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Rainbow Shade’s range of Shade cloth for use in shade sails and shade structures are made using the highest quality materials and all comes with dependable and proven warranties.

To see which shade cloth fabric is best suited to your upcoming installation visit our website below or get in touch with our experienced team today to discuss your shade installation requirements further.

These landscape water tanks, which also incorporate planter boxes or raised garden bends on top of the tank itself, makes a fantastic landscaping structure and adds to the aesthetic around the pool.

Made from high grade concrete, these pool landscaping structures are designed to be long lasting.

– Attractive appearance as a surrounds for your pool landscaping.
– Convenient height for growing your favourite plants.
– 50mpa high grade concrete water tanks.
– Footings are not required for big savings.
– Looks stunning around the pool or pergola as part of the pool landscaping.
– May also be used as a retaining wall, front fence or on site detention system.
– Easy installation and may be buried to a height that suits.
– Long lasting, durable and reliable.
– May be painted or rendered to suit any decor.
– Store all your pool water requirements close by.

Please Note:
-Plumbing is the same as a normal rain water tank and the tanks are joined together using an inbuilt patented “O” ring rubber seal. A PVC pipe is inserted between the tanks during installation for a watertight seal. It is possible to have the Landscape Tanks located anywhere around the property.

The water tank does not need to be hidden away with Landscape Tanks' raised garden beds. The storage of rainwater happens underneath the garden beds.

– Attractive appearance.
– Convenient height for growing your favourite plants.
– 50mpa high grade concrete water tanks.
– Footings are not required for big savings.
– The raised garden beds may also be part of the retaining wall or front fence or even used around the pool.
– Easy installation and may be buried to a height that suits.
– Long lasting
– Adds that WOW factor to your property.
– May be painted or rendered to suit any decor.
– Planter tops drains to the rear.

Please Note:
Plumbing is the same as a normal rain water tank and they are joined together using an inbuilt patented “O” ring rubber seal. A PVC pipe is inserted between the tanks during installation for a watertight seal. It is possible to have the Landscape Tanks located anywhere around the property using a charged (or wet) system.

SpiraPave is a new generation, high strength pedestal consisting of separate paired components to create pedestals of different heights. Units may be adjusted either up or down in 1mm increments. They are used to support bearers in the construction of roof terraces, pedestrian walkways, roof gardens, plaza decks, sun decks, pool surrounds and balconies.  Adjustable in height from 20 to 42mm, makes them ideal for installations where conventional supports are impractical. May be used with a Bearer Holder that caters for 50 to 85mm wide bearer.  Lightweight, with a flat smooth base, they are easy to install. Unlike brick and metal piers, they do not damage water proofing membranes.

VersiDrain 60P is a high volume water retention and drainage layer in one.  VersiDrain 60P stores water in a network of mini reservoirs connected by drainage channels.  Water and soluble nutrients are returned to the growing media, whilst reducing irrigation requirements, this promotes healthy and sustainable growth.  VersiDrain 60P also helps to mitigate stormwater runoff and regulates the discharge to storm drains by capturing over 16litres of stormwater every square metre.

Elmich's tray system MEP®, Modular Extensive Plant Tray, is used to create an effective green roof for a thermally comfortable building.  MEP® Tray reduces the heat transmission between the rooftop and interior spaces creating a lower ambient temperature, reducing the rainwater runoff, and improving air quality.  What makes the tray so effective compared to other green roof systems, is the long term considerations of the design combined with minimal maintenance.  This means plantation lasts longer and is more sustainable, in essence it creates the ideal soil medium for plants.  MEP® Tray features include capillary wicks that channel water to geotextile filter and planting media, and discourages root incursion;  erosion is kept minimal with a confinement grid that reduces spillage within the tray; trays are easily adjoined into substrate using pegs, and the likehood of rodent infestation is significantly reduced with rodent barriers.

Elmich's sustainable green roof systems offer designers and architects unimaginable freedom in the realisation of green roofs for residential to industrial scale applications.  Elmich's extensive range of engineered landscape products can be used together to form reliable and flexible systems that can be specified to suit your needs.  Both Intensive and Extensive green roof systems are available to support low growing drought tolerant and deep growing plant species respectively.  The systems are UV stable and utilise a root resistant waterproofing membrane along with specially designed drainage cells for efficient water usage.  Among Elmich's award winning products used in the systems are water retention and drainage trays, geotextile and cellular confinement cells as well as paver and decking support products that truly open up landscaping possibilities.  These rigorously engineered products work together to form systems that can support a range of plant species, in almost any climatic and environmental condition.

TurfPave XD is a lightweight, high strength interlocking plastic grass paver designed for creating grassed areas subject to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Such grass pavers are used in the construction of emergency access, home driveways, overflow parking and slope stabilization. They are used in golf buggy paths too. These products have a porous structure which allows rainwater to penetrate the ground. The high load bearing structure protects grass roots against compaction and supports loads imposed by large trucks. TurfPave XD cells have notches with large open base areas and high void spaces. Thus, it promotes and ensures healthy root development.

VersiCell is a lightweight, high strength modular drainage cell which is especially designed for sub-surface drainage and waterproofing membrane protection, suitable for use in the construction of roof gardens, basements, plaza decks, concealed drains, pond filtration systems and in pre-cast and sports fields, as well as to form tanks for any underground storm water infiltration or storage. VersiCell sub-soil drainage cells are manufactured from high strength polypropylene are used for various applications because of their ability to withstand loads of imposed traffic from wheel burrows and mechanical equipment such as Bobcats.

VersiDrain 8 is a dimpled plastic sheet that can be used in various waterproofing applications, such as internal drainage of basement walls, and to create a capillary break under concrete ground slabs. The dimples create a vapour and thermal insulation barrier for both internal walls and walls that are adjacent to waterproofing membranes, while also protecting the waterproofing membrane from the backfill in underground structures. VersiDrain 8 Dimpled Drainage Sheets offer protection against any dampness in ground slabs and also create a cavity control layer.

VersiDrain 8 Geo dimpled drainage sheet is a high flow rate studded plastic sheet offering effective drainage and waterproof membrane protection for underground structures and foundation walls. The product incorporates an integrated non-woven geotextile which covers the vertical studs. These studs prevent soil particles from blocking the drainage sheet, while capturing and transporting high volumes of water, and resisting high loads from earth and formwork. The geotextile creates an air gap for ventilation purposes and allows the inflow and transport of water from surrounding soil.

VersiDrain 25P is an interlocking plastic water retention device and a drainage tray designed to store and drain water under intensive and extensive green roof systems. The trays are positioned on waterproofing membrane and covered with geotextile and growth media along with plants and then installed. This way, water and soluble nutrients get stored in an array of mini reservoirs and returned to the soil by means of capillary action, for plant uptake, when it is required. Versidrain incorporates an interconnected channel which allows the water to flow between reservoirs. This tray protects waterproofing membranes against damage and supports the weight of plant species.

VersiFlex is a flexible drainage cell used in planter boxes, retaining walls and roof gardens, offering architects and developers an efficient and low cost alternative to competing sub-surface drainage products. VersiFlex drainage cells are easy to install and act as a protection layer over waterproofing membranes, eliminating any need for protection of screeds and creating a thermal insulation barrier. This system comes in large pre-assembled black Polypropylene panels which allows for easy delivery and installation.

VersiPave GP is a lightweight, high strength plastic paver support designed to eliminate the use of sand when laying pavers, thereby reducing weight bearing loads on building structures. VersiPave GP paver supports are used in construction of plaza decks, roofs, verandas and pool surrounds, and also help to reduce sound transmission and increase heat insulation. The VersiPave system allows the easy placement of most pavers such as granite, mable and precast concrete where a well drained and level surface is required.

VersiTank is a heavy duty plastic tank which allows either storage tank of stormwater or sub surface infiltration. VersiTank acts as a retention system to recycle water in applications such as residential houses, parks, gardens, playgrounds, sports fields and parking areas. There are various benefits to the VersiTank water storage system, including on-site retention of stormwater, and resistance to biological attack and many soil-borne chemicals. VersiTank also allows storm water to be filtered prior to its infiltration into water tables or storm drains, with no need for any specialised installation equipment.

VersiWeb is a geosynthetic cellular confinement system which incorporates a matrix of ultrasonically welded light weights and has expandable and flexible thermoplastic strips. This product creates a three dimensional erosion barrier when filled with granular materials, and the structural bridge created distributes weight bearing loads. Versiweb enhances drainage and eliminates hydrostatic pressure, effectively controlling erosion as the cells protect the movement of the infill. VersiWeb also forms an integrated structural mass that resists lateral movement and pressure, and can be used to retain infill in gravity retaining and freestanding walls, embankments or barriers.

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