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Cree CPY Series – LED Canopy Light

Canopy and soffit operators are under constant pressure to lower operating costs while simultaneously providing safe and visually appealing lighting. The new CPY Series Canopy Light has a slim low profile design can mount on virtually any canopy/soffit and is the perfect upgrade solution – the high-performance LED canopy light not only outperform existing LED and MH solutions but also offer a low total cost of ownership.

 Light Features
– Minimum 70 CRI
– CCT: 4000K / 5700K
– Direct mount
– Frosted flat lens
– Slim, low-profile design
– Lay In Panels available
– Easy and quick installation

 Lighting Applications
– Petroleum & Convenience Store
– Restaurants & Hospitality
– Airports
– Healthcare

 For more information please visit the Advanced Lighting website



Optical efficiency, excellent visual appeal coupled with exceptional design combine to create KLIKsystems LEDstream.

Small form factor is the cornerstone of LEDstream with dual lumen package options available (500lm/m, 1000lm/m, 1500lm/m & 2150lm/m) making this a truly versatile LED system.
LEDstream is equipped with a variety of LEDoptix diffusers supplied in a number of different distributions from narrow to medium and wide, as well as asymmetric and elliptical, consequently providing the designer with multiple options to satisfy their requirements. The LEDstream aluminium profile can be surface mounted, suspended, recessed or trimless recessed. The architecture of the LED boards in combination with a specifically designed optical system is paramount to achieving dot and shadow free illumination.
Excellent thermal management is achieved through the design of the thermally efficient heat sink with seamless connection between boards from a proprietary electrical jumper connection. The boards are available in 100mm increments, once again confirming KLIKís long-held reputation as a manufacturer who can offer bespoke solutions for any project in any length.

A variety of standard colours is available along with RGB and RGB/W with control of the system achieved by either DALI, 1-10V, DMX or DMX-RDM. Safety is guaranteed by LEDstream system with the design of the boards using constant voltage circuitry, operating on 24V (SELV).


LEDstream Eco is a cost effective, thermally efficient and discreet aluminium profiles offer a very effective LED lighting solution.

The KLIK ECO LED range has 4 different profiles in both surface and recess mounted, offering a lumen package of 500lm/m, 1000lm/m or 1500lm/m.

Designed for areas where performance is not the essential requirement however where high visual impact and aesthetics are of importance.

Equipped with LEDoptix diffusers the KLIK ECO Linear preventing any direct visibility of the light source. High binning LEDs come as standard with excellent thermal management is achieved through the design of the aluminium profile acting as a thermally efficient heat sink. The aluminium profile can be supplied in lengths of up to 5.0m with the LED strips available in 100mm increments. The range is available in colour temperatures ranging from 3000, 4000 & 5000K as well as RGB and can be controlled by either DALI, DSI, 1-10V. Installation is simple with snap on surface mounting clips, remote gear is required for all systems.

Excellent thermal management is achieved through the design of the aluminium profile acting as a thermally efficient heat sink.

For all LEDstream luminaires by KLIK Systems and specifications, please go to

Part of Pierlite’s range of interior architectural lighting and pendant luminaires, the Vetro product family is an innovative reimagining of the conventional fluorescent lamp. Available in wall and pendant mounting, Vetro lamps are housed in durable die cast aluminium and finished with a clear varnish, and supplied with hand blown opal glass diffusers.

Intended for use in hospitality and retail settings, Vetro pendant luminaires are suspended using a discreet wire suspension and transparent connecting cable adjustable to a maximum 2500mm length. Compact, sleek, and modern, the Vetro range of fluorescent lamps is the ideal fluorescent lighting solution for any interior space.

Designed for warehouse, cold storage, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial environments, the Holophane Proteon LED highbay offers high illumination and superior thermal management.

Available in three lumen packages and with a 4000K colour temperature, the Holophane Proteon provides up to 100 000 hours of illumination at L70. A robust extruded aluminium heat sink with side ventilation slots optimises the luminaire’s thermal management, while on board temperature sensors provide ongoing heat monitoring to ensure the lights run at ideal temperature. The Holophane Proteon features four beam distributions, and is supplied with a standard 0-10V dimming capability. 

For use in residential, commercial, and hospitality interiors, the Star X is a high performance, low voltage halogen downlight from Pierlite. With a compact die-cast aluminium body available in a selection of finishes, the Star X is energy efficient and fully adjustable.

The 35W downlight features a 60 degree lamp and dimmable transformer, and is installed with a secure twist-lock lamp retaining assembly. Supplied with a standard heat cover and halogen lamp, the Star X is compatible with both hard wired and flex and plug installation.

A low profile, discreet LED panel design for architectural lighting applications, the Plank Gen 2 is suitable for recessed and suspended ceiling installations alike. Harnessing the latest in Samsung LED technology to deliver an unrivalled product life of 40 000 hours, the Plank Gen 2 provides high illumination with a low power consumption.

The Plank Gen 2 features a smooth PMMA opal acrylic diffuser that ensures a homogenous light distribution, a capability that alongside its compatibility with T-bar grid systems makes the LED panel suitable for office settings. An optional dimmer and electronic remote maximise user control over illumination, while an anodised frame in silver or white finish ensures that the Plank Gen 2 blends seamlessly into any contemporary interior space.

Compact and stylish, Pierlite’s Huntsman LED is a miniature floodlight suitable for residential and urban spaces. With an IP66 rating, cool-touch aluminium heatsink, and flame retardant polycarbonate body, the Huntsman provides maximum illumination in a discreet package.

The Huntsman’s 3mm tempered glass front and precision reflector system allow a wide 40 degree vertical and 70 degree horizontal light distribution, while its durable, adjustable bracket enables a 261 degree tilt rotation. Highly durable, the LED is suitable for outdoor use, and available in satin black, silver, and white finishes. All Huntsman units are supplied with a 3 year warranty and impressive 35 000 hour performance capability.

Allowing seamless incorporation into ceiling plaster, LA Lounge’s Confidential Plaster range offers inset downlights to acommodate both residential and commercial needs.

The range includes dimmable and non-dimmable LEDs that can be installed either individually or as part of a double or triple lamp configuration. Luminaires are available in a variety of wattages, beam angles, and colour temperatures, making the Confidential Plaster series the versatile choice for a breadth of residential projects.

Valuing design precision alongside performance excellence, the inset downlights feature a plaster finish to best ensure consistency with surrounding ceilings.

Argus Technologies utilises fibre optics to fabricate a simple and effective enhancement to any home theatre. Installed into the ceiling, the optics are able to create a starry-night effect, making it a feature of any household.

Argus Technologies allows homes to integrate lighting into one system to minimise energy consumption. This allows homeowners to easily fulfill Six Star energy ratings, benefitting both the environment and household finances.

Part of Thorn Lighting’s wide range of competitive fluorescent luminaires is the Mandi.  Mandi includes opal diffusers for wall mounting application and is a class II IP44 fitting using efficient T5 (T16) lamp technology.  The fitting has been specifically designed for bathrooms with a smooth, curved diffuser designed to avoid water retention.  For different atmospheres, Mandi is available in a wide range of lamps and lengths including a 14W version in white and grey and, a 24W and 39W version in grey only. The lamps are easy to change without using tools making it easy to maintain.  Mandi fits perfectly with Thorn’s brand DNA which is focused on the PEC programme.  

The Titus Sport range is the ideal lighting system for an indoor sports environment. The product’s design revovles around adaptation to sport facilities with an emphasis on its protective attributes. The Titus range is suitable for mounting on heights of 4m and above. Installation is inherent in the design through the central wiring box with a patented built in junction box. The Titus also incorporates a stainless steel wire guard that protects it from athletic projectiles. Recently the Titus Sports range has been installed in the gymnasium of North Sydney Boys High School. The series of luminaires cater to the daily sporting activity of students, while on weekends with microwave sensors, it can dim itself according to presence of activity. Furthermore its energy efficient nature reduces consumption whilst providing excellent lighting conditions for education purposes such as exams. For a flexibly and energy efficient lighting system that can re-adapt to the different requirementss of sporting facilities, look no further than the Titus Sports range.

Sports hall luminaire for 49W or 54 W T16 lamps + suspended mounting brackets which allow for 50’ rotation.

The Cruz LED is an elegant and efficient alternative to fluorescent lights. As a development of the original Cruz downlight, the Cruz LED provides a high-lumen output with low system efficacy of 55lm/watt, providing quality light with minimum power. This is due in part to the light’s integral incorporation of silent cooling technology, utilising a rapid oscillating membrane that pulses turbulent air through the LED’s cooling fans to prevent energy draining conductive heat. The compact system is also designed thoughtfully with a remote yellow phosphor lens inside a specially designed optic that produces comfortable glare-free light and consistent colour, suitable within the home, in the office or for commercial use.

System Efficacy: 55 lm/watt

With a sleek industrial aesthetic and powder-coated gloss finish, the CHARLIE metal pendant is a contemporary lighting product to complement any modern interior.

Available in black, white, red, and yellow, the pendant lamp is compatible with a wattage of up to 60W, and is supplied with a 12 month warranty.  

Flexible working environments call for flexible lighting. Free-standing luminaires can be placed easily anywhere in the room, providing direct and indirect light wherever the user needs it. Luminaires mounted in or on the wall create a pleasant atmosphere, while also helping to illuminate the way, improving safety along corridors, walkways and in corners.

Surface-mounted luminaires rest on the ceiling or suspended from it as though floating, providing the perfect light for any ceiling height.

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