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Terrace Tiles

TerioTec®, a German made ceramic paver from STROHER, has unique capillary channels through the internal section of the paver, making for a light weight and durable product that meets all load capacity requirements. Available in several different colours, with non-slip glazed finish, TerioTec® weights no more than 40kg per sqm. When compared to urban concrete pavers, which are currently used on most balconies and roof tops, these pavers weigh over 92kg per square meter. As most flooring contractors will know, laying heavy concrete pavers is not only back breaking, but trying to gain access to the roof membrane after the flooring is laid becomes very difficult.

TerioTec® offers a long lasting appearance; it is light and slim with a 20mm or generous 35mm thickness and is available in 40x40cm and 40x60cm formats. Able to withstand Australia’s harsh weather of wind, sun, rain, snow and hail, TerioTec® contains a special hard glaze that seals the pores of the tile, so algae and moss will not breed, and food fats or red wine can simply be wiped off without causing stains.

Ceramic Pavers

Stroher’s new “Gravel Blend” patio tiles are beautifully crafted with a natural stone look, featuring R10/A slip resistant finish these tiles are ideal for outdoor balconies, walkways and pool surrounds.

Manufactured by Stroher, the Keraplatette series includes four distinct natural tones with a variety of trim pieces available to provide a flawless look around stairwells and balcony edges.

A stylish feature among many prestigious domestic and commercial projects, Chelmstone’s Pier Caps are a fantastic finish for gates, fences, posts and pillars. From houses to schools and commercial developments, Chelmstone’s range of styles, colours and sizes are designed to suit your needs.


Chelmstone’s wall capping has been used in many projects, including the upgrade of the Bulcock Beach boardwalk in Caloundra, the State Library of Queensland and the Toowoomba Grammar School. Customised wall capping is a specialty, and with a range of sizes and colours to choose from, Chelmstone can provide the wall capping that suits your design needs.

With a compressive strength of 48mPa, Chelmstone’s TGSI (Tactile Ground Surface Indicator) pavers are highly durable and hard wearing. Widely used by local council and transport bodies, Chelmstone’s tactile pavers are made from a wet-cast high strength concrete mix and are salt, water and non-slip as tested to Australian and New Zealand standards. Furthermore, Chelmstone uses CCS oxides in all tactile pavers as they are UV resistant and of superior quality to be manufactured in any CCS colour.


UrbanStone offers both a standard range of Bullnoses, including Radius and Mitre Bullnoses and Single Groove Bullnoses, which allow easy specification for any project and customised options to suit the designer’s specified details. UrbanStone’s high level of product reproduction extends to any image produced by the designer from unique coloured aggregates which provide the opportunity to blend different colours throughout the project to shape, size and texture of the exposed aggregate. For more product details visit the brochure section.

UrbanStone offers both engineered and natural stone products in pavement accessories. Made to compliment an overall pavement design and ensure functional intent, the Specialty Accessories include a range of bollards and kerbs. The series of styles in bollards includes the Prominade, Sentinal, Sentry, Boulevarde, Metropolis, Cardinal, Hadrian and Abbey while the range of kerbs includes the standard kerb as well as the left-hand/right-hand transitional kerb. All of UrbanStone’s paving accessories come in a off form or sandblast finish. For more information visit the brochures section.

With the same durability, reliability and accuracy as the standard Engineered and Natural Stone pavement products, UrbanStone offers alternative styles, geometry and sizes within the Specialty pavement range to suit unique conditions or relate to a particular design statement. Both Engineered and Natural Stone products belong to the Specialty Pavement range which includes the Court Set, Double Bay Set, J Brick, Olympic Set, Quadra Border and Rosetta styles along with various step treads and stepping stones. For more product information visit the brochures section.

Natural Stone is exceptionally hard wearing so the life span of the paving surface is increased considerably. UrbanStone offers a range of Natural Stone products which can be tailored to suit the designer’s needs with a seemingly unlimited number of matrix colour combinations, high level of dimensional accuracy, ensuring a neat and constant result, and various shapes and sizes. For more information visit the brochure section.

UrbanStone’s range of engineered paving can achieve a visually seamless and uniform finish alongside extreme durability, proving well-suited to high profile public settings. Natural Stone is reconstituted, crushed and added to an engineered mix design which creates an exceptionally dense and extremely durable product with a compressive strength of 40Mpa. The commercial pavement products can be supplied in multiple sizes and thicknesses, comprising of the 300 series, 400 series, 500 series and appropriate step treads. Furthermore, UrbanStone offers a variety of surface finishes including Shotblast, Milled, Honed shot, Honed and Polished. For more information visit the brochure section.

This stunning renovation project on the NSW Central Coast has just received the finishing touches including this driveway refurb; extending the usable area and dramatically increasing kerb appeal.

The existing 30 year old tile surface was still strong, but looked dated, so rather than ripping this all up and starting again it was utilised as the base for the new StoneSet surface.

Some great feedback from the project designer…

“We selected to use StoneSet as it is a product that purposely can renovate existing driveways. By using StoneSet we were able to retain the existing concrete driveway. We could reshape where necessary by adding new concrete pieces changing the footprint to suit the new renovations of the dwelling.

The StoneSet topping was considered the most cost effective way of renovating the driveway, saving the client $15,000-$20,000 when compared with the cost of removing the existing concrete drive and replacing with a new. The product’s great warranty also influenced our decision.

The finish of the StoneSet product is superior, provides a high quality finish which compliments the renovations of the dwelling. The feedback from anyone who views the driveway, has been surprised that it is actually a renovation to an old driveway, as it looks brand new.” – Louise Williams LAW Building Design

If you have an old concrete driveway you think we can save, give us a call today 1300 392 155


StoneSet was recently used to complete the installation of paving at a Queensland school looking to reuse the existing block paving as a base.
This method is ideal for stable, but old and tired looking surfaces. Not only is it reusing the existing area, so eliminating any landfill created by the project, it also means the StoneSet can be laid directly over, at minimal depth with practically no preparation. This is not only environmentally sound, but a cost and time effective solution.
The area of over 400m2 took just two days to install and was specified as the school were so happy with an area completed earlier in the year and as it was completed in the school holidays there was no disruption to the students.
Sandy Ebert, Business Services Manager at the school, was very impressed with the product and particuarly pleased with the ease of working with all our staff – always music to our ears.
Sandy emailed to tell us “I have received a large number of comments from teaching staff about the great look of this job, the students are also very impressed with the new look.
It has addressed a lot of our workplace health & safety issues where previously there were uneven pavers and deteriorated timber sleepers.
The area is now uniform and the unsightly entrance and ramp previously painted a dark green gives a more welcoming and presentable entrance for public presentation nights and cultural events attended by parents and the local community.”
The material used was a 6mm Tan and Cream blend which brightens up the area and leaves a natural looking finish in line with the surrounding vegetation.

StoneSet strives to create a green product that has minimal impact on the environment. Where appropriate, StoneSet uses recycled materials and sources aggregate locally rather than from overseas. The resin is derived from a renewable plant source and once cured is an inert and non-toxic material that does not affect the pH levels of the surrounding eco-system. StoneSet’s high levels of porosity also makes it the ideal choice for water harvesting projects and water sensitive urban design, reducing stormwater run off thus reducing the number of pollutants making their way into our waterways.

StoneSet Pour-on is available in both a clear and amber resin and is used to bind aggregate for a low maintenance solution to previously troublesome areas.  Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, Pour-on can be used for driveways, pathways, flowerbeds, decorative areas, sand bunkers, track ballast, road medians and more.  Pour-on is available in 5kg, 20kg and 200kg containers and can be used with aggregate that’s already in situ or with any aggregate from your local landscape supplier.

Where the base is sound, StoneSet can be laid directly over the top of existing surfaces such as concrete and asphalt.  The StoneSet overlay system gives customers the opportunity to retrofit an area without the need to excavate.  This saves time, saves money and reduces the amount of raw material used.

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