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Methven continues to set new standards in manufacturing, using lead-free Eco Brass® in our latest collections. This revolutionary high quality, high strength material is lead and heavy metal free*, therefore helps to preserve water quality for both consumption and bathing.

EcoBrass® has a greater corrosion resistance than traditional brass, creating a product that helps to protect the user from any additional heavy metals entering their water supply, especially lead. This material goes beyond current Australian compliance requirements and truly sets new standards in tapware. The increased durability and quality of EcoBrass® is paired with quality ceramic cartridges which further ensures strength and longevity.

Our Aio, Surface and Turoa tapware collections are all crafted from lead-free materials to ensure minimal exposure to toxicity.

A variety of depths, door styles and installation heights make the Counterline Series the perfect solution for restaurants, commercial kitchens and foodservice areas with non-Gastronorm chiller requirements.

Designed for busy bars and hospitality venues. Keep your customers happy with cool, clean glasses.

  • Quickly chill glasses, straight from the dishwasher
  • Self-closing door for hands-free, hassle-free use
  • Easy to use digital controller
  • Save energy at night with added insulation
  • Best suited to: Restaurants / Cafes, Clubs / Pubs / Bars, Hospitality / Venues, Accommodation

Innovative, Reliable & Simple to Maintain

Our modular and self-contained Ice Makers offer superior energy efficient solutions that respond to the needs of the demanding food service, grocery and hospitality industries.

The self-contained ALFA model is designed to fit under standard commercial benchtops so are ideal for small spaces. These models are compact, taking up less floor and wall space for a more efficient work flow in the kitchen.

Our GALA and SPIKA ranges of modular Ice Makers are built to keep face with the the most demanding situations. They’re ideal for warm climates and busy establishments that need large quantities of ice.

Turoa, Methven’s latest collection, includes showers, tapware and matching accessories to complete any bathroom. Inspired by familiar forms and materials, Turoa’s VJet shower features a modern minimalist aesthetic where technology and visual form complement each other.

Turoa’s cleverly hidden channels create spirals of water that flow through the nozzles across the entire shower head. Its smooth handset slider allows you to activate a seamless spray transition – personalized by you- from a firm, invigorating shower spray, to a gentle, enveloping warmth and everything in between. Whether you’re in need of revitalization, relaxation or simply getting clean, VJet® is the first shower uniquely tailored by you.

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, which is both stylish and durable, the Turoa showers are designed to last. Methven’s selected long-lasting stainless steel because I can be re-purposed, allowing for future reuse and reconditioning. Another considered step towards sustainability and our pursuit for a circular economy.

These qualities combined add up to a champion; and as such, this shower is the winner of both the Australian Good Design Best in Class and The Red Dot Product Design Award 2018 – reaffirming Methven’s global leadership in shower design and technology.

The next generation of showering has arrived.

Introducing Aurajet- Methven’s most advanced, most invigorating shower experience ever, that turns conventional showering on its head.

Invisible nozzles generate individual jets of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces hidden within the contours of the unique halo-shaped showerhead. The result is a stunning fan of luxuriously dense droplets that delivers a highly efficient shower with 20% more spray force and twice the amount of water contact on your skin than a conventional shower*, generating enveloping warmth.

Winning over 25 local and international design awards, including the Red Dot Best of the Best award in 2017, Aurajet® technology is available in two unique designs- halo designed Aio, or in the soft-square shaped Rua. Committed to saving water, Methven’s breakthrough spay technology uses as little as nine litres per minute, eliminating the need to compromise saving water for a luxurious shower experience.

Products in this collection include:

  • Twin Shower System
  • Overhead Shower
  • Rail Shower
  • Hand Shower
  • Wall Shower

*compared to a conventional shower

The Escape MKII collection by Methven is a solid architectural and sustainable design that’s as practical as it is beautiful. This ranges organic curves meshed with crisp edges mix classical form with modern design accents, creating a timeless look that’s a statement piece in any bathroom.

Constructed with clean lines and a strong, dynamic form, this collection also features Methven’s renowned Satinjet® technology, offering a full-bodied spray for all-over warmth and maximum body contact. Satinjet® technology’s colliding twin jets produce over 300,000 droplets of water per second to deliver voluminous shower coverage, resulting in an immersive, full-body experience. A unique function of the showers within this range is the added Satinjet® massage function, offering a more powerful spray with a touch of opulence.

Products in this collection include:

  • Twin Shower System
  • Overhead Shower
  • Rail Shower
  • Hand Shower
  • Wall Shower

Vario 400 series

Create a cohesive work surface by combining modular cooktops and ventilation appliances controlled by the illuminated stainless steel knobs mounted on the vertical surface of the kitchen furniture. This series fits together perfectly and extends almost infinitely. Uniquely, grill, Teppan Yaki, steamer, downdraft ventilation and deep fryer can sit together as one cohesive workspace with induction or gas cooktops that can range from 38 cm to 60 cm.

400 series

These appliances are all about providing maximum creative space for the private chef. This full surface induction cooktop is 80 cm of unlimited creative space, enabling impulsive placement of your pans. The entire area is your cooking zone – wherever you position the pan that is where it will cook.

Move the pan to make room for others and it remembers the setting and reapplies it to wherever you set the pan back down. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our individual cooktops deliver perfection.

Liberal with space, powerful and quick, this series of dishwashers is also smart, offering a multitude of washing options, backlighting lighting and flexible basket systems. Zeolite technology enhances drying and decreases the energy consumption.

The control panel with TFT display details the eight wash programmes with five options. Some are guided by internal sensors and can be combined to operate on Power or Intensive, yet be sensitive with delicate items. This series is skilful, after all, it can even project the remaining time of the programme into the floor.

The ground-breaking backlighting concept of the 400 series sets it further apart from the normal. The innovative backlighting softly illuminates the cleaned contents, highlighting the sparkle of the dishes and presents your tableware in a new light.

Zeolite technology helps all our dishwashers within the series achieve their speed and efficiency. An eco-friendly mineral that absorbs moisture as it releases heat, Zeolite helps wash and dry a full load in under an hour and protects delicate glassware by drying them at a lower, gentler temperature.

A gentle nudge opens the handleless door with the push-to-open system, while smooth running rails and soft-close all work together to provide a seamless user experience. Designed to cushion your crystal stems and porcelain whilst deceiving you into thinking you are doing something far more special thanmerely loading the dishwasher. With a multitude of wash options, flexible basket systems, a cleaver long stemmed glass holder and a Gastronorn insert, great care has gone into every folding spine and adjustable rack.

The flush-mounted installation ensures this series blends neatly with all Gaggenau appliances and is a discreet, discerning addition to your kitchen.

A wide array of coffees and hot milk drinks can be easily created, with the ability to save up to eight of your personalised configurations to memory. Our empty grinding function means you can switch between different bean types without them mixing together.

Whether you are preparing two beverages at a time or just one, making your perfect coffee is almost effortless. You can prepare every variation of espresso and milk-based drinks, as well as the classic cup of coffee, warm milk and hot water for other beverages, including tea, while saving up to eight of your personalised configurations to memory.

Meanwhile, the fixed water connection guarantees a constant supply of water, which means refilling water tanks is no longer necessary. Also, the cleaning programme can run uninterrupted as you do not need to empty the water tray. If you prefer to have a tank, the water level is monitored automatically, alongside that of the milk and coffee bean dispensers.

Bean and milk levels are monitored and a warning appears if you do not have enough of either, so you’ll never be interrupted when preparing a beverage.

A fully integrated, built-in modular family: refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezer combinations and wine storage units that can be partnered in a multitude of ways, their design creates an impressive display.

The stainless steel or aluminium door opens to reveal a stainless steel panelled within, illuminated by LED light pillars as well as ceiling spot lights. Hand fitted door racks of solid aluminium add to the exceptionally hygienic interior.

The height of the motorised shelf can be adjusted at the touch of a button, even when fully laden. Frost-free and exceptionally quiet, the appliances offer four widths of exceptional food preservation.

Cooling precision is assured with evenly distributed temperatures, while a variety of climate zones can also be individually adjusted. Ideal storage conditions are also met inside the cooling drawer, preserving your meat and fish for longer, thanks to temperatures close to, or even at, 0 °C.

An aspiration of the private chef, and the professional chef at home, the EB oven has been a Gaggenau icon for over 30 years.

This oven is a 90 cm testament to the Gaggenau difference, its heritage and traditional avant-garde. Wildly individual, distinctive and iconic, it is the heart of the kitchen. This is a predominantly hand-built oven, in a world of the machine made appliances. The touch of highly skilled hands upon high quality materials imbues this oven with something akin to soul. Add to this an imposing design and unfailing performance, and you have all the elements of a classic.

Agrob Buchtal’s high-quality ceramic tiles are designed for application in dry and wet barefoot areas and provide unlimited combinations for beautiful bathroom designs. With a great variety of formats and colours available, Agrob Buchtal tiles provide elegant bathroom solutions that become inviting showpieces within the home or commercial spaces.

Jasba and Agrob Buchtal tiles and mosaics give rise to new bathroom design concepts. No longer the neglected little room, thanks to our huge mosaic and tile range, bathrooms are now a show piece and private wellness area.

The Envy Pivot Shower leaves little to be desired. Designed for custom installation and flexibility, it can give a touch of sophistication to almost any shower space. Your showers will be nothing short of luxurious whether you opt for our ultra stylish frameless door or a partially or fully framed enclosure. Whatever your budget, install an Envy Pivot Shower and you can be sure its sleek good looks will be the envy of your friends.

Features & Benefits
-Fully framed & semi-frameless options
-An extensive range of configurations
-Narrow frame suits mounting over a bath or narrow hob
-High quality stainless steel components
-Powder coated & Anodised finishes
-90° and 135° Return Configurations
-Full height, dog leg and dog leg (with infill) return options
-Adjustable Corner Post (Fully Framed Showers) to angle return panels
-Sill-less option for selected showers (wheelchair access)
-Product commonality with the Envy Sliding Shower.

Product details


5 burner cooktop
1 x triple flame burner 3.5kW
1 x large rapid burner 3kW
2 x semi rapid burner 1.7kW
1 x small auxillary burner 1.0kW
Single piece stainless steel
Front control operation
Automatic underknob ignition
Black cast iron trivets
Matt finish burner caps
Set for natural gas

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