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Manufacturers and distributors of freestanding, built in, handicapped, and high back bath tubs, Jacuzzis, soaker tubs and spas in porcelain, acrylic, polymarble, fibreglass, or steel with a porcelain enamel finish, for residential and commercial use.

Complementing Victoria + Albert’s range of contemporary hand basins, the Modern Collection of baths features a range of designer bathtubs to enhance any bathroom. Made from Victoria + Albert’s exclusive high performance QUARRYCAST composite, the bathtubs are as functional and durable as they are sleek and stylish.

Ergonomically contoured and with a 176L capacity, the Cabrits bath (pictured) is a low profile vessel of generous dimensions, catering for bathers of all sizes. 

Fabricated from Victoria + Albert’s signature QUARRYCAST blend of volcanic limestone and resins, the Traditional Collection of baths combines classic design with the latest materials.

With a generous 228L capacity and 600mm depth, the Hampshire tub (pictured) is a reproduction of the timeless Edwardian bath, complete with a roll top and ergonomic angle for maximum reclining comfort. 

With a passion for injecting flair in their bathrooom designs, Teuco’s Limited Edition Accademia POP Bathtub, is the perfect portrayal of marriage between fashion and design. The collector’s item, meticulously designed by Carlo Colombo, is the result of a vibrant tale of wefts and chromatic interplay.

The POP Bathtub is a unique piece; with the principal trump card being it’s mix between classicism and post- modernism. Teuco have created a genuine work of art through their craftsmanship synthesising design and technology.

In producing this bathtub (180x80x59 cm WxDxH), Teuco has exploited to the maximum the versatility and expressive potential of Duralight®, fashioning it into an icon of the latest trend. Patented material Duralight® which is produced and processed exclusively by Teuco, is 100% pliable. The finish is also resistant to external agents, which allows for surfaces to be instantly restored to mint condition and maintain its pristine finish.

The Accademia Pop Bathtub won the Reddot – Best of the Best 2014 awarded to the best products in every category, which excel for the most innovative and revolutionary design among all those awarded the Red Dot.

For application in combined shower and bath scenarios, Vizzini offers a selection of over bath shower screens. The fully Australian standard compliant screens are fabricated from durable 6mm glass and require little maintenance.

Over bath shower screens are single glass panels that eliminate the need for a shower curtain or similar shielding device, whilst adding contemporary elegance to any bathroom.

For conventional bathtubs or retrofit applications, Vizzini supplies a selection of standard baths. Fabricated from high gloss, sanitary grade acrylic, the baths conform with standard bathtub sizes, and are supplied with a centred or offset waste hole.

Reflecting the contemporary design aesthetic of Vizzini’s product range, standard baths feature slightly contoured walls and narrow rims to maximise internal bathing areas.

For the ultimate in home bathroom luxury, Vizzini offers a wide range of locally manufactured, customisable spa baths. Spa baths are available in round, square, rectangular, or triangular basins, and use hot pumps to ensure maximum heating periods.

All Vizzini spa baths are equipped with a non-slip base and factory standard number of jets, with users able to customise the quantity, placement, and finish of these. The Australian-made baths are supplied with a separate warranty for both the bath shell and pumps, and are available in numerous dimensions for various occupancy demands.

Sleek, sanitary, and highly contemporary, Vizzini’s range of stone, acrylic, and resin freestanding baths brings modern design into any home. The broad selection of bath basins encompasses numerous styles, with classic rectangular or claw-foot basins available alongside bold ‘egg’ or hybrid variations.

All Vizzini freestanding baths are manufactured from sanitary grade materials and are available in various dimensions. Each bath is supplied with a 15 year warranty.

Made from a waterproof, multi-layer teak frame, the Woodline bathtub is a unique feature addition to any bathroom. With a 300L capacity and available in a single width of 70cm or double width of 120cm, the Woodline has enjoyed a production history of nearly 15 years.

Featuring an ergonomically curved base, the tub is available in a natural oak, brown, or dark teak frame finish. 

Perfect for smaller bathrooms and budgets, the Solar Stone bathtub is a compact basin that complements both classic and contemporary bathroom interiors.

With a unique spoon-like shape, the composite stone basin features a centre drain hole and 1600mm length, alongside an ergonomically inclined side for maximum reclining comfort. Hand finished in Apaiser’s dedicated production facilities, the Solar Bath is available in a selection of subtle contemporary colours, and complements bathware accessories in the Apaiser range.  

Made from an innovative blend of natural minerals and pure polyester resin, the Tondo and Tondo Floral freestanding baths are an exceptional combination of contemporary design and high functionality. 

Cast in a single mould, the solid, non-porous bath tub is easy to maintain, and resistant to bacteria and stains. The 375L Tondo Bath is supplied complete with a plug and waste, alongside a 10 year parts and services warranty. 

The new Kelly Book by Mastella Italy combines a luxurious bath with a functional built-in bookcase and shelving unit. The bookcase is available in wood and lacquer finishes. Beautiful and Modern.  Exclusive to Abey Australia.

Italian design house Gessi is a pinnacle of style and sophistication, with the release of the iSpa Collection.

Italian sculptor and world renowned designer Prospero Rasulo has again collaborated with Gessi, producing a stunning range motivated by the idea of extreme customisation of the modern bathroom.

As the name suggests, the iSpa bathroom collection is characterised by a human centric design approach. The ‘i” represents the personality of the owner and “Spa” represents the complete relaxation and body treatment aided by innovation and technology.

Redefine your bathing experience with the Mastella Vov Bath. Luxurious and sophisticated, this bath is crafted from a single block of K-Plan (a composite of resins and materials derived from aluminium). Dense and non-porous, the bath is a pleasure to touch. Natural and nurturing, the Vov Bath has a beautifully smooth finish.

Southcape offers innovation and simplicity with the creation of the Hydra Waterfall Bath Spout, a unique and modern addition to designer bathrooms. The curved shape attracts attention with its unique appearance and elegant lines. Handcrafted from quality brass and made in Australia, the design ensures the highest quality with low maintenance. The Hydra Waterfall Bath Spout adds an unconventional and stylish touch to bathrooms.


Innovative Design  +  Unique  +  High Quality  +  Australian Made  +  Australian Design  +  Stylish  +  Low Maintainance  +  Curved Shape  +  Chrome Finish  + Durable


Available in Hydra Large Wall Spout 1400, Hydra Mini Wall Spout 1403, Hydra Plus Wall Spout 1402, Hydra Standard Wall Spout 1401 – see website for details.

Southcape’s Glacier Waterfall range offer an alternative to bath taps with their Australian made luxury bath fillers. This unique bathroom product is No. 1 in the market and provides instant ambiance through a smooth platform spout where water cascades from a sharp frontier. Four designs are available and compliment any modern bathroom dècor. The slimline wall spout design is best suited to compact sized bathrooms while still providing elegance. These upmarket products are made from quality brass and chrome plated to a very high quality standard, offering impressive bathroom style with water efficient functionality suitable for luxury bathrooms in hotels and resorts. 


No. 1 Unique Bath Filler  +  Sharp cascade  +  Smooth Modern Design  +  Chrome Finish  +  Luxury Bath Experience  + Australian Made  +  High Quality Production  +  Water Efficient  


Standard Wall Spout  +  Large Wall Spout  +  Slimline Wall Spout  +  Hob Spout 

4 Unique Designs  +  Quality Brass and Chrome Plated  +  Custom made sizes available on request

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The Concord Waterfall is an Australian-made bath filler from Southcape Tapware’s Waterfall collection. This unique minimalist design bathroom product is No. 1 in the market and showcases smooth linear design echoing the distinctive lines of the iconic aircraft. An appealing cascade of water exits through a bent spout which is available in standard, large or hob styles. Made from quality brass and chrome plated to a very high quality standard, this bath filler provides both upmarket bathroom style with water efficient functionality that is perfect for luxury bathrooms in hotels and resorts. 


No. 1 Unique Bath Filler  +  Smooth angled cascade  +  Modern Design  +  Chrome Finish  +  Luxury Bath Experience  + Australian Made  +  High Quality Production  +  Water Efficient  


Standard Wall Spout  +  Large Wall Spout  +  Hob Spout  +  A Special Base is Available  + Quality Brass and Chrome Plated  

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