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Manufactures, suppliers and distributors of laundry equipment, appliances and fitout including washers, top loading washing machines, front loading washing machines, dryers, clothes lines, laundry tubs and sinks, laundry storage and shelving, cabinetry, irons, ironing boards, clothes press equipment, laundry hardware and accessories for residential and commercial laundry applications

The Siemens iQ 800 Master Class washing machine and dryer are designed to work hand-in-hand to guarantee that clothes are perfectly cleaned in the most energy efficient manner. The iQ 800 washing machine incorporates intelligent i-Dos features where detergent is self measured and dispensed for easy-use and optimal performance whilst the iQ 800 heat pump dryer exhibits low energy consumption.

The range of Bosch tumble dryers brings the latest in drying technologies to compact and durable domestic appliance units. Each model incorporates Bosch Sensitive Drying System, which ensures gentle, even clothes drying, and AutoDry capacities, as well as flexibility in program options. Large LED display, wide-opening door and easy-access filter make Bosch dryers optimally functional. A range of sizes are available, with smaller units capable of accommodating 6.5kg, and larger units 8kg, to suit a range of needs and budgets. 

Bosch provides a unique solution to laundry needs in the industry-leading washer dryer domestic appliance. The model is resource efficient, with 4.5 Star Water and 3 Star Energy Ratings, and includes features touch control buttons, Anti Condensation Technology, and a variety of wash cycle programs. Capacity is 7kg for washing and 4kg for drying, ensuring all laundry needs are met in a compact, efficient unit. 

Bosch’s resource-conscious front loader washing machines are the ideal combination of durability, washing efficiency and intelligent design. Engineered to provide complete flexibility in program use, the range features selectable cycle options and vigorous or gentle wash cycles, while precision construction ensures quiet operation high-performance in the long term. Each model guarantees safety with childlocks and anti-flood technology, while the range of capacities and styles makes the range suitable for any budget. 

Simpson is an industry-respected manufacturer of quality vented dryers. With a number of models from which to select, in 4kg, 5kg, and 6kg capacities, Simpson dryers are capable of meeting the requirements of any domestic laundry. Features of all models include a stainless steel drum, functional loading door, and directional front vent grill, which along with the precise galvanised steel construction ensure ease of use in combination with durability in the long term. 

Durable construction, design, and resource efficiency combine in Simpson’s range of superior front loader washing machines. Each model is engineered for optimal water and energy use, and incorporates intelligent design such as large drum opening doors for optimal function. Features include a range of wash cycle options, auto water level sensing, and easily accessible in-drum drain filter. Choice from 5.5kg, 7kg and 8kg capacity models mean a Simpson front loader washing machines is appropriate for any budget. 

Simpson manufactures a wide selection of superior construction top loader washing machines in a variety of capacities to suit any residential household. All models are built to be long-lasting and high-performing throughout everyday use, and incorporate innovative and intelligent design features, including a range of different wash cycles, time remaining display, soft closing lid, and easy to use control panel. Capacities range from 5-5kg compact models to family-size 9.5kg units to accommodate a range of laundries and budgets. 

Beko brings the latest global technology to Australian domestic laundries in its highly convenient washer dryer laundry appliance. The unit features Aquawave technology for premium gentle wash performance, automatic sensor Wash & Wear programming function, and Direct Air Technology for optimal drying performance. With a 8kg washing, and 5kg drying capacity, the unit is the ultimate solution to home laundry needs. 

Beko is a leading manufacturer of optimal-efficiency, intelligent design front loader washing machines. Each model features durable stainless steel drum construction, an extensive array of needs-specific wash cycles, Aquawave gentle washing technology, and Autoprogram water efficiency function. Select models also include Xpress Super Short wash option, Steamtherapy cycle, and extra large door for linen washing convenience. Then range is available in capacities from 6.5kg to 10kg to suit any domestic laundry or budget. 

Beko manufactures an impressive range of premium-quality tumble dryers. Each model features durable stainless-steel drum construction, sensor control, and intelligent reverse drum drying action. Select models also incorporate Express drying cycle, Jeans program for thicker fabrics, and Dry & Save (Heatpump) Technology. Dryers include Heatpump, Condensor, or Vented styles, and are available in a range of capacities from 6kg to 8kg, making a Beko tumble dryer appropriate for any domestic laundry. 

LG front loader washing machines promise resource-efficiency, reliability, and high performance in premium-construction units. Innovative features of the LG range include wide-opening, high-visibility doors, durable Direct Drive motors, Magic Rinse to prevent detergent residue, and TrueBalance anti-vibration system to reduce noise and ensure smooth operation. Select models also include Steam Cleaning functions, and 6Motion combined wash cycle technologies. With capacities ranging from 7kg to 10kg, LG offers a model suited to any laundry. 

LG’s front loader washing machines bring the latest developments in washing technologies to the home, ensuring effective washing performance and durability. Each unit features Turbo Drum dual-direction wash rotation, which provides unparalleled washing effectivity, iSensor technology, automatically adjusts the wash program according to detergent and water conditions, and ultra-efficient Direct Drive Motor. The range of capacities available, from 6.5kg to 10kg, allows the range to meet the requirements of any laundry space or budget. 

To complement their extensive range of laundering and finishing equipment, Richard Jay supplies various accessories that enhance the laundering process. Selections include lightweight stainless steel linen trolleys and coloured bags to store and transport dirty laundry, with all products sized to accommodate standard linen bags.

Also available is the Richard Jay garment labelling system, whose rapid turnover time, low cost per label, and non-fade printing make it the ideal tool for permanent garment identification.

An optional add-on to commercial washers supplied by Richard Jay, ReNew Ozone is an alternative laundry system for clients concerned by the financial and economic costs of laundering.

ReNew Ozone is compatible with Primus laundry machinery and effective in a broad range of contexts including aged care facilities, government applications, and correctional facilities. The technology is also suitable for use in commercial and self service laundries, where overuse of washing powder and soap is of concern. ReNew Ozone works by minimising the amount of chemicals used in the typical washing process, improving cost and resource efficiency without compromise in performance.

Developed as part of Richard Jay’s alternative laundry systems range, the EcoClean Garment Care System is the cost and energy efficient way to ensure the most thorough disinfection of laundry.

Combining products from Primus and Ghidini with specially formulated spotting agents and solutions, the EcoClean wet cleaning system assures the quality cleansing and finishing of dry cleanable garments, household soft furnishings, and leather and suede.

A valuable extension to existing laundry services, the innovative technology is available for installation in both existing and newly established laundering facilities at a comparatively low capital investment and running cost. 

Combining sleek modern design with the latest in high performance technology, Richard Jay supplies Primus Ironers for all commercial ironing needs. Irons are available with rollers between 250 and 500mm in diameter and at lengths varying from as compact as 1000mm to wide as 3200mm. All Primus roller irons feature unlimited variable temperature control, finger protection, and an emergency stop button.

The Primus range is supplemented by finishing equipment from Ghidini, whose products include vapor boxes, cold spotting tables, a high power pneumatic press.

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