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Drinking Water Stations with Drinking Fountain, Bottle Refill, Dog Bowl and Signage Functionalities.

CIVIQ’s industry-leading range of drinking water station products has been developed to address the needs of a wide range of applications, including both indoor and outdoor settings.

Select from a range of stations with bottle refill technologies, drinking fountains and bubblers, as well as integrated signage graphics. Wall mounted and freestanding designs are available, many of which feature chilled and filtered water options.

Our products are developed with an electro-polished stainless steel construction and marine-grade anodised aluminium housing for robust, long-lasting performance in outdoor environments. This helps to prevent tea-stain blemishes, a form of corrosion, which is typically common in beach and waterfront precincts. For harsher environments, we offer extra-heavy duty stainless steel designs built for the ultimate protection against vandals.

Dual-height options and extra deep basins ensure that wheelchair users have convenient access to our water stations. We offer child-friendly features including reduced heights (like the Solo 700 and Pulse 1200) and soft rubber fountains guards fitted for mouth protection.

Our signature range also provides pet-friendly drinking water solutions with three unique dog drinking bowl options, which can be mixed and matched to suit. The available options are sub-surface bowl, swinging bowl, and dog drinking nozzles.

With up to five years warranty, as well as installation and maintenance packages available on request, our drinking water stations are engineered for all types of public spaces.

Product Models:

  • Aquafil FlexiFountain (1200, 1500 & 2100)
  • Aquafil Pulse Junior 1200 & Senior 1400
  • Aquafil Solo (700 & 900)
  • Aquafil Solita
  • Aquafil Bold
  • Aquafil Hyrdrobank
  • Aquafil Elegrí
  • Elkay EZH2O
  • Elkay VR EZH2O
  • Elkay SwirlFlo
  • Elkay SoftSides

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