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There are many environments where there is a need for shade solutions. For some people, there is a need to block early morning or late afternoon sun, while for others the need is to create privacy from their neighbours. Markilux 790 Side Privacy Awnings offer the perfect solution, especially for large patio or deck areas. This side awning fully retracts into a compact cassette which is installed vertically on the wall, s when shade is needed, the awning can be pulled out using the handle and is inserted in a fixture post connection profile. The frame and fabric remain fully protected from the elements when they are retracted in order to ensure years of performance.

Can be operated manually and easily by a convenient handle + Select from over 200 high quality fabric offerings + Coordinate the fabric and the cassette with other awnings + Retractable side screen becomes an ideal partition to protect from low lying sun + Offers total privacy + Is extremely sturdy and easy to use + Can be pulled out using the handle and inserted in a fixture bracket + Fabric cover is protected from dirt and dust

Provided in height of 5’7 or 6’11 + Maximum extension of 13 feet + Extensions up to 4.0 m are available

Warema are pioneers when it comes to folding arm awnings. Every awning is produced using superior quality extrusions and components. Warema awnings are also versatile, having been made available in a range of models: basic awning, as a full cassette, or in semi-closed cassette with no head-box or cassette. There is also a choice of 15 colours, and the option to colour combine side-covers. Continuous fabric has been provided, up to around 13 metres, and the awnings can also be used for commercial advertising or sign writing.

Metal halide light trail + Pitch adjustment + Rewindable valance roller blind + Can incorporate radiant heaters + Suitable for signage + 15 colour options + up to 13 metre span

Working areas need effective sun-shading. Warema External Venetian Blinds are an answer to this problem, with around 60 to 80% of solar radiation lessened, which keeps rooms cooler during summer, thereby reducing requirement for artificial cooling systems. Rooms are also kept warmer in winter, because warmth cannot escape to the outside, saving heating costs and the environment. The Warema External Venetian Blinds range consists of diverse guide trails, slat shapes, colours, and cable guides. These External Venetian Blinds can easily be operated with various options of motorisation and a crank handle.

Symmetrical + Asymmetrical

PVC café blinds from Integra Shade Solutions are designed to enable the use and enjoyment of outdoor areas round the clock. The blinds are made from premium-grade clear PVC has been used and are custom-made to meet the needs of each individual customer. Integra Shade Solutions café blinds can easily be used for commercial as well as domestic purposes, with options for manual control, motorisations, heating, open sides, or zippers. Every fitting is easy to operate and maintain, and made according to the finest quality craftmanship.

The All Seasons retractable roof system is ideal for use in homes, courtyards, restaurants and commercial applications where more than just protection from the sun is required. Built to last, the European designed All Seaons retractable roof awning is waterproof and engineered to withstand wind speeds up to 117km/hr (W32).

One of the features that differentiate the All Seasons retractable roof system from our Oztech system is the finish. The Oztech system is made with exposed keyways (grooves) on the aluminium rafters and posts that make it a very economical system to assemble and install.

The All Seasons system has a more contemporary appearance. The extrusions are made with a unique double internal chamber so that the keyways and bolts are hidden from view giving the extrusions very streamlined appearance.

The clean appearance allows the All Seasons awning to blend naturally with all environments and integrate into a range of design styles, from minimalist modern to traditional.

Yes, that Mark Edmondson. The last Aussie to win the Australian Open men’s singles. So you can trust him to know a good tennis court when he sees one. Mark Edmondson Tennis Courts is the state distributor of Tiger Turf synthetic grass surfaces, specialising in the surfacing of any tennis or sports courts, recreational areas, artificial “Living Lawns”, cricket wickets, sports fields, and school yard areas, large or small, from simple installation to full construction if needed. Mark Edmondson has been in operation since January 1992, providing synthetic and acryclic surfaces for over 250 tennis courts across NSW, including Wollongong University, Lake Crackenback Resort, Sydney Cricket Ground, Rooty Hill RSL, several schools including PLC Pymble and Narrabeen Sports High School, and over 200 private courts. Mark Edmondson Tennis Courts also has a Maintenance Division: their Initial Cleaning Service will have unsightly tennis courts and artificial grass surfaces looking spick and span in next to no time at all. The team can even implement a Regular Preventative Maintenance Program for all synthetic surfaces, to ensure the long term performance of the product.

Brazilian Walnut is known for its blends of chocolate brown and nearly black hues that mix to form an exotic colour spectrum of rich dark browns. The Walnut is an impressive hardwood, popular amongst architects and designers for its exceptionally fine graining, superior hardness and natural dark colouration. The Brazilian Walnut is a perfect choice to bathe your home in timeless beauty and style.

Brazilian Teak’s colour varies from medium tans browns and includes yellow and light brown hues, that when coupled with its unique grain pattern, creates an exclusively natural atmosphere. Brazilian Teak, unlike most exotics, undergoes very little colour change when in contact with sun light and is the leading choice for residential and commercial properties because of its beauty and superior hardness and durability.

The Brazilian Cherry is one of the finest hardwoods, known for its natural beauty, superior hardness and rich glow. Featuring distinctive and varied grain patterns, together with a mix of colourful hues that matures over time, to a rich reddish brown, creating a refined and luxurious environment. The Brazilian Cherry has a hardness rating of 12.5KN, over fifty five percent harder than the Kempas.

IndusFloor is an Australian owned and operated company, specialising in the importation of the finest Brazilian Hardwood flooring, available on the market. IndusFloor represents Indusparquet, a quality manufacturer of exotic hardwood, offering us the privilege of attaining the highest quality products. South America provides an abundance of hardwood flooring, renowned for its natural beauty, superior durability and individuality. Brazilian Hardwood Flooring is one of the most admired flooring choices available. Highly desired by discriminating Architects and Designers, very few flooring options are as visually powerful. With the ambience and warmth of natural timber, IndusFloor provides a graceful range of hardwood, each with its own unique grain and character markings, creating a radiant and opulent environment.

_The Waterfall Wall Mount SM1 Natural Stone and Stainless Steel Wall Mount Water Feature is a modern stylised fountain, hand-made from brushed stainless steel and natural slate stone. Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, the Waterfall SM1 includes LED directional lighting in three soothing colour options of white, blue and green, and a quet water pump operation (1000LPH)_

Dimensions: 900mm Wide x 1200mm High x 150mm Deep + Weight: 67.5kg + Power Output: 12 watts, 12VDC, 1200mA + Power Input: 230-240V, 50Hz with SAA Approved Transformer

_The CASTA Natural Stone with Lighting Water Feature has been specifically designed with the objective of capturing nature’s beauty in stone and flowing water, with a lighting option of three of natures soothing colours: white, blue or green. Made from all-natural stone, this water feature can be used in commercial or residential applications, both indoors and out. Emphasis has also been placed on energy efficiency: with the CASTA water feature there is around 50% less energy consumption than found in conventional pumps and lighting._

Long life-span + Material: Natural Stone (slate) + Energy efficient + Freestanding + Decorative pebbles included

Dimensions: 370 (W) X 1200 (H) mm; Base: 330 (D) X 200 (H) X 460 (W) mm + Weight: 68.5 Kg + Power Output: 10 W, 1200 mA, 12 V DC + Power Input: 230/240 V, 50 Hz

_Water is an indispensable part of life, so Infinity Trading Group has come up with a range of high-quality water features that give 100% justice to importance of water. The Cascade Natural Stone Water Feature with LED Lighting is made from natural slate and is energy efficient, making it an environmentally sensitive feature in any indoor or outdoor application. This water feature is especially suited to offices or homes which have central heating, and can be of special help in balancing positive and negative ions in air, while adding to the aesthetics of any space._

Slate finish + LED lights in three colours: red, blue and green + Energy efficient + Balance positive and negative ions

Overall Width: 370mm + Overall Height: 120mm + Base depth: 330mm + Base Height: 200mm + Base Width: 460mm + Weight: 51.3kg + Power output: 10W, 12VDC, 1200mA

_Tiger Turf synthetic grass always stays green and lush, with no need for watering, mowing or weeding. These synthetic grass surfaces are now being specified in a huge range of applications, from home back yards to open public spaces. The landscaping range available from All grass Sports Surfaces comprises of 4 products: Envy, Meadow, Lush, and TufTurf, each slightly varying in appearance. The latest landscaping products are being developed specifically to harmonise with the natural environment, feature improved safety measures for children, and have durable and green synthetic grass surfaces suitable for all outdoor areas._

Low maintenance + Skid free operation + Improved performance

_Graham Vivian, former A-grade cricketer and founder of Tiger Turf, saw the potential for development with synthetic grass cricket wickets, and has since developed a spectrum of tufted polypropylene synthetic grass wickets, available from All grass Sports Surfaces. The range of cricket surfaces includes portable wickets, which are in very high demand, especially at club and school level. These surfaces suit almost every level of playing, and are also durable, hardwearing, very low-maintenance and are suitable for all weathers._

Suitable for all weathers + Low maintenance + Extremely durable + Hardwearing + Suitable for every level

_When it comes to artificial golfing surfaces, Tiger Turf tee areas from All Grass Sports Surfaces are a significant improvement compared to hard nylon mats are concerned, giving a natural feel playing surface with negligible maintenance requirements. The most challenging target in creating artificial golf surfaces is ensuring the straight roll of a ball to hole, yet Tiger Turf surfaces are as close to a professional natural surface as one could hope for._

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