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Our capabilities in the design and construction of unique water features forms a substantial part of our standing in the industry. Recent indoor and outdoor water feature projects include: Darling Harbour, Homebush Bay, Rhodes Waterside – to name a few.

  • Reflection Pools
  • Water Falls
  • Fountains and Water Spouts
  • Running Creek Beds

Crystal Pools is also a specialist provider of equine swimming pools. We work closely with your team to meet all your requirements: Temperature levels, filtration requirements, salt levels, restrictions on chemicals and more.


Jacaranda Decor supplies a selection of wall-mounted water fountains as part of a wide range of hanging and free standing water features.

Requiring only minimal plumbing, the natural stone products can be affixed to concrete, brick, or other sturdy outdoor surfaces, and are resistant to wear and damage under most weather conditions.

Ranging from classical to contemporary, Richard Ellis Design supplies a range of natural stone water fountains to suit any taste or residence style. 

The broad selection of wall mounted and free standing fountains includes units of varying sizes and complexity, with options for potable water flows also available.

Featuring a cast iron bowl and hardwood stand, cast iron bowl fountains from Earth de Fleur Homewares are a complete water feature solution for backyards of any style or size.

Supplied fully assembled and with a pump included, the bowl fountains require an extra coat of waterproof paint or pond sealer if intended for use as a pond.

Based in Brisbane, Earth de Fleur Homewares is an online retailer specialising in unique and high quality home and garden decor.

All items in the Earth de Fleur Homewares catalogue are personally selected by the company’s founders, with many of these items fabricated from recycled and eco-friendly reclaimed materials. Committed to delivering exceptional customer service and outstanding product performance, Earth de Fleur Homewares has serviced international and domestic markets since 2008, and continues to expand globally and internationally. 

Made from solid granite, fountains in the Japon Granite range from Watergarden Warehouse are contemporary and striking.

The sculptural pieces are available in two sizes and designs, and can be combined with integrated lighting features to produce stunning visual effects.

Watergarden Warehouse supplies a selection of water features for exterior walls, including wall-mounted panels and “water walls”, which stand upon their own plinth.

Fabricated from a variety of natural and composite stones and metal, the durable water features are a contemporary addition to backyards of any style, and are designed to endure wear caused by age and weather exposure with minimal change in appearance.

Based in Perth, Watergarden Warehouse is a specialty supplier of an extensive range of unique water features.

Spanning from the contemporary to the classical, Watergarden Warehouse is committed to delivering the right fountain for every project, and caters for all tastes and garden styles. The broad product catalogue is comprised of a combination of domestically made and imported wall spouts fabricated from composite stone, stainless steel, and bronze.

Contemporary, warm, and durable in even the most extreme Australian weather conditions, planters from Entanglements combine functionality with attractive design.

Available in a range of shapes and finishes, the elegant selection of planters make a sophisticated addition to any outdoor space, seamlessly blending nature with art and design.

David Harber designs and supplies a diverse selection of water features for commercial, civic, and high-end residential use. 

Elegant and dynamic, the features are a contemporary addition to any outdoor space, and are customised to suit the nature and scale of any installation environment. David Harber water features are available in stainless steel, copper, bronze, and brass, and are supplied with a reservoir, pump, and integrated LED lighting system.

Designed for the home renovator, the Do It Yourself product line from Living Water Designs is fabricated from GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete), allowing lightweight products for easy and safe home installation.

Offering all the durability and beauty of professionally installed Living Water Designs features, the versatile catalogue of DIY fountains and ponds is hand-finished by an in-house team of craftspeople, ensuring a high quality, unique product for any brief.

A stunning contemporary addition to any outdoor area, ponds or fountains are a versatile outdoor design solution for residential or commercial projects.

Living Water Designs supplies a wide selection of pond and fountain features to suit any taste or project requirement, with a knowledgeable and experienced customer service team also providing bespoke water feature options.

Creating a realistic illusion of rain, rain curtain water features from Living Water Design are an elegant indoor or outdoor addition to commercial or high end residential projects.

Featuring fully integrated LED rail lighting to illuminate water streams, Rain Curtains are a striking and versatile complement to a range of environments. The fully customisable water features can be take any form the client desires, available in straight, curved, circular, or spiral configurations, alongside a broad variety of materials and finishes. 

Suitable for use as planters or in outdoor commercial or residential water features, ZEN bowls from Quatro Design are GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) bowls with a mould-smooth rim and top surface.

Packaged with a 110 lph low voltage pump and all necessary fittings, ZEN water features are supplied pre-assembled, and are available in white, sandstone, or charcoal. 

_The Waterfall Wall Mount SM1 Natural Stone and Stainless Steel Wall Mount Water Feature is a modern stylised fountain, hand-made from brushed stainless steel and natural slate stone. Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, the Waterfall SM1 includes LED directional lighting in three soothing colour options of white, blue and green, and a quet water pump operation (1000LPH)_

Dimensions: 900mm Wide x 1200mm High x 150mm Deep + Weight: 67.5kg + Power Output: 12 watts, 12VDC, 1200mA + Power Input: 230-240V, 50Hz with SAA Approved Transformer

_The CASTA Natural Stone with Lighting Water Feature has been specifically designed with the objective of capturing nature’s beauty in stone and flowing water, with a lighting option of three of natures soothing colours: white, blue or green. Made from all-natural stone, this water feature can be used in commercial or residential applications, both indoors and out. Emphasis has also been placed on energy efficiency: with the CASTA water feature there is around 50% less energy consumption than found in conventional pumps and lighting._

Long life-span + Material: Natural Stone (slate) + Energy efficient + Freestanding + Decorative pebbles included

Dimensions: 370 (W) X 1200 (H) mm; Base: 330 (D) X 200 (H) X 460 (W) mm + Weight: 68.5 Kg + Power Output: 10 W, 1200 mA, 12 V DC + Power Input: 230/240 V, 50 Hz

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