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Manufacturers and distributors of landscaping products and plantings, including geogrids and geotextiles, pavements and stone pavers, play structures and playground equipment, park furniture, street furniture, picnic table, park seats, and bollards for residential and commercial applications.

The water tank does not need to be hidden away with Landscape Tanks' raised garden beds. The storage of rainwater happens underneath the garden beds.

– Attractive appearance.
– Convenient height for growing your favourite plants.
– 50mpa high grade concrete water tanks.
– Footings are not required for big savings.
– The raised garden beds may also be part of the retaining wall or front fence or even used around the pool.
– Easy installation and may be buried to a height that suits.
– Long lasting
– Adds that WOW factor to your property.
– May be painted or rendered to suit any decor.
– Planter tops drains to the rear.

Please Note:
Plumbing is the same as a normal rain water tank and they are joined together using an inbuilt patented “O” ring rubber seal. A PVC pipe is inserted between the tanks during installation for a watertight seal. It is possible to have the Landscape Tanks located anywhere around the property using a charged (or wet) system.

VersiWall GT is a modular greenwall system which gives architects and builders a flexible solution for both indoor and outdoor greenwalls.  Manufactured from anodised aluminium, VersiWall GT fulfils fire safety requirements, particularly for indoor projects.

The trays which are a standard 1000mm long, can be cut to length to fit the substrate wall perfectly. The aluminium is extremely durable and most importantly fulfils fire safety requirements for indoor greenwalls. The large trays can be pre-planted with mature plants creating an instant mature greenwall, for maximum visual impact on completion.  No need to wait for your Vertical Garden to grow!

Contemporary, warm, and durable in even the most extreme Australian weather conditions, planters from Entanglements combine functionality with attractive design.

Available in a range of shapes and finishes, the elegant selection of planters make a sophisticated addition to any outdoor space, seamlessly blending nature with art and design.

Composed of a blend of organic compounds and specially designed for the controlled release of nutrients, Scotts Australia stocks a selection of plant food and lawn care products from Osmocote.

The organic, low odour fertilisers are safe to use on all plants, and dispense a wetting agent and gypsum that is proven to improve plant health and soil conditions for up to 6 months after application. The professional grade products are ideal for home gardens and vegetable patches.

For gardening in confined spaces, Scotts Australia supplies a range of pots, planters, and baskets to residential markets.

From hanging and wall mounted baskets to conventional freestanding pots and troughs, planters are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes. Scotts Australia also stocks a selection of Osmocote potting mix and coir fibre to ensure that plants grow to the best of their ability.

IOTA Australia supplies a selection of long lasting, lightweight concrete planters for commercial and residential use. Made from cement reinforced with natural plant fibers, products in this range are available in a range of forms and sizes, and designed to look good individually and complement one another when combined. 

Lightweight concrete planters and troughs are extremely durable and long lasting, and resistant to damage and cracking as a result of moisture or root expansion. 

Fabricated from high quality natural stone, granite pots and planters from IOTA Australia are durable, versatile landscaping additions to any outdoor space.

The selection of planters features tapers, trays, troughs, and cubes in a variety of sizes and colours, and poses an elegant, cost-effective alternative to formed concrete garden beds.

Resistant to cracking caused by even the largest of plant root systems, the granite garden pots are ideal for high traffic, public, and municipal outdoor areas.

Gabions and rock mattresses are baskets or cages manufactured from heavily galvanized wire, and frequently used as retaining walls or in landscaping. Concrib’s PVC coated wire gabions and mattresses are particularly well suited for an extended life in harsh and corrosive environments. Constructed from double-twist hexagonal woven mesh, Concrib’s state-of-the-art gabions, rock-mattresses, and rock fall netting provide inherent strength and flexibility. Additionally, if a wire is cut or broken the mesh cannot unravel.

StoneSet have launched a new product for porous tree surrounds which incorporates over 50% recycled materials in the form of shredded tyres and recycled glass.

A recycled rubber tree surround offers additional benefits in two areas. The first is the re-use of waste materials. Each tree pit will contain a blend of at least 50% recycled materials. The tree pit is a blend of crushed Australian rock, (very hard wearing and attractive in a dark grey), old tyres reclaimed and shredded to a granule and finally recycled glass produced by crushing and tumbling (to remove sharp edges) old bottles. The second benefit is the increased flexibility the rubber brings to the product to allow for movement without cracking.

The final product is a surface that will offer fantastic flexibility to move with the tree, a high void content to maintain water and air penetration to the root ball and a hard wearing finish to with stand the daily traffic in the urban environment.

StoneSet products are widely used across Australia and is the preferred choice of many councils and architects for tree surrounds, footpaths and porous paving.

StoneSet strives to create a green product that has minimal impact on the environment. Where appropriate, StoneSet uses recycled materials and sources aggregate locally rather than from overseas. The resin is derived from a renewable plant source and once cured is an inert and non-toxic material that does not affect the pH levels of the surrounding eco-system. StoneSet’s high levels of porosity also makes it the ideal choice for water harvesting projects and water sensitive urban design, reducing stormwater run off thus reducing the number of pollutants making their way into our waterways.

Michelia Alba and Michelia Maudiae are two highly desirable plants for perfume companies due to their ability to bloom exotic fragrant flowers. Downes Wholesale Nursery offers the chance of owning these plants to liven any garden up with their enchanting scent. Michelia Alba grows to a height of 8-10 and flowers in intervals throughout the year. Michelia Maudiae features large, dark green leaves which compliment the white flowers that will eventually blossom.

For a chance to own one of the world’s oldest and rarest plants and contribute to its conservation, Downes Wholesale Nursery is able to provide this opportunity. Wollemi Pine dates back to the time of the dinosaurs and with less than 100 adult trees of this kind in the wild, any purchase of the tree will ensure its survival.

To improve the form of Tristaniopsis Laurina, Downes Wholesale Nursery has created the Tristaniopsis Laurina ‘DOW10’ which features a greater density, attributed to the larger and shinier leaves. The plant also bears yellow flowers during the middle of summer and is able to survive in a wide range of conditions, making it highly desirable as a street tree or a garden feature.

Waterhousea Floribunda ‘DOW20’ is an improved variety of Waterhousea Floribunda bred by Downes Wholesale Nursery. This new kind has a much denser form, making it ideal as a plant for screening and has the potential to grow up to 10m tall and 5-8m wide. The plant is also able to tolerate light frosts in cool climates.

The Theresa Park complex is Downes  Wholesale Nursery’s prize location for plant growth. With 145 acres of space, the site is able to hold up to several million plants at one time. For efficient processing, the nursery features a SiteControl irrigation system that has rain sensors and is integrated with the pump station to ensure unnecessary water use is avoided.

For the best Dianella around, look no further than at Downes Wholesale Nursery. The nursery has been growing Dianella Streetscape from Sprint Horiculture and despite the commonality of this plant, it has been able to impress. The plant grows 500mm wide and 600mm high, making it idea for low mass planting next to pathways or courtyards. The Dianella Streetscape differs from others as it possesses a softer feel and is able to grow anywhere whether it be in the dry, hot climate of Townsville or the cold, rainy weather of Hobart.

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