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These landscape water tanks, which also incorporate planter boxes or raised garden bends on top of the tank itself, makes a fantastic landscaping structure and adds to the aesthetic around the pool.

Made from high grade concrete, these pool landscaping structures are designed to be long lasting.

– Attractive appearance as a surrounds for your pool landscaping.
– Convenient height for growing your favourite plants.
– 50mpa high grade concrete water tanks.
– Footings are not required for big savings.
– Looks stunning around the pool or pergola as part of the pool landscaping.
– May also be used as a retaining wall, front fence or on site detention system.
– Easy installation and may be buried to a height that suits.
– Long lasting, durable and reliable.
– May be painted or rendered to suit any decor.
– Store all your pool water requirements close by.

Please Note:
-Plumbing is the same as a normal rain water tank and the tanks are joined together using an inbuilt patented “O” ring rubber seal. A PVC pipe is inserted between the tanks during installation for a watertight seal. It is possible to have the Landscape Tanks located anywhere around the property.

With this kind of OSD system, you won't need a traditional (and usually expensive) one. Landscape Tanks offers a simple, attractive cost effective solution and is popular.

– No need for a traditional OSD system
– Huge savings and WOW factor by turning it into a feature of the house
– Incorporate the OSD system into a retaining wall, pool surround or front fence.
– No footings required for simple and fast installation.
– Pre-engineered (empty) as structural retaining walls and front fences.
– Tanks come with their own engineering drawings for further savings.
– Above or below ground systems available.
– HED tank and trash/silt pit units available as required.
– Very high grade concrete (50 mpa) to last a lifetime.
– Planter top standard for growing plants and shrubs on top of the water tank underneath.
– Modular for endless storage capacity – joined together with cast in “O” ring rubber seals.
– Ideal for when space is limited and when customers don't want to put their OSD systems underground.

Technical Specifications

Landscape tanks can also be front fences. The high-quality concrete that used allows them to be durable, long lasting and reliable. With this installed, there is great cost saving with a brilliant end result.


  • Stunning appearance when used as front fences, as it adds the WOW factor to your home
  • Economical and cheaper than a traditional front fence
  • High-grade concrete
  • No footings required for big savings. It also comes with its own engineered drawings for handing over to the builder or surveyor when required
  • Pre-engineered for cost savings
  • Easy installation
  • May be painted, rendered to suit any decor
  • Rain water storage

Please Note:

  • Delivery usually tanks an hour or two depending upon number of tanks involved resulting in your instant fantastic front fence.
  • Plumbing the same as a normal rainwater tank and the tanks are joined together using an inbuilt patented “O” ring rubber seal. A PVC pipe is inserted between the tanks during installation for a watertight seal
  • It is possible to have the Landscape Tanks located anywhere around the property using a charged (or wet) system

Technical Specifications

Imagine having your retaining wall store rainwater and be a feature for your property. There are many options and features for landscape tanks, such as featuring a planter box on top of the water tanks for growing plants or herbs.


  • Stunning appearance – to add the WOW factor to your home
  • Great pricing – more than competitive to a normal concrete block retaining wall
  • High grade (50mpa) concrete to last a lifetime
  • Long lasting, durable, reliable, will look good from the first day it is installed
  • The planter top is not limited to just growing plants
  • No footings required for big savings
  • Pre-engineered for cost savings
  • May be painted, rendered to suit any decor
  • Australian made and owned – patented

Please Note:

  • Delivery usually tanks an hour or two and will deliver an instant retaining wall, which can be backfilled immediately if required
  • Plumbing is the same as a normal rainwater tank. The tanks are joined together using an inbuilt patented “O” ring rubber seal system and A PVC pipe is simply inserted between the tanks during installation for a watertight seal
  • The Landscape Tanks may be located anywhere around the property in any configuration

Technical specifications

As Beautiful as it Is Durable and Guaranteed to Perform – That’s Iron Ash

IRON ASH uses innovative technology to combine a transparent combination of water-based additives deep into the core of GOODWOOD Victorian Ash. Treated to H3 classification, IRON ASH can be used externally in partnership with GOODWOOD Victorian Ash to allow continuous flow of timber design from inside to out. IRON ASH is a great choice to finish any project. It can be easily cut, stained and painted on site. The IRON ASH range offers an affordable timber choice that is stable and readily available.

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Our custom designed screens are made from various aluminium or COLORBOND® steel profiles including slatting and fixed louvres. They are the perfect solution to obscuring untidy and unattractive amenities such as Rubbish Bins, Water Tanks and Air Conditioning Units, enhancing and adding to the aesthetic of your home or business. You can also choose from our latest patented Clik‘n’Fit™ fencing and screening system.

Securemax®, A unique Australian made high security fence system providing an anti-climb, anti-penetrate barrier second to none with a virtually see through appearance that will blend into the surrounding environment.

Now introducing the ASF P/L developed Securemax® HD. An Extra Heavy Duty wire anti-climb mesh, having the same mesh aperture of 71mm x 9mm, with 5.6mm Vertical line wires, Securemax® HD sets a new benchmark in security barrier fencing.

BGC Duralattice™ is a cellulose fibre reinforced cement sheet. Duralattice™ marries the instant decorative appeal of traditional lattice to the practical durability of fibre cement. With its easy handling and installation, you’ll find Duralattice™ great for use in and around the house and garden.

EnviroSlat is designed to span 900mm between fence posts and provide you with a low maintenance horizontal or vertical slat screen or fence. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 4.14.01 pm

Available in 5.4 metre lengths the 70mm wide x 15mm thick boards come in 5 great colours; Chocolate, Mahogany, Saltbush, Slate Grey & Walnut. These colours are also available in our CleverDeck range of composite decking.

Satin black powder coated aluminium fence posts and a “U” channel complete the EnviroSlat range and provide the ideal framework for a horizontal EnviroSlat fence. The posts are available in either a 50mm x 50mm or a 65mm x 65mm size. Both posts have a 2.5mm wall thickness for additional strength and come in a 2400mm length c/w a knock on black cap and a stabilising bar to stop your post being pulled out of the ground once it has been set in concrete. The 30mm x 16mm satin black powder coated “U” channel comes in an1800mm long length with a wall thickness of 1.6mm. The “U” channel is designed to be screwed to the fence posts so that the EnviroSlat boards can be fixed inside the channel and screwed from the back so that you can conceal the ends of the boards.

You’ll be the envy of your neighbours when they discover that your beautiful EnviroSlat fence is not made of timber and therefore does not need painting or oiling and unlike timber it will not cup, split, rot or crack. Your neighbours might even think that you are “special” just like the EnviroSlat fence when, year after year, you don’t ask them to help you with the painting or oiling of your fence!

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PowerFence. Aesthetic, affordable and easy to install solid masonry system.

New Hebel PowerFence is an innovative solid masonry fencing system that’s attractive, versatile and easy to install. It’s suitable for houses, low rise multi-residential projects, low rise apartments and ideal for DIYers with its lightweight panels and easy construction method.

Perfect for boundary fencing and an alternative to standard masonry for front fences, the Hebel PowerFence can be painted or rendered to blend in with or enhance the visual appeal of homes.

The innovative and simple Hebel PowerFence system provides a modular masonry structure using standard 1800 x 600 x 75mm PowerPanels and steel posts which can be easily and quickly erected – without the need for extensive excavation or strip footings, normally required for traditional masonry fence construction.

Key innnovations that deliver a superior Hebel PowerFence system include:

  • specially designed PowerFence Bracket
  • one common low-cost 75mm steel post for all configurations
  • one type of fixing screw for the PowerFence bracket and final post covers
  • use of standard 1800 x 600 x 75mm PowerPanel, or for heavier use and under stricter design conditions 2400 x 600 x 75mm PowerPanel can be used.

Hebel PowerFence can be finished in either an Expressed or Monolithic look and can also be adapted to include a range of decorative treatments such as timber panels and ironwork.

The unique benefits of the new Hebel PowerFence system:

  • it’s easy to use, cost effective and attractive
  • it creates privacy and acts as a reflective noise barrier system
  • is perfect for boundary fencing and as an alternative to standard masonry for front fences
  • has a range of wall profiles and looks that can be created to give design freedom and flexibility
  • is non combustible – the perfect choice for bushfire prone areas
  • uses standard 1800 x 600 x 75mm PowerPanels, and under stricter design conditions, 2400 x 600 x 75mm standard PowerPanels
  • its steel reinforced PowerPanels are specially coated to prevent corrosion and provide maximum durability
  • is designed to meet the majority of environmental conditions for suburban fencing in Australia.

The Hebel PowerFence system – a better way to build.

Uni-Shape Fence and Balustrade products enhance valuable assets from afar, with decorative and functional Fence Piers to supporting entrance gates, and a range of special and stock Balustrade products that sserve to beautify and protect visitors using the balcony or stairs. Uni-Shape Fence and Balustrade products are especially popular because unlike brick, they can be easily finished to match the rendered finish of their house or office. *FEATURES* Add beauty and value to the property + Durable and made with high quality and consistency + Easily matched to other architectural features + Lightweight and easy to install

Manufactured, supplied, and installed by AMMI Balustrades, aluminium tube systems are a quick and cost effective balustrade and fencing solution.

Also suitable for use as aluminium fencing panels, the powder coated aluminium units can be manufactured to any height, and are compatible with round, rectangular, or half-round handrails. The 19 x 19mm square hollow aluminium tubes can be supplied in any DULUX powder coat colour and come complete with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty and 10 year powder coat warranty.

AMMI Balustrades supplies a selection of cable balustrades fabricated from stainless steel wire for indoor or outdoor use.

Compatible with vertical or horizontal wire configurations and round, square, or rectangular handrails, stainless steel wire balustrades are a durable and versatile balustrading solution.

AMMI Balustrades’ marine grade stainless steel products meet the relevant Australian standards, and are available in a satin, buff polish, or class 4 architectural finish. Stainless steel wire balustrade systems are supplied with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty, glazing warranty, and certificate of compliance to Australian Standards.

Compatible with both frameless and semi-frameless applications, 12MM toughened glass from AWR Balustrade & Wire Solutions is a versatile fencing and balustrading product.

The heavy duty glass is available in a range of panel sizes to suit projects of various shapes and sizes, and ideal for use in stair balustrades or as pool fencing.

A cost-efficient, easy to instal DIY balustrading solution, balustrading kits from AWR Balustrade & Wire Solutions are fabricated within a rapid one day turnover period.

Lengths of wire rope are screwed into durable timber or metal posts, resulting in a versatile system that can be customised to suit the size and aesthetic requirements of any project. All AWR Balustrade & Wire Solutions balustrading systems can be installed using standard tools.

For cost efficient screening, fencing, and facade decoration, the range of composite timber battens, beams, and bollards from Innowood is certain to contain the product for any exterior project.

The easy to install products are available in a range of profiles and realistic timber finishes, and are supplied in various lengths. All beam, batten, and bollard products from Innowood are termite, water, and UV resistant, as well as fire retardant and 100% recyclable, making them a sustainable and high performance alternative to natural timber. 

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