with the arms and fabric forming an arc that allows air to flow behind the awning. This allows windows to be open whilst the awning is projected. This system is a heavy duty contemporary design ideal for larger windows.


The Deep Channel Awning is a great straight drop option for sun/UV protection, windy applications, plus privacy and block out situations. This option allows up to 30mm of fabric within the channel, therefore eliminating light gaps and reducing the potential for fabric “blow outs” in windy conditions. This is a cost effective alternative to the Alpha Side Retention System Awning.

Featuring a variety of custom options, the Kona Series can be designed to suit a range of situations and shading requirements. Using simple square bar installation, the awnings can easily be installed in many different locations. Not only functional, the Kona Series focuses on stylish componentry to for a contemporary folding arm awning with designer aesthetics.


Modular design simplifying both manufacturing and installation.

Features Dyneema® tape connection for stability and strength.

User adjustable variable pitch on most models.

Heavy-duty retractable arms allow spans of up to 11 metres in width and up to 4 metres in projection.


The Kona Access Awning is an entry level folding arm awning which features compact and non-obtrusive quality components, offering a classic design in an elegant open roller style awning.


The Kona Classic Folding Arm Awning is available with a range of accessories that can be customised to suit almost any situation and décor. Utilising simple square bar installation, this product is easy to fit in a variety of different locations.


The Kona Design Folding Arm Awning showcases quality European style with designer finishes such as the pressure die casted end brackets, adding a polished, premium elegance to the awning.


The Kona Rise Folding Arm Awning features a fabric beam that creates an awning with good clearance under the inner part of the arm, allowing space for doors whilst maintaining excellent shading performance.


The Kona Semi-Cassette Folding Arm Awning design features a semi-enclosure for superior fabric protection, increasing the longevity of the awning fabric. The semi-cassette design also provides a uniform hardware look when the awning is projected and retracted, as the awning fabric on the roller tube is not visible providing a streamlined finish.


The Kona Cross-Over Folding Arm Awning is ideal for narrow spaces. It features cross-over arms enabling a larger projection on a narrow width awning, to create the same outdoor comfort and shade solution as offered by wider awnings.


The KF Awning retracts into a fully enclosed headbox providing the ultimate in hardware and fabric protection. With a projection up to 3.5 metres and a maximum width of 7 metres, this awning is suited to a variety of applications.

Sunteca Telescopic Awnings create a relaxed atmosphere for better living. Sunteca supplies many textile shades, awnings and blinds. Telescopic awnings are for outdoor entertainment areas such as beer gardens, eateries, pool areas, cafes, and places where a strong, rigid awnings is required. Telescopic awnings are cantilevered out from the wall so that the arms do not get in the way, and are easily adjustable and can be pivoted to any angle up to 90 degrees. The awning arms are also extendable horizontally instead of vertically for ultimate convenience.

Minimal slope which can withstand showers with a high degree of tension on the fabric + Operated by a Somfy electric motor + Variable Valance as an additional extra

Available in a range of colours and sizes + Extendable to any angle + Warranty period

Luxaflex System 2000 Awnings come in a large selection of fabrics and colours suitable for most house designs. These awnings are used normally on the ground floor of the house where the awnings need to be quite close to the window, but can also be coordinated with the Pivot Arm style that is suited to houses wanting upper floor installations of awnings. Luxaflex System 200 Awnings have been successfully windload tested by the CSIRO, and are therefore a durable, sturdy choice for any external window sun protection application.

Improve energy efficiency by controlling solar heat gain and loss + Versatile and durable + Made from the finest quality materials + Provided in 16 panel colours depending on the design + Provided with specific rope, tape and automatic or crank systems + Reflects 90 percent of the heat + Style – drop arm cassette + Application – over windows only

Luxaflex Sunscreen Straight Drop Awnings are perfect for privacy, and also provide sun protection with a stylish and contemporary finish. The product range includes Veranda Straight Drop Awnings and Automatic Veranda Straight Drop Awnings, all of which are easy to operate by using the rope and pulley system to raise and lower the awnings. Alternatively, automatic awnings have a spring loaded top roller which uses tension fabric to hold the straps in place. Luxaflex Sunscreen Straight Drop Awnings are ideal for enclosing a veranda for privacy and sun protection, adding valuable space to any house or commercial outdoor area.

Easy to operate by using a rope and pulley system to raise or lower the awning + Can be matched to suit existing décor + Adds functionality and valuable space to a house or public outdoor area + Helps reduce the heat transfer on the windows + Minimizes the sun glare at specific time of the day + Provided in many colours and materials

Luxaflex Sunscreen and Roller Blinds are a stylish alternative to other blinds and offer a functional way to manage heat and light. The practicality and cheerfulness of Luxaflex make them suitable for any room in the house. They also contain a stylish cassette cover which hide any operating systems. Fabrics available range from light filtering to room darkening, ensuring that there are always blinds that can meet individual customer needs and allow them to enjoy the view while controlling the heat and glare of the sun.

Variety of colours and textures from earthy hessian style fabric to delicate woven patterns + Ultra smooth and easy to clean fabrics and specialised fabrics available + Allows a gentle view of the outside with exceptional sun and glare control + Decorative scallops and side guide option which can fix the roller blind to the door or the window frame

Provided in 38 and 50 mm models + Standard and deluxe chain drive + Width 2000 mm + Drop 3000 mm + Area 6 sqm

By using the Luxaflex Bedarra Folding Arm Awnings one can extend the awnings lifespan and take the indoors outside. This product creates an alfresco dining experience which provides shelter from the heat of the sun during summer or a cosy space during winter. The awning arm is easily operated with an optical electric motor which is hidden away inside the fabric tube for easy operation wth the touch of a button, or you can take advantage of automatic operations such as sun or wind sensors.

Easily adjustable + Can be adjustable in any angle of low or high angle + Available in 39 fabric designs + Able to adjust to 3.6 meters to 18 metres wide + No obtrusive vertical supports + Fixed or adjustable pitch options providing choice of the shading angle

Aluminium Awnings are the most effective deflector of heat in domestic sun shade. Luxaflex Aluminium Awnings can deflect up to ninety percent of heat which is normally transmitted through a window, and are also resistant to corrosion, requiring minimal maintenance for many years. Luxaflex Aluminium Awnings have a dual panel system which descends perpendicular to the building. The panels are held by rivets which are inserted from the underside of the roof. Luxaflex Aluminium Awnings are of a durable roll formed aluminium alloy construction with bull nose front face and scalloped edging, and closed sides in order to give full protection from the sun.

Can be applied over windows, entrance ways, patios and decks + Full protection from the elements, wind, rain and sun + Rigidly fixed awnings used in domestic and commercial situations + All sizes are made to measure and are suitable to any applications + Aluminium construction ensures a maintenance-free product Large range of colours available

WAREMA’s W5 conservatory awning extends to cover the glass roof then curves around to follow the glass exterior walls providing additional shading. The curve can turn in a single radius or multiple radii to allow custom fitting in most situations. It features a slimline cassette profile that integrates inconspicuously into the roofline. The fabric is drawn with a pair of toothed belts concealed in the guiderails. This operating principle ensures that the awning always draws square, accurately and smoothly.

WAREMA’s semi cassette folding arm awning range brings together mechanical operating components within an extruded weathercover in a single finely detailed form.
German precision engineering is evident in every detail, from the robust arms and stainless steel components through to the craftsmanship of the textile elements.

The Australian designed Uniline Tru-Steel Canopy Awnings offer an attractive, low cost solution which addresses potential damage caused by the harsh climate of Australia. These outdoor awnings are produced with a multi-rib cross section, with skin panels that offer great strength and protection against any storm or wind damage. The powder coated components make the awnings suitable for commercial and industrial use, and also contributes to the durability and lifetime of the product. Uniline Tru-Steel Canopy Awnings are available in either a post supporting form or as a self supporting form.

Skin Panels are manufactured from BHP Colorbond Steel + The colours match BHP Colorbond exterior roofing, walling and guttering + Zincalume steel base ensures outstanding anti-corrosion performance + Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications + Available in twelve colours + Resistant to wind, hail and storm damage

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