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Bicycle security designed for outdoor architectural settings available in classic and distinctive profiles

Providing safe and secure bike parking facilities is simple with CIVIQ’s extensive range of bike racks, bike rails, and bike lockers, and bike repair stands. Our range has been specified across Australia for over twenty years, for use in schools, campuses, public spaces, end of trip facilities, garages and basements.

Our products are robust and economical with a range of classic and stylish designs which maximise space by providing bike parking spots in compact areas. Our bike security solutions are hard-wearing, developed with electro-polished stainless steel or galvanised steel, with optional finishes available.

We strive to develop bike parking solution which comply with DDA-accessibility codes as well as the requirements set out in AS2890.3 Class B & C level bicycle parking security.

Available in free standing and wall-mounted designs, our bike parking designs can be mixed and matched to create the ultimate end-of-trip facility, with vertical stands, repair stations, sliding designs and heavy-duty bike lockers to provide cyclists with convenient spots to park their bike.

Product Models:


  • Ring
  • Hoop (Standard, Compact, Slim)
  • Compact
  • Slim
  • Rolla (Single & Double)
  • Monarch Series
  • Proline Series
  • Loop
  • Spiral
  • 2up Vertical Stand (Single & Double)

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