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Receptive to Velcro, pins, staples, and thumbtacks, Versa-Tile wall tiles are a self-adhesive modular system suitable for any classroom wall. True to their name, Versa-Tile panels have a broad range of applications, and can be used as pinboards or display boards on any flat vertical surface. 

The 10mm thick panels can be arranged in custom configurations, and are available in a range of colours. 

Proudly manufactured in South Australia, canite pinboards from Keen Education Furniture are a versatile and highly functional addition to any classroom.

Receptive to pins, velcro, and thumbtacks, the display boards can be wall or frame mounted, and are available in a wide selection of custom sizes and colours. 

Customer Focused Solutions’ (CFS) Mobile whiteboard is a high quality product ideal for office, home, or commercial use. The mobile whiteboard – which comes in a convenient stand on wheels – is a simple presentation, meeting or training solution that comes in two finishes depending on frequency of use. A commercial finish is best for occasional use and comes with a 5 year warranty. While an alternative porcelain finish with a 25 year warranty will ensure your whiteboard is always smooth and easy to use even with high usage.  Depending on your budget or specifications, the mobile whiteboard is available for single and double sided use.   


Commercial finish or Porcelain finish  +  Single or double sided  


5 – 25 year warranty 


Webster walk & talk smart board range  +  Electronic whiteboard  +  Confidential whiteboard cabinet  +  Elegant 1 Board

LT 120 is a very lightweight, sheer, precreased fine-wire metal cloth that is ideal for decorative wall slidings and partitions. Reflectivity and transparency open up endless possibilities for creative interior design and lighting effects, with durability ensured by the extremely high tensile strength of the fabric.

Type of mesh: Mesh 120 + Aperture: 0.118 mm + Wire diameter: 0.095 mm + Weight: 0.54 Kg/sq. m + Open Area: 31% + Standard Width: 1.30 m

Say goodbye to messy wire tangles, Fursys’ Expace workstation features the ‘spine’ panel which serves as a host for multiple network wires and cables. Without these frustrating restrictions, desks and cabinet units can be freely arranged. This spine based system can accommodate any office layouts, desks, shelves, low walls, storage cabinets and various accessories.

The key component of a modern office is its ability to adapt easily as the business and team structures do. Enclose, the partition system by Haworth offers design, integration and adaptability to mirror to an ever changing and organic office structure. Enclose has the ability to strike the perfect balance of providing structure and permanence yet allowing itself to be endlessly adapted. This partition system comes in glass, metal, laminate, wall coverings, wood and more.

With their reputation of designing a host of demountable walls and partitions to be completely flexible and portable, it’s no wonder that Schiavello has so many options available in their range of walls.

A 360-degree panoramic glass structure made up of interchangeable panels for wasy assembly and disassembly, Schiavello’s is a work station straight from the future.

Designed to optimise functionality and promote information hubs within open plan environments, can offer countless configuration possibilities, with its practicality further enhanced with optional shelving, power ducts, whiteboards and more.

Featuring sleek corporate and almost futuristic characteristics, Stealth from Schiavello is the storage system of the future. Designed by Weils Arets, the Stealth storage system was specifically designed as a storage unit and stylish space divider, and is able to maintain acoustic integrity in open plan environments.

Available as both a single or double faced system, Stealth consists of zinc steel, perforated screen and black polyester, and can be ordered in a variety of colours to best suit the decor surrounding it.  

Network is the new workstation solution from Workspace Commercial Furniture designed to match their existing meeting table and executive desk. The system is versatile, from adjustable heigh, table configurations, colour to material options any difficult office space can be satisfied. Made from entirely recyclable materials, the system can be easily disassembled for re-use and recycling. Prestigious Network workstation system clients include Colonial First State Project and Golder Associates.

Ceilings provide space for a variety of elements,  including lights, ventilation systems, sprinklers, electrical services and security systems. By considering the organization of the ceiling, Multibuild transforms the feeling and atmosphere of any space, especially impression-making areas such as reception areas and boardrooms.  Multibuild’s strategic lighting design and the use of bulkheads help contribute to the quality of a room. Mutlibuild collaborates with their clients and helps with the realisation and delivery of a concept that  creates the overall tone of the work place.  With years of experience, Multibuild knows everything there is to know about the process of delivering the concept and directing the project with effective management and planning.

Understanding the importance of the reception area and its placement as an all-important ‘introduction’ to a company, Mutlibuild designs reception spaces so that the ideals of the business are automatically projected.  By articulating the types of materials and finishes used, Multibuild provide a picture on the type of work inside an office, as well a reflection on the importance of clients and visitors.  This space is also designed to deal with the work that will primarily be done in the area, such as handling mail and packages with well built desks. With all these attributes, Multibuild offers a balance between appearance and use that is vital for the reception space. 

Signage from Multibuild Australia provides business of all sizes a label and identity. Multibuild signage comes in a range of applications, not just limited to signs on the street front or your names on directory boards. Signage from Multibuild Australia come in a complete range of applications, from a company name and logo over a reception area, safety directions on fire hose reels and extinguishers, poster, directories, custom company logos cut into graphic film, and displays within light boxes.  Multibuild also offer laser cut lettering in metal and other materials with custom lighting and stand off the wall signs for premium identity development.   


Multibuild signage can provide the mandatory BCA requirements for directional and emergency signage  +  Complete solutions for reception areas requires detailed planning and design from the Multibuild experts.

Operable Walls from Multibuild Australia are floor to ceiling walls that can be opened or closed to provide larger or smaller areas. Unlike folding or concertina type walls, Multibuild Operable Walls have acoustic properties equal to or better than permanent plasterboard wall.  Operable walls are ideal design solutions for public, commercial and office facilities, where a number of small rooms can open up to a larger area, possibly for a conferences or events.  


Ceiling modifications for tracks and extensive works at the end of the lease to reinstate the ceiling are required for operable walls to be installed.


Office Partition Systems from Multibuild Australia optimise the workplace environment with a complete range of office partitions. Available in fixed, demountable, drywall, plasterboard and glass partitions, spaces can be customised according to an office’s needs. Multibuild Australia’s most commonly used partition is constructed from a standard 64mm steel stud frame with one later of plasterboard fixed to each side. Variations to the partitions are made by using a fire rated board to create a fire rated room, an acoustic board for sound proofing, and hardboard for wet areas. Glass partitions have becoming increasingly popular for Multibuild, available in full or half height variants, they’re ideal for letting natural light through. 


Plasterboard sheeting on steel framed construction available in hardboard, fire rated and acoustic boards  +  Partitions also available in glass partitioning systems in aluminium frame

As an established commercial interiors company, Multibuild Australia provides well rounded, high quality and reliable interior solutions. The company’s success lies in its partnership approach to clients, ensuring the quality of their designs by providing assistance from the conceptual stages of design, through to its council approval, construction and maintenance.  This is exemplified in the company’s approach to boardroom design which is acknowledged as a multifaceted highly significant room of the office.  Considerations are made regarding every detail, from lighting, spatial arrangement and furniture fitting through to textural qualities. The company works with everything from small residential projects to extensive office wide projects, ensuring the satisfaction of customers throughout its usage.

Vista’s innovative Versa-Tile® Peel ‘n’ Stick Wall Tile is an effective acoustic wall insulation and functional decorative solution, ideal for educational applications.  The Versa-Tile® Peel ‘n’ Stick Wall Tile is designed to reduce reverberated noise and improve ambience in classrooms, libraries, music rooms, administrative blocks, halls and entrance ways.  For easy installations, the Versa-Tile® Peel ‘n’ Stick Wall Tile is Receptive to pins and hook and loop (velcro) dots.  A wide choice of colours are available, including NEW “BRITES” range for Education.


Self-adhesive  +  Non-toxic  +  Non-allergenic  +  Non-irritant  +  Recyclable  +  Pin & Velcro friendly  +  Will not rot or breakdown  +  Environmentally friendly  +  Noise reducing

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