Solar Lighting

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LINEAR light DRAGON system is a compact light source which is used for many lighting applications. The mounting Brackets LD-MB for the LINEAR light DRAGON system are easy to install. These are available in white with two temperatures; 5400 K and 2700 K. This system is ideal for lighting work surfaces, wall washing, direct lighting and for cove lighting and luminaries. There are also connectors which are available for feeding and linking each module. This is an optical system which consists of lens and lens holder. This system is used exclusively for washing and wall effects.


Provided in white colour, and also in four colour temperature (6500K, 5400K, 3300K AND 4700K) + Plug and Play method with feeder and connector + Easy assembly with snap in brackets + Dimmable with pulse width modulation (PWM)


LINEAR light DRAGON system is compact light source + Has optics and heat sink + Applicable to many lighting applications

The Linear Light can be used for injecting light into any displays and low profile light guides. These lights are linear structures which can be used in display furniture and cabinets, and can also be used as marker lights for outlines and walkways like steps, edges and other such routes. Most importantly, the linear lights are available in three modules, with numerous colours. W2 of linear light has a long life solution with twice luminous flux, in comparison to W1, with a product life span that can reach up to 50,000 hours.


Low thermal output + Light can be extended to 3 modules with combination of colours + Can be expanded with optional accessories + Low height for low profile surface

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