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Translucent yet incredibly Rigid! Clear-PEP Core Panels offer a unique combination of aesthetically pleasing effects and a geometry that offers a lightweight yet incredibly strong panel with compressive strength. Available for UV grades for outdoors and non-UV grades for indoors. Finishes include clear, colour or satin finish as well as customised finishes for projects. Applications are endless from architecture, furniture, noise reduction, decor, awnings, point of sale and lighting.


Clear-PEP® UV PC Colour

Clear-PEP® UV PC colour is a translucent and UV protected panel for design and building applications.

Clear PEP® UV Satin

Clear PEP® UV Satin is characterised by a unique light scattering geometry and subtle surface colours. The acrylic satin surfaces do not show any fingerprints or incidental scratches.

Clear PEP® UV PC Stage

Clear PEP® UV PC Stage is characterised by an anti slip surface, scratch resistance, translucent optic and high load bearing capacity. This material is easy to handle and exceptionally lightweight.

Clear-PEP® UV PC Transparent

Clear-PEP® UV PC Transparent and clear-PEP® PC Transparent are both aesthetically pleasing, high-tech composites which offers unique alternatives in many applications with uses in the architectural field, both indoors and outdoors.

Due to the unique geometry of the PEP core these panels are lightweight and yet provide an excellent combination of high rigidity, compressive strength and noise reduction qualities. Clear PEP® panels are environmentally friendly, inert and fully recyclable as well as energy efficient in production and handling. The surfaces includes UV grades as well as non UV grades.



Technology in the workplace moves at a rapid rate and is one of the costliest areas in which to make mistakes when fitting out new premises. This is because the real cost is not in the purchase or installation of equipment but in the actual use of the technologies in the years that follow.

A few minutes wasted during meetings soon adds up to many hours when multiplied by the number of people in attendance and by the number of other rooms in which the same experience will be repeated. In large organizations this entails millions of dollars each year, well in excess of the cost of the equipment or Installation.

For workspaces to become responsive to need, technology must be part of what makes it all work, from the latest in collaboration products to customized furniture with the technology built in. Ci can help you on all fronts.

These days it is possible to put a giant media screen on the side of a building while at the same time letting sufficient light into the building interior to provide an acceptable view of the outside World.

The best proof you can get is at Melbourne’s prestigious Emporium shopping centre where Ci enabled the Buchan group to fulfill their dream of providing a light filled food court inside the centre while advertising revenue was being generated on the outside. Diners can see clearly through a giant LED display that from the pavement below is filled with a colourful moving image.

With Emporium, Ci saved the building owner considerable money and provided a demonstrably better product at the same time. When it comes to light transparent media facades, no other company in Australia is as well equipped to help you.

Ci is Australia’s leading LED display resource, responsible for Australia’s best civic, university, stadium and shopping centre LED projects as well as it's most exciting LED screens for commercial buildings.

Ci is particularly interested in promoting screen use for artistic content, whether commissioned or data-driven, and like to work collaboratively with content providers on such projects. The world has some inspirational examples of such work and Ci wants Australia to join in on the action.

LED foyer screens can also be used for a variety of other uses including corporate video display through to live news and weather feeds or even advertising. Ci can equip you with whatever you need. This includes fully interactive LED walls on a giant scale with multiple independent zones, suspended LED signage whether fixed or flexible, or transparent window LED. No one offers you a greater choice of possibilities.

Ci is an unrivalled design resource for large format LED display. Among Ci’s notable achievements in the technology are Australia’s best stadium LED (MCG/Etihad), best light transparent media façade (Emporium) and Australia’s most impressive shopping centre LED screen examples, both indoor and outdoor (QIC, Stocklands, Vicinity). Ci’s specialty is business-critical permanent display.

Ci offers access to the best range of such product in the world, from the affordable to the state of the art, and is endorsed as a project partner for all leading brands.

To receive a copy of the Ci LED Booklet, email [email protected]

Interactivity offers engagement at a higher level. It puts people in control when searching for information, and allows them to discover items of interest on their own terms. This makes it a powerful means of communication.

So too is a very large screen. It can present images with high impact to command serious attention and deliver a far more immersive experience.

Ci have recently installed Australia’s first giant interactive LED wall at QUT and there is nothing else to match it in Australia. Operable via gesture or touch it provides independent zones within its giant display so that multiple users can interact with the wall simultaneously.

The technology involved was first developed for Sega world in Japan and is on the cutting edge of large-scale interactivity. Appropriate uses are corporate showcases, visitor centres, student centres, shopping plazas, hospitality and entertainment venues, museums, retailers and more.

Enquiries are welcome.




Digital signage can be far more than the simple display of screen content. More sophisticated system choices enable you to build your own media empire, to combine central management with local independence, and to successfully harness the creative capacity of an entire community rather than just a single end point and an overworked operator.

With the right control in place you can time messages for maximum impact, react to local stimuli such as camera analytics or the recognition of individuals through their smartphone. Ci offers a choice of content management options from the simplest to the most capable.

Wayfinding provides another challenge. The most successful wayfinding products recognize that most visitors already have the means in their pocket to navigate their way around. What’s missing is the information.

Included in Ci’s comprehensive digital signage and wayfinding offering is indoor mapping from MazeMap and iGirouette animated signposts.

Known as iGirouette, these animated signposts are what are deployed in Europe’s leading Smart Cities projects. They are made in France by Charvet, a well-respected premium signage manufacturer responsible for much of the transit signage in Western Europe.

These signposts help point your visitors in the right direction literally, whether on a pre-programmed rotation or on demand through a handheld app. Perfect for precincts with multiple points of interest they can encourage the download of a local app full of information useful for the visitor. They are particularly brilliant for areas with scores of possible shopping destinations, for tourist sites with multiple historic markers or for large campuses with multiple destinations like universities or hospitals.

In fact, once you put your mind to it there are plenty of applications for iGirouette. The kind of purpose for which these signs have been successfully deployed in Europe are Smart City blocks, shopping centres, tourist precincts, strip shopping zones, zoos, theme parks, universities, railway stations, sports stadiums, ski villages, race tracks, and more. Some are even deployed casually for large trade shows.

CI is the exclusive agent for this product in Australia, and enquiry is welcome from all architects and designers as well as direct from local government, state government, universities, schools, hospitals and sporting facilities.

For certain display requirements within workplace and learning spaces the days of LCD panels are numbered. Once you get above a certain screen size LED matrix display takes over. Likewise once you get over a certain brightness level LED display holds a clear advantage.

Sometimes these two attributes are needed at the same time, such as in a daylight filled corporate lobby, large training room or presentation facility. In such instances LCD panels fall well short of the mark and so does projection.  The only thing that will do the job effectively is LED display.

Up until recently, what has held LED display back from dominating such applications has been the tightness of the pixel pitch available in LED product and the considerable cost. Today these formidable stumbling blocks have been largely overcome. LED display is now replacing projection in lecture theatres, theatrettes, large boardrooms and large meeting rooms. With tighter pixel displays, wider viewing angles and with screen dimensions readily scalable for picture perfect results, seamless LED display is winning on all fronts.

So if you’re looking to put an LCD screen, LCD wall or projector into a space, why not check whether there is a viable LED display alternative built for the purpose now available? No one wants technology that may be soon out of date.

Ci is an unrivalled architectural resource for large format LED display, whether indoor or outdoor. Achievements include Australia’s best stadium perimeter LED (MCG/Etihad), best light transparent media façade (Emporium), first giant interactive LED wall (QUT) and Australia’s most impressive shopping centre LED examples, whether indoor or outdoor. Very soon Ci will also complete Australia’s two most exciting Civic LED projects. There is no company in the country better qualified.

LED display offers many traps for the unwary but Ci can provide you with the technical knowhow necessary to ensure you get the right product specified for your project. Ci offers every LED display category imaginable, from screens seen up close to roof top giants, from ceiling LED to flexible wall LED, from boardroom screens through to the most exciting lobby installations in Australia. Ci can supply, install and support on an ongoing basis all leading brands of LED and are considered to be the best implementation partner available. Advice is given freely to designers to ensure better-informed decisions are made.

Acrylic sheets are widely used, highly versatile plastics. Acrylic can be used in many applications because of its ability to withstand the elements, its long lifespan, its excellent clarity and because it can be recycled easily. Acrylic sheets are available in many colours, tints and surface textures, including frost and non-reflective.

Acrylic is extensively used for signs, displays, laboratory parts, boat windows, shopfittings, decorations, and glazing. Acrylic sheets can be manufactured cast or extruded. Both methods offer slightly different mechanical qualities.

Cast Acrylic
The high surface quality is achieved by casting against glass. It has long term weather resistance with no colour discoloration allowing 92% transmission of light.

Extruded Acrylic
Extruded acrylic has a more consistent thickness than cast acrylic, however it has a limited range of colours and thicknesses.

Designed and made in Italy, BTicino audio and video intercoms suit all applications and budgets, from modest single homes to prestigious multi-storey apartment towers. Choose from simple single home kits, or mix and match your internal and external panels to suit the project you’re working on. These systems are the fastest and easiest to install as well as the most reliable, so you’ll save time on every job.

Di Emme marries traditional skills and artistic interpretation to create quality architectural features that integrate seamlessly with the built form. Di Emme artisans are expert at combining and working with a variety of materials and the company has developed a collaborative process that optimally supports creative and technical fabrication, achieving spectacular results in an efficient manner.

Di Emme specialises in making eye-catching sculptures and sculptural forms to make your name, logo or retail environment memorable and exciting. Our innovative team can design, engineer and build 3-dimensional elements to facilitate uniquely themed retail and hospitality settings.

Please contact Di Emme to discuss how we can help with your design requirements.

Experience the incredible colour and anti-reflection treatments of LG transparent display. Discover exceptional viewing from wider viewing angles and vivid image reproduction with a transparent display and get ready to create more effective and impactful advertising.

Shine-Out: Shine-out film enhances the image quality by reducing external light reflections for a vivid clear image. It’s the perfect fit for a window display – reflecting the sunlight for the best image visability and clarity under direct sunlight when compared with a conventional pane.

Varied Angles: LG transparent display offers wider viewing angles and features and flexible usage in landscape or portrait orientation.

Sleek styling and a cutting-edge display. With LG a state-of-the-art touch screen monitor, you can deliver information with just the touch of a finger.

Minimal Ghost Multi-Touch Experience: When touching the LG IPS screen, it is possible to express your writing or drawing with minimal ghost effect for clean and smooth navigation.

Multi-Touch Experience: The 10-Points Multi-Touch Experience provides a more realistic sense of touch since it can recognise up to 10 simultaneous touches at once without the need of a separate pen.

LG UltraWide display has a wide range of applications. With great space efficiency from its width, it’s possible to display part informational portal and part advertising space at the same time.

Multi-Screen: With the multi screen function you can display s 16:9 conventional movie without distortion and display information in a 5:9 ratio, simultaneously. When you display two 4:3 contents the screen splits in half, with minimal distortion.

Space Utilization: Even in a restricted space, such as a store shelf or low ceiling interior, 29” screen can boast eye-catching effects without obstructing movement of human traffic.

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