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Turf laying and seeding services and the manufacturers and distributors of removable turf systems, lining systems, porous paving systems and geogrids, geotextiles, watering systems, and wetting agents.

VGM 150 Greenwall is a robust architectural Living Wall system comprising of VGM planting boxes, each with a planting bag, Growing media, support brackets each with covers, anti-theft arms, and pilaster wall anchoring systems. By specifying the Elmich VGM you are opting for ease of mounting, dismounting and remounting, a broad plant palette, the option to redesign the plant layout over the life of the wall, pre-planting offsite for instant greening, to use recycled materials that contribute to building Greenstar ratings.

Nominal Dimensions: 600(h) x 500(w) x 150(d)
Actual Module Dimensions:  560(h) x 480(w) x 150(d)
Rear Air flow : 40mm
Pilaster Lengths: 600mm – 1200mm
Plants per module (face): up to 16
Sideplanting: 4

Elmich's sustainable green roof systems offer designers and architects unimaginable freedom in the realisation of green roofs for residential to industrial scale applications.  Elmich's extensive range of engineered landscape products can be used together to form reliable and flexible systems that can be specified to suit your needs.  Both Intensive and Extensive green roof systems are available to support low growing drought tolerant and deep growing plant species respectively.  The systems are UV stable and utilise a root resistant waterproofing membrane along with specially designed drainage cells for efficient water usage.  Among Elmich's award winning products used in the systems are water retention and drainage trays, geotextile and cellular confinement cells as well as paver and decking support products that truly open up landscaping possibilities.  These rigorously engineered products work together to form systems that can support a range of plant species, in almost any climatic and environmental condition.

TurfPave XD is a lightweight, high strength interlocking plastic grass paver designed for creating grassed areas subject to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Such grass pavers are used in the construction of emergency access, home driveways, overflow parking and slope stabilization. They are used in golf buggy paths too. These products have a porous structure which allows rainwater to penetrate the ground. The high load bearing structure protects grass roots against compaction and supports loads imposed by large trucks. TurfPave XD cells have notches with large open base areas and high void spaces. Thus, it promotes and ensures healthy root development.

VersiCell is a lightweight, high strength modular drainage cell which is especially designed for sub-surface drainage and waterproofing membrane protection, suitable for use in the construction of roof gardens, basements, plaza decks, concealed drains, pond filtration systems and in pre-cast and sports fields, as well as to form tanks for any underground storm water infiltration or storage. VersiCell sub-soil drainage cells are manufactured from high strength polypropylene are used for various applications because of their ability to withstand loads of imposed traffic from wheel burrows and mechanical equipment such as Bobcats.

VersiFlex is a flexible drainage cell used in planter boxes, retaining walls and roof gardens, offering architects and developers an efficient and low cost alternative to competing sub-surface drainage products. VersiFlex drainage cells are easy to install and act as a protection layer over waterproofing membranes, eliminating any need for protection of screeds and creating a thermal insulation barrier. This system comes in large pre-assembled black Polypropylene panels which allows for easy delivery and installation.

VersiWeb is a geosynthetic cellular confinement system which incorporates a matrix of ultrasonically welded light weights and has expandable and flexible thermoplastic strips. This product creates a three dimensional erosion barrier when filled with granular materials, and the structural bridge created distributes weight bearing loads. Versiweb enhances drainage and eliminates hydrostatic pressure, effectively controlling erosion as the cells protect the movement of the infill. VersiWeb also forms an integrated structural mass that resists lateral movement and pressure, and can be used to retain infill in gravity retaining and freestanding walls, embankments or barriers.

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