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Enjoy the best of both worlds with a custom manufactured Vista Combination Board.  Vista Combination boards have the flexibility of a magnetic commercial or e3 environmental ceramicsteelTM (porcelain) whiteboard writing surface (50%) and a pinboard that also accepts hook and loop fasteners (50%).  With a huge variety of surfaces and colours available, you can mix-and-match your boards to suit you any interior or needs.  Contact Vista Visuals for custom specifications; custom manufacturing is the company’s speciality.

Vista’s custom manufactured pinboards feature a wide variety of different finishes, styles and colours to suit any requirement.  Vista pinboards are 100% Australian-made and feature environmentally-friendly materials such as Vertiface, Krommenie and Acousti Panel which are highly suitable for the most sensitive of environments.  Other finishing materials include Front Runner, Versa-Tile, Felt and Cork.

Customise your porcelain whiteboard using a new and exciting printing process available exclusively to Vista Visuals Australia. Vista’s whiteboards are custom printed on a state-of-the-art full colour flatbed printer capable of printing up to 720dpi.  The new printing process gives customers complete creative control of what their whiteboard design will be for a range of applications.  Customers can choose from a huge list of options for retail, commercial, educational and corporate uses including: OH&S boards, evacuation procedures, sports boards, menu boards, pricing boards, planning boards, project management boards and so on. For designs outside of the list, customers are welcome to create their own.   


Print up to 720 dpi  +  Customisable whiteboard design


Staff Movement Boards  +  Project Management Boards  +  Logistics Management Boards  +  Planning Boards  +  Message Boards  + Menu Boards  +  Sports Boards  +  Evacuation Procedures  +  OH&S Boards

Vista’s porcelain whiteboards feature the new e3 environmental ceramicsteelTM surface – the world’s first & only environmentally certified whiteboard surface to achieve “Cradle to Cradle” Silver Certification. The e3 environmental ceramicsteelTM whiteboard surface is 99% recyclable, is made from a minimum 50% post-consumer and post-industrial waste, and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Vista can custom manufacture porcelain whiteboards to a required specification, with a variety of framing options from aluminium trim to solid or reproduction timber trims complete with a LIFETIME surface warranty. 


CeramicsteelTM surface  +  Environmentally friendly  +  life time surface warranty  +  Can be made to suit your specifications

Vista Visual’s iTeach Spaceboard (with ENO Technology) is an innovative new resource that incorporates the versatility, durability and functionality of traditional whiteboards with interactive whiteboard performance.  The iTeach Spaceboard maximises workspace within the classroom by improving the presentation of information and creating an interactive environment that enhances the overall learning experience for students. Environmentally friendly, iTeach Spaceboard is made from recyclable materials, thereby reducing hazardous substances, improving indoor air quality and providing a safer classroom.  With no power requirements, iTeach Spaceboard significantly reduces operating costs and assists with the reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions, making iTeach Spaceboard the No.1 choice for schools.


ENO technology  +  Interactive environment for students  +  No need for power  +  Made from recyclable materials

For the ease of electrically operated projection screens, Vista Visuals have the answer with their range of motorised screens.  The motorised screens are a simple and flexible projection screen solution that comes in a variety of sizes and screen types to suit your needs.  With the touch of a button or the freedom of a remote control, screens can roll from a compact encasement mounted on a wall or ceiling.  The motorised screens come with a three position hard wired control switch and includes rubber vibration insulators to effectively reduce operating noise.  The motorised screens can be seen in commercial, residential, educational and corporate applications or wherever a projector is needed.  


Electrically  +  To be installed by a qualified electrician  +  Available in a variety of sizes and screen types  +  Minimum operating noise  +  Option remote control switch  


1830 x 1830mm (VPROJM1818E)  +  2400 x 2400mm (VPROJM2424E)


Vista Visuals’ range of Modular Screen Systems are free-standing partition panels perfect for designing any office layout for optimum productivity. Looking for privacy between partitions? Or perhaps an open connection between office spaces? The range includes two height options that allow for either of these design requirements, with 1430 or 1800 mm heights available. The versatile range also includes the choice between a variety of vivid Frontline colours, highly ideal for enlivening spaces. The systems are a flexible office interior solution and are available in both straight and curved panels to suit existing and new offices, with optional feet and black skirting for a clean finish.


Can accept both hook and loop fasteners + Straight or curved partitions + Feet as optional extra + Range of Frontline colours


Widths available from 600mm – 2400mm with 300mm increments + 100mm black skirting + Two heights available: 1430 or 1800mm  +  Standard screen thickness approx. 90mm


Other paritions include: Display dividers + Displau panel + Ultra display system + Versatile Display

Vista Visuals’ Versa-Tile Peel ‘n’ Stick wall tiles provide a creative design solution that’s both simple and easy to install for rooms requiring pin boards or acoustic noise reduction. Finished in a soft velour fabric, the Versa-Tiles are receptive to both pins and Velcro tabs, making them ideal for environments where pin-up and display areas are required. Their ability to significantly reduce and improve reverberated noise makes the Versa-Tile well suited for home theatre, music room and classroom environments.



Self-adhesive backing for easy application to most wall surfaces + Each tile measures at 600mm x 600mm x 10mm.


Range of colours available + Option for tiles to be mixed and matched for unique patterns and aesthetics.

Designed in Denmark the Arise Sitstand frame sets new standards for elegant minimalist design and legendary Scandinavian engineering and reliability.
And now the Arise Sitstand desk just got even better. Arise ACT 2 features several product improvements including Anti Collision Technology.
With ACT the powerful linear actuators feature an automatic cut-off switch when the controller senses an object (for example a chair or a window sill or cupboard or door handle).
Arise Sitstand Desk comes standard with up and down control buttons but a new optional upgrade is a controller with preset automatic height settings.

Standard features include:
    •    Smooth and silent linear actuators make rapid adjustment for changes in posture.
    •    Choice of silver or white powder-coated frames.
    •    Rectangular frames and Corner Workstations.
    •    Optional cable trays for tidy and safe cable ducting.
    •    Available as frame only or frame + tops.
    •    Top colours white or beech.
    •    10 year warranty on all frames


Desk height range (25mm thick top) 650mm to 1300mm
Stroke 650mm
Minimum top width 1500mm
Maximum top width 2100mm +
Minimum top depth Rectangle 700mm
Minimum top depth Corner Workstation 600mm
Frame load max 120kgs
Adjustment speed 25mm/sec
Duty Cycle 10%. 2 mins operating 18 min rest.

Suitable for all office environments, classrooms, and schools, the e-SCREEN Desk is a versatile partition and presentation surface.

The e-SCREEN Desk is receptive to pins and thumbtacks, and available in blue or grey. Easy to instal and reconfigure, the screen can either be mounted on drilled holes and a pin system, or on a clamp that requires no drilling. 

The e-SCREEN from Sylex Ergonomics is a flexible screening system suitable for both floor and desktop use. The screens can be installed without a tradesman or other professional, and are joined by a single universal post, with no need for additional parts.

Multiple e-SCREENs can be arranged in any perpendicular configuration, and are available in blue or grey and in various sizes. The joining post features an adjustable glide track that allows height adjustments and gaps from the floor or desk, through which electrical cords and other cables may be passed. 

Since the 1970s, Sylex Ergonomics has approached the design and manufacturing of office furniture and accessories with the intention of better integrating users into their office environments.

Alongside a commitment to increasing comfort, productivity, and user enjoyment, this unique approach has allowed Sylex Ergonomics to produce a complete range of high quality, innovative furniture to suit any office environment. With offices and distributors in Australia and New Zealand, the company has continued to expand, offering consultation and assembly services alongside their broad product catalogue. 

The new PBS screening system from Koskela provides the perfect division screen for office or home environments. The height, density, length and colour of this light partition are all customisable to create structure and division within a larger space. The flexible shape of this PBS screening system allows it to be fitted around an ever-changing office layout or stretched out to provide a light screen for open plan living spaces.

Areaplan Spazio Modulo is a system that offers all the solutions to current problems in workspaces. The system’s interiors can be constantly changed, whether it’s by adding hinged or sliding doors, glass or blind panels up to the ceiling or openings. Manually adjustable blinds are fitted in the glass sandwich panels to guarantee privacy and regulate the light flow, while low modules cover radiators with grids at the top and bottom for heating and air conditioning outlets.

Alexander Lotersztain’s Freefold Screen from Planex is a ingenious example of furniture origami. The powder coated sheets display random folds to create a paradox of strength in a paper-like form. The product also includes perforations to allow light through whilst still acting as a privacy separator.

Krost Business Furniture’s Trak workstation system contains a simple modern track that allows a range of complimentary accessories to be slid and fitted along it. Trak accessories includes perspex privacy panels, acoustic panels, open or closed storage boxes, planter boxes and monitor arms with different colour options. Along with fully integrated cable management system, adjustable leg height and quick assemblage instructions, Trak ensures maximum customisation fit for any home or commercial offices.

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