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Manufacturers and installations services for retaining wall systems, garden edging and coping, concrete blocks and forming blocks, for residential and commercial purposes.

The water tank does not need to be hidden away with Landscape Tanks' raised garden beds. The storage of rainwater happens underneath the garden beds.

– Attractive appearance.
– Convenient height for growing your favourite plants.
– 50mpa high grade concrete water tanks.
– Footings are not required for big savings.
– The raised garden beds may also be part of the retaining wall or front fence or even used around the pool.
– Easy installation and may be buried to a height that suits.
– Long lasting
– Adds that WOW factor to your property.
– May be painted or rendered to suit any decor.
– Planter tops drains to the rear.

Please Note:
Plumbing is the same as a normal rain water tank and they are joined together using an inbuilt patented “O” ring rubber seal. A PVC pipe is inserted between the tanks during installation for a watertight seal. It is possible to have the Landscape Tanks located anywhere around the property using a charged (or wet) system.

With this kind of OSD system, you won't need a traditional (and usually expensive) one. Landscape Tanks offers a simple, attractive cost effective solution and is popular.

– No need for a traditional OSD system
– Huge savings and WOW factor by turning it into a feature of the house
– Incorporate the OSD system into a retaining wall, pool surround or front fence.
– No footings required for simple and fast installation.
– Pre-engineered (empty) as structural retaining walls and front fences.
– Tanks come with their own engineering drawings for further savings.
– Above or below ground systems available.
– HED tank and trash/silt pit units available as required.
– Very high grade concrete (50 mpa) to last a lifetime.
– Planter top standard for growing plants and shrubs on top of the water tank underneath.
– Modular for endless storage capacity – joined together with cast in “O” ring rubber seals.
– Ideal for when space is limited and when customers don't want to put their OSD systems underground.

Technical Specifications

Imagine having your retaining wall store rainwater and be a feature for your property. There are many options and features for landscape tanks, such as featuring a planter box on top of the water tanks for growing plants or herbs.


  • Stunning appearance – to add the WOW factor to your home
  • Great pricing – more than competitive to a normal concrete block retaining wall
  • High grade (50mpa) concrete to last a lifetime
  • Long lasting, durable, reliable, will look good from the first day it is installed
  • The planter top is not limited to just growing plants
  • No footings required for big savings
  • Pre-engineered for cost savings
  • May be painted, rendered to suit any decor
  • Australian made and owned – patented

Please Note:

  • Delivery usually tanks an hour or two and will deliver an instant retaining wall, which can be backfilled immediately if required
  • Plumbing is the same as a normal rainwater tank. The tanks are joined together using an inbuilt patented “O” ring rubber seal system and A PVC pipe is simply inserted between the tanks during installation for a watertight seal
  • The Landscape Tanks may be located anywhere around the property in any configuration

Technical specifications

Gabions and rock mattresses are baskets or cages manufactured from heavily galvanized wire, and frequently used as retaining walls or in landscaping. Concrib’s PVC coated wire gabions and mattresses are particularly well suited for an extended life in harsh and corrosive environments. Constructed from double-twist hexagonal woven mesh, Concrib’s state-of-the-art gabions, rock-mattresses, and rock fall netting provide inherent strength and flexibility. Additionally, if a wire is cut or broken the mesh cannot unravel.

The newest eco-range from Amber has been created for renovators looking to reduce their environmental impact and support the use of recycled materials in their home.

Amber’s Eco range represents a complete outdoor solution for environmentally-conscious landscapers, including Freestone ECO blocks for retaining walls and features, Eco Pave exposed aggregate pavers and Easy Lawn for green and garden areas.

The do-it-yourself Freestone ECO blocks will make the perfect retaining wall for any outdoor living area. The blocks use 40 per cent recycled coloured glass aggregates and are available in; ebony, limestone-blend and mist with the option of two finishes, standard or exposed (heavily shot blast).

When surfacing the outdoor entertaining areas, the easy-to-lay Eco pave is both high quality and environmentally friendly. The pavers also consist of 40 per cent recycled glass aggregate; they are available in 6 different colours and textures.

“Our Freestone ECO blocks have been a great addition to our ECO-outdoor range. They are appealing to any budding DIYer as well as our environmentally-conscious customers”, said Mike Barden, Amber’s outdoor specialist.

“The ECO blocks and pavers are manufactured in Tasmania with the proprietary technology that uses up to 40 per cent less natural resources and 10 per cent less cement, which results in a significant reduction in cO2 emissions.

“We have recognised how important it is to be eco-friendly and are happy to be able to provide our customers with good-quality green products,” he said.

Accompanying the Eco pave and the Freestone ECO block is Amber’s Easy Lawn. With 10 different types of lawn available home owners can experience a lush and vibrant green lawn all year round.

The synthetic grass is non-allergenic and children-friendly. It is also pocket-friendly, with no need to water, mow or weed the lawn, saving time, energy and resources.

Amber’s How to build a retaining wall brochure is available in-stores with information and guidelines for the best way to apply the new Freestone ECO Blocks. A video is also available on Amber’s website.

Antique Stone’s manufactured stone blocks are put to use in their ornamental retaining blocks, Hobb walls and water features. The ornamental retaining blocks are made to mimic natural stone whilst the Hobb wall is made to follow the gradient of the street. The blocks are all fabricated to the same size and length, however they can be customised and cut if required to safe time on site.

The new Gardenwall retaining wall units are designed with an interlocking lip that creates a strong bond along an entire wall. This means no messy mortar, tools or even bricklaying skills required, perfect for DIY installations and professionals wanting a carefree building process. Gardenwall bricks are perfect for those designs which use contours and curves, and is suitable for walls under 800mm high. A range of four colours is available with the natural look of quarried stone, suited for any garden design. 


No bricklaying skills, mortar, or special tools required  +  New format Gardenwall suitable for walls up to 800mm high and approximately 5kg lighter   


Dimensions: 295 x 200 x 125  +  Weight per block: limestone: 9.4kg, parchment: 11.4kg .  


Colours currently available: Limestone and Parchment.

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