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Structural porcelain vitrified tile ranges for exterior spaces – Classic, varied aesthetic

The elegant Stone Inspire range is characterised by a subtle tonal variation making each tile unique. Structurally engineered, the tiles also disguise marks from day ­to­ day use, keeping the outdoor space timeless. Equal in durability and features as Outdure's Mineral tile range, which has a more consistent finish.

Key Features

  • Anti-slip rating of R11
  • Soft edge
  • Resistant to frosts, chemicals and staining
  • Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 20mm
  • Variation: V3 Mod – High
  • Composition: full body
  • Finish: Rough
  • Type: Exterior

Interior and Exterior

Anti-Slip Protection can be applied on interior and exterior timber and stone. It works particularly well on pre-treated timber stairs.

Anti-Slip Protection guarantees a highly resistant microstructure surface finish on absorbent surfaces. The beauty of Whittle Waxes Anti-Slip is that it’s invisible, although when applied by itself it has a slightly glossy sheen level. Whittle Waxes have found that by applying it in between the two coats of hardwax oil, the sheen levels blend in nicely together.

Tested and approved: all anti- slip products for stairs must be tested by an independent advanced research and technology testing laboratory. Whittle Waxes Anti-Slip passed with flying colours. Certificates available on their website.

Posigrip is a treatment process that changes the friction on marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, porcelain, quarry, ceramic, aggregates and vitrified tiles. Posigrip creates a “tread pattern” to make surfaces entirely slip resistant.

PG2 Antislip Treatment Posi Grip are able treat any porous surfaces with absolutely no discernable change in appearance, and treated floors are easy to clean and maintain. 

Floorsafe International’s anti-slip products have become a very well known brand when it comes to providing safety, especially on floors, steps & stairways.

Floorsafe’s anti-slip system has been making slippery tiled floors safe for over 20 years. For stairway safety, a range of 14 different stair nosings and a vast range of coloured & luminous anti-slip self adhesive tapes are available at affordable prices. Floorsafe also manufacture ladder rungs and custom made anti-slip plates. Tactile 600 x 900 Polypads and stainless steel Tactile studs are ready available.

Floorsafe Anti slip marking provides a coating which can further improve underfoot safety on ramps, stairways and floors. The slip-resistant marking is chemical resistant, tough, long lasting and available in most colours, and can be applied to new and existing surfaces including concrete, steel, timber and stone. This heavy duty anti slip marking is quite ideal for highlighting the edge of steps and marking off restricted areas, and is tough enough to be used on exterior and interior applications.

Available in safety yellow and a range of other bold colours + Available in a range of pack sizes + Specially formulated self adhesive vinyl floor marking tape + Offers long wearing area identification

50 mm width

Tiled Floors can cause major slip accidents, which is why Floorsafe provides anti slip treatments which create micro suction cups under the surface. Unlike sometimes unsightly paints, Floorsafe Anti-Slip for Tiled Floors is a water-resembling liquid which is poured over a surface without altering the tile. When the tile is wet, the water is squeezed out from the pressure of a foot and then the suction cups act like a vacuum on the sole, creating as much underfoot safety when wet as when dry.

Suitable for Porcelain, Ceramic, Quarry, Enamel, Porcelain, Marble and Terrazzo + Quality made and proven Australian product for more than 20 years + Antislip when wet + Cost effective + The anti slip treatment can be walked on instantly after application

One application of Guard Slip Resistant provides a very efficient and long-lasting anti-slip effect. Guard Slip Resistant uses the silica found in materials and produces a chemical reaction that will schematically graft new molecules on those already existing in the substrate. This results in a better and longer lasting anti-slip effect that only slightly changes the surface appearance. This makes it a very efficient alternative to hydrofluoric acid-based products, which are extremely corrosive and significantly alter the substrate’s appearance by dissolving silica crystals. Guard Slip Resistant is a water-based, solvent-free, eco-friendly product with low VOC content.

Guard Slip Resistant is deal for treating porous and low porous materials such as ceramic tiles, terrazzo, granite, tiled floors and enamel. It should be used wherever floors are slippery, especially when wet, such as pool decks, terraces and pedestrian zones. Guard Slip Resistant can also be used on indoor floors such as living rooms, lobbies, kitchens, bathrooms (showers, enamel bathtubs), retirement homes, gyms and stores.

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