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Walk into any modern home down under and you are bound to see downlights in abundance. Legrand’s HPM’s halogen downlights provide a rich, warm, sparkly glow. Choose from 12V, 240V, fixed and gimble fixtures in a variety of sizes to suit any room.

Walk into any modern home down under and you are bound to see downlights in abundance. LED downlights are brilliant energy-saving alternatives to traditional halogen downlights. Choose from a variety of sizes, brightness and efficacy levels to suit your project and budget. Downlights from Legrand’s HPM are available in 70mm, 90mm and 125mm diameter cutouts.

Cree CPY Series – LED Canopy Light

Canopy and soffit operators are under constant pressure to lower operating costs while simultaneously providing safe and visually appealing lighting. The new CPY Series Canopy Light has a slim low profile design can mount on virtually any canopy/soffit and is the perfect upgrade solution – the high-performance LED canopy light not only outperform existing LED and MH solutions but also offer a low total cost of ownership.

 Light Features
– Minimum 70 CRI
– CCT: 4000K / 5700K
– Direct mount
– Frosted flat lens
– Slim, low-profile design
– Lay In Panels available
– Easy and quick installation

 Lighting Applications
– Petroleum & Convenience Store
– Restaurants & Hospitality
– Airports
– Healthcare

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• Integrated electronic control gear for direct power connection
• Downlight suitable for suspended as well as concrete ceilings
• Ideal for living areas, corridors, entrances, foyers, stairwells, elevators,
• Can replace typical halogen downlights with standard 92mm ceiling cut out

Product features & benefits
• Direct connection to AC power supply thanks to integrated control gear • Plug & play – flex & plug included
• Replacement for halogen downlights
• Energy saving up to 70% compared with 35W halogen lamps
• Wide operating ambient temperature range: -20°to 40°C
• 3 different colour temperatures: 3000K, 4000K & 5000K
• Best in class colour consistency: SDCM <5. Superior quality LED chips • Colour rendering > 80
• 100°beam angle for uniform illumination
• No UV or IR
• Robust and durable construction with aluminium heat sink and insert moulded PBT for optimal heat dissipation
• High light output up to 900 lumens
• Lifetime up to 30,000 hours (L70/B50)
• Mercury-free and RoHS compliant
• Type of protection: IP20
• High power factor: PF >0.9
• Dimmable with leading and trailing edge
dimmers (see page 9 for dimmer compatibility)

LEDVANCE® Spotlight LED is an orientable low-profile, recessed-mounted LED spotlight for general illumination. The spotlight creates a natural lighting effect for use in general lighting applications. The special duo-optic design replicates the halogen spot effect and increases Center Beam Candela Power, which makes it a perfect replacement for traditional spotlights with reflector halogen lamps. Die-cast aluminum housing and heat sink with external driver guarantees reliable performance even under high power operation. Choices of different wattages and beam angles give much freedom to professional users. The standard cut-out and long lifetime makes it an easy to use energy-saving replacement for traditional halogen spotlights up to 50W.

Product Features & Benefits
• Available in 2W, 3W, 5W, 8W, 10W
• Available in 10°, 14°, 24°, 36° beam angles
• High power COB delivers high lumen packages in a compact fixture housing
• Duo-optic design best replicates the halogen spot effect
• High grade aluminum housing and front ring ensure reliable operation
• External driver design reduces overall product height to fit in tight ceiling spaces
• Standard 3000K CCT
• High CRI >80
• Long 30,000hr lifetime reduces maintenance costs
• IP safe high efficient COB ensure system liability and legal risks free
• Pre-wired with mains cable
• Safety Compliance Certificates – CCC & CB

Application Areas:
• Jewelry display in shop
• Offices
• Residential
• Hospitality & retail shops
• Wall washing corridors

LED downlights that are specifically designed to operate in the enclosed space of a KLIKsystems profile, ensuring the long life of LEDs is optimised.

The highly efficient KLIKLED downlight range has a vast array optical and reflector systems giving the specifier unlimited design options. The range offers a number of different lumen packages between 300-4000lm in a series of 4 different downlight sizes, which have been developed to replace both Halogen and Metal Halide sources.

State of the art Solid State technology has been integrated into the downlight utilizing high binned LEDs (refer to page 8) which are attached to a thermally efficient heat sink.

The range is available in colour temperatures ranging from 3000, 4000 & 5000K as well as RGB and can be controlled by either DALI, DSI, 1-10V or DMX.


For use in residential, commercial, and hospitality interiors, the Star X is a high performance, low voltage halogen downlight from Pierlite. With a compact die-cast aluminium body available in a selection of finishes, the Star X is energy efficient and fully adjustable.

The 35W downlight features a 60 degree lamp and dimmable transformer, and is installed with a secure twist-lock lamp retaining assembly. Supplied with a standard heat cover and halogen lamp, the Star X is compatible with both hard wired and flex and plug installation.

The Whisky and Gin Pendant lights – Using classically beautiful shapes and cut patterns, the lead crystal adds a new and dazzling elegance to this range of lighting.

LED technology is now safe for light wet areas and applications thanks to Tec-LED‘s Hippos 13W LED down-light. Rated IP54, this down-light was designed to operate perfectly in bathrooms, patios and kitchen wet areas. Accidents happen, hence the Hippos LED protects against dust and water spray from all directions, minimising short circuiting from occurring and inconvenient lighting replacement costs. This LED down-light unit is complete with driver and frosted bulb cover to protect from light liquid residue.  


LED kitchen lighting safe  +  LED bathroom lighting safe  +  Indoor wet areas  +  Sharp LED chip  +  High ingress protection rating IP54  +  Protected against dust and water spray from all directions  +  Beam angle 60° +  CRI RA>80  +  Voltage AC 200-240V  


White cover LED down-light kit includes: 1 x down-light + Frosted bulb cover  +  Trailing edge dimmable driver  +  Flex and plug

LED wattage: 13W 

Dimensions: 110mm (D) x 100.6mm (l)

Cut out dimensions: 90 – 100mm 

Colour temp/lumens (specific to model): 2700K/666  +  3000K/691 +  5000K/702

This LED downlight kit, available in 620, 710, 850, and 950 lumen, is ideal for any space. Dimmable, with an 80 degree beam spread, and providing either cool or warm white light, it illuminates your space the way you want it. Weatherproof, and coming complete with a driver and flex and plug, this kit is the one stop solution for perfect light.

The ultimate project downlight to replace 50W MR16 systems, Luxor produces from 700 system lumens by using precision optics and a high output COB LED. This dimmable and gimbal downlight has the ability to fit both 70mm and 90mm cut-outs making it ideal for retrofit applications. One of the best value for money options on the market, Luxor is the perfect high volume LED light fitting for all your multi residential applications. Manufactured from high grade aluminium in either a white or brushed nickel finish, Luxor is available in either (3000K) warm white or (4200K) cool white.

For high lumen dimmable and adjustable LED Downlight kit, you can’t go past Brilliant Ligting‘s ILLUMINA. IP44 Weatherproof rated as standard, these dimmable downlights come with a 40 degree light beam spreading warm white light to the indoor downlight arrangement of your choice. Comes complete with driver and flex & plug.

In future, lighting concepts will be primarily judged according to their energy efficiency and performance as well as their modern design and ease of installation. The LEDVANCE™ DOWNLIGHT series of recessed LED luminaires with over 50 lm/W optimally fulfill these requirements. Thanks to their high efficiency, low energy consumption, extremely long lifespan and excellent photometric properties, they are ideally suited for sophisticated and economical general lighting solutions. Available in warm (3000K) or cool white (4000K).

Applications include: Sales areas, shop windows, offices and corridors, Illumination of objects in museums, exhibitions and galleries, Elegant lighting in reception rooms, lobbies and hotel rooms, Effective lighting in bathrooms, kitchens and living areas.

LEDvance Downlight S

  • ·         Very compact luminaire can be integrated in shelving and cupboards
  • ·         Can be used as replacement for 20W low-voltage halogen applications with up to 70% energy savings
  • ·         Long life of 20,000 hours
  • ·         Wide 80° beam angle
  • ·         Integrated power supply for simple connection to 240V AC supply


LEDvance Downlight M

  • ·         Replacement for  50W MR16 halogen dichroic downlight with up to 70% energy savings
  • ·         Extra long life of 50,000 hours
  • ·         Suitable for damp applications such as bathrooms thanks to IP44 rating
  • ·         Small ceiling cutout of 68 mm
  • ·         Head of luminaire can be tilted up to 40°
  • ·         Beam angles of 12° and 36°
  • ·         External control gear included


LEDvance Downlight L and XL

  • ·         CFL downlight replacement
  • ·         Extra long life of 50,000 hours
  • ·         Low installation depth of 93 mm (L) or 150 mm (XL) for all standard suspended ceilings
  • ·         Subtle design with opaque diffuser with low glare output
  • ·         High light output of 1,000 lm (L) or 1,600 lm (XL)
  • ·         Beam angles of 60° or 100°
  • ·         Integrated power supply for simple connection to 240V AC supply

A NEW benchmark in LED Downlight Kits: The OSRAM LED LUXPOINT™ MINI kit is a true substitute for 50W halogen downlights.

The recessed downlights utilise 7 high power LEDs to achieve high levels of efficiency and extra long life of 30,000 hours. Combined with its clean, matt white finish, ease of installation and directional design, the LUXPOINT™ MINI range is perfect for orientation and accent lighting in hotels, corridors, meeting rooms, restaurants & shops as well as home lighting.

The OSRAM LUXPOINT™ MINI gives you 70% energy savings compared with standard 50W halogen MR16 downlights. Available in 3000K warm white, 4000K cool white and either 30°or 60° beam spreads, the OSRAM LUXPOINT™ MINI is the perfect choice for commercial and domestic applications. The kit comes complete with matt white gimble and power supply with pre-wired flex and plug for easy hassle free installation.



The OSRAM COINlight Advanced is a high power LED downlight designed to fit into standard MR16 housings. The COINlight Advanced is powered by 3 Golden Dragon Plus LEDs to give the light output of a 20W halogen MR16 lamp. With integrated primary heat sink for extra long life of 50,000 hours, the COINlight Advanced is the ideal choice for orientation and accent lighting.

• Up to 66% energy savings compared to a 20W halogen MR16 downlight
• Ling life of 50,000 hours means hassle-free no lamp replacement
• Easy to integrate into standard MR16 downlight fixtures
• 36° wide flood beam angle for spot lighting or general illumination
• Dimmable by pulse width modulation (PWM)

• Ideal for use in recessed ceiling downlights for shops, elevators, museums & offices
• Perfect for orientation and accent lighting in hotels and apartments

The OSRAM LED COINlight® Power module utilizes 7 high power LEDs to achieve high levels of efficiency and extra long life of 30,000 hours. By offering 30º and 60º beam angles, the COINlight® Power fulfills most requirements for wide flood and very wide flood downlighting applications. Ideal for ceiling downlighting, high power spot lighting and other general lighting applications in hotels, corridors, meeting rooms, restaurant & shops as well as home lighting.

• 70% energy saving compared with standard 50W halogen dichroic MR16 lamps
• Extra long life time up to 30,000hrs. No frequent lamp replacement
• Available in warm white (3000K) and cool white (4000K)
• Available in 30º & 60º beam angles
• Same diameter as dichroic MR16 lamp (51mm)
• Intelligent thermal design for longer life
• Optimally compatible with OPTOTRONIC® 700 mA power supplies

• Downlighting – 60º wide flood beam angle version is ideal for generalillumination. Suitable for Hotels, Apartments, Office & Shoplighting
• Spot Lighting – 30º spot beam angle version is ideal for accent lighting.
Suitable for Museums, Hotels, Apartments & Shoplighting

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