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Manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of commercial refrigerators including freezers, blast chillers, walk-in coolers and ice cube makers

A fully integrated, built-in modular family: refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezer combinations and wine storage units that can be partnered in a multitude of ways, their design creates an impressive display.

The stainless steel or aluminium door opens to reveal a stainless steel panelled within, illuminated by LED light pillars as well as ceiling spot lights. Hand fitted door racks of solid aluminium add to the exceptionally hygienic interior.

The height of the motorised shelf can be adjusted at the touch of a button, even when fully laden. Frost-free and exceptionally quiet, the appliances offer four widths of exceptional food preservation.

Cooling precision is assured with evenly distributed temperatures, while a variety of climate zones can also be individually adjusted. Ideal storage conditions are also met inside the cooling drawer, preserving your meat and fish for longer, thanks to temperatures close to, or even at, 0 °C.

ActiveCore is SKOPE’s new ultra-high efficiency range of 1 and 2 door, top and bottom mount glass door chillers. These cabinets combines SKOPE’s revolutionary new ActiveCore technology with unrivalled LED product lighting and a modern frameless door aesthetic to optimize product merchandising.

SKOPE’s revolutionary new ActiveCore technology provides significant energy savings, with the 2 door top mount version using 55% less energy than the previous model. Along with improved cooling performance and significant advances in energy efficiency, ActiveCore cabinets also offer a super quiet operation, low-condensation glass, a new patented easy to install adjustable shelf clip design, lockable doors and a future proofed system. Developed in the largest innovation center of its kind in Australasia, the ActiveCore reinforces SKOPE’s innovation leadership position in this industry. The specialised, yet simplistic, design of the ActiveCore makes it particularly easy to service, minimizing downtime which  further reduces costs to a business. Each and every component of the ActiveCore unit has been developed with efficiency and the future in mind, with a quicker rate of return leading to considerable financial savings over the life of the cabinet.

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The French Door Refridgerator from Bosch is perfect to facilitate any modern lifestyle with a contemporary aesthetic and innovative features. The refridgerator highly considers ergonomics in its design with telescopic drawer rails and non-spill safety glass shelves. FrostFree technology is also incorporated for continual airflow within the fridge for even temperature distribution and frost prevention.

The Pro-48 is the king of all food preservation units. Stainless steel inside and out, dual refrigeration, spill-proof cantilevered glass shelves and an ice-maker are just some of the features that come with the monster machine. The Pro-48 is available in a solid or glass door design and is the perfect product to bring industrial power back home.

MultyFlex supplies a range of built-in refrigeration options including all freezer, all refrigerator, side-by-side and over-under designs. Refrigeration systems feature advanced air purification with the use of NASA technology to refresh and cleanse the contents while freezer units include microprocessors to maintain a consistent temperature within one degree of its thermostat setting.

A fresh approach to refrigeration, Sub-Zero Introduces a new range of integrated refrigeration. Now in three widths, with a total of 10 new models there are limitless ways to incorporate Sub-Zero refrigeration into the design of any room.  And with the new design comes advanced performance – the most advanced food preservation features of any brand, including dual refrigeration and air purification system developed by NASA.

Jono Refrigeration provides the ultimate in freezing solutions with a selection of upright, chest, and under counter freezers designed specifically for the modern commercial kitchen. Available in capacities from 200L to 1500L, and with options including stainless steel finish and glass door construction, Jono Refrigeration freezers are capable of meeting the needs of any catering operation. 

Jono Refrigeration offers a premium selection of refrigeration units for sale or higher to meet the needs of any commercial catering operation. Quality construction and expert installation allows Jono Refrigeration to provide high performance cooling under tough hospitality conditions. Units including bar, upright, and under counter fridges are available in a range of capacities and one, two and three door models. Features include high efficiency insulation, self-closing doors, and adjustable shelving. 

Customisable to suit the requirements of each individual kitchen, the MasterCool range of built-in refrigerators and freezers are the ultimate in home refrigeration technology.

With fully adjustable humidity-controlled drawers, a fan-distributed dynamic cooling system, and height adjustable frost free interior, fridge-freezers in the MasterCool product family are versatile and efficient. Halogen emitters ensure even illumination, while a customisable exterior allows the unit to complement kitchens of any style. 

Bannyan stocks a complete range of high quality refrigerated storage appropriate to any budget and hospitality operation. Featuring stainless steel construction and high-density energy efficient insulation, the range ensures optimal performance and durability in the long term. Additional features are available in moveable roller models and combination storage/ice maker designs. 

Bannyan Refrigeration provides exceptional service in coolroom installation, with expert knowledge of refrigeration system design and products. Bannyan installs only the highest quality system products, selecting from leading Australian and International climate control technologies, to provide systems suitable for a wide range of hospitality contexts, including supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and wholesalers. 

An essential part of any commercial kitchen, Williams Refrigeration preparation counters perform to the highest standard under tough hospitality conditions. Available in one, two and three door models, features include energy saving CoolSmart temperature control, polyurethane insulation for premium thermal efficiency, self-closing doors and removable shelves for ease of use. 

Williams Refrigeration manufactures premium quality blast chillers and freezers to meet the needs of any hospitality operation. Ranging in capacity from 10kg to 320kg, each unit features advanced ‘AirSmart’ airflow design to rapidly and efficiently reduce the temperatures of hot foods. 

Williams Refrigeration offers the ultimate selection of one, two and three door upright refrigeration units, in a range of temperatures suitable for chilling, freezing and heated storage. Manufactured to premium standard and featuring the latest in cooling technology, the upright models can be altered to fit any space. Features and available options include energy saving cool smart controller, self closing lockable doors, and easy to clean removable shelving. 

Highly functional and visually striking, Williams Refrigeration’s coolers are ideally suited to sleek modern kitchens. Available in one, two three and four door models, boasting accurate tempurature control, self closing doors, and stainless steel construction, Williams Refrigeration efficient design withstands heavy duty use and is effective in 43 degree ambient temperatures. 

Combining sleek design with function and efficiency, Williams front of house products offer high-tech solutions to refrigeration and display needs. The range of food and beverage displays and counters are fully customisable, and boast ultra clear glass, LED lighting and variable cooling system. 

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