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Manufacturers and distributors of demountable internal office partitions of glass, plasterboard, steel, or timber; partition suites and office fit-out kits, fabric covered partitions, and acoustic partitions for office use.

Translucent yet incredibly Rigid! Clear-PEP Core Panels offer a unique combination of aesthetically pleasing effects and a geometry that offers a lightweight yet incredibly strong panel with compressive strength. Available for UV grades for outdoors and non-UV grades for indoors. Finishes include clear, colour or satin finish as well as customised finishes for projects. Applications are endless from architecture, furniture, noise reduction, decor, awnings, point of sale and lighting.


Clear-PEP® UV PC Colour

Clear-PEP® UV PC colour is a translucent and UV protected panel for design and building applications.

Clear PEP® UV Satin

Clear PEP® UV Satin is characterised by a unique light scattering geometry and subtle surface colours. The acrylic satin surfaces do not show any fingerprints or incidental scratches.

Clear PEP® UV PC Stage

Clear PEP® UV PC Stage is characterised by an anti slip surface, scratch resistance, translucent optic and high load bearing capacity. This material is easy to handle and exceptionally lightweight.

Clear-PEP® UV PC Transparent

Clear-PEP® UV PC Transparent and clear-PEP® PC Transparent are both aesthetically pleasing, high-tech composites which offers unique alternatives in many applications with uses in the architectural field, both indoors and outdoors.

Due to the unique geometry of the PEP core these panels are lightweight and yet provide an excellent combination of high rigidity, compressive strength and noise reduction qualities. Clear PEP® panels are environmentally friendly, inert and fully recyclable as well as energy efficient in production and handling. The surfaces includes UV grades as well as non UV grades.



Acrylic sheets are widely used, highly versatile plastics. Acrylic can be used in many applications because of its ability to withstand the elements, its long lifespan, its excellent clarity and because it can be recycled easily. Acrylic sheets are available in many colours, tints and surface textures, including frost and non-reflective.

Acrylic is extensively used for signs, displays, laboratory parts, boat windows, shopfittings, decorations, and glazing. Acrylic sheets can be manufactured cast or extruded. Both methods offer slightly different mechanical qualities.

Cast Acrylic
The high surface quality is achieved by casting against glass. It has long term weather resistance with no colour discoloration allowing 92% transmission of light.

Extruded Acrylic
Extruded acrylic has a more consistent thickness than cast acrylic, however it has a limited range of colours and thicknesses.

polytec's COMPACT laminate ticks all the boxes as the consummate long-lasting, low-maintenance, decorative panel, polytec’s COMPACT laminate is a go-to product for the most demanding professional interior and external joinery environments.

Manufacture from quality materials embeds polytec’s COMPACT laminate with excellent technical characteristics. It’s totally impervious to water and has outstanding impact, stain and wear resistance, along with excellent hygienic properties.

Characterised by a distinctive black core, COMPACT laminate holds extra appeal on the aesthetic front and as a structurally sound material.

The introduction of three new embossed timber RAVINE colours into polytec’s COMPACT laminate range avails exciting new design possibilities for commercial projects.

Ceilector offers a range of partitions from Australian company Alsupply.

The Alsupply Standard Partition Suite is a 45mm door frame and glazing suite, commonly used within plasterboard, aluminum or custom wood reveals. Slim in design, the standard partition suite can be used with any stud thickness and is capable of accepting glass thicknesses of up to 12.38mm2 and door frame sizes to allow for 32mm of 45mm doors and can be double glazed.

The Alsupply 6410 and 6413 Partition Suites are 'full width' partition system designed for 64mm studs. These economical partition suites have slim lines and are capable of accepting glass thicknesses of up to 12.38mm. The 6410 is designed for 10mm board while the 6410 is designed for 13mm board.

Sturdy, durable, and contemporary, A-Frame signs from Snapper Display systems are an attractive means of displaying posters outdoors. 

The cost effective signage solutions are fabricated with a natural anodised frame for strength and stability, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Folding flat for easy storage and transportation, the frames are available in a variety of sizes, with all frames in the range fitted with antiglare PVC cover sheets to ensure optimum display legibility. 

Ideal for high traffic areas where posters may be vulnerable to damage or vandalism, lockable light boxes from Snapper Display systems are a secure display solution.

The lockable light boxes are available in a variety of sizes to suit the individual requirements of any project, and are operable with either a single or double lock and key system. Lighting options are fully customisable to suit customer needs, with edge-lit, back-lit, and LED lighting all on offer. The light boxes are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, with the WeatherLock lockable light box specially designed for under-awning use in outdoor environments.

Ideal for trade fairs, shopping centre displays, and other temporary or small scale advertising requirements, promotional counter, table and chair covers from Mira Displays are a versatile and cost efficient advertising solution.

Featuring a protective over-laminate finish, the lightweight PVC covers are highly durable and can be wiped clean for ease of maintenance, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Covers can be designed in any colour and printed with any image, with custom sizing options also available.

Freestanding display stands from Mira Displays are a portable, cost effective means of indoor or outdoor advertising. Printed on a durable PVC/PVT material and utilising a lightweight aluminium frame, the display stands are ideal for temporary displays in trade shows, exhibitions, show rooms, and outdoor events.

Freestanding display stands are quick and easy to assemble, and can have images or text printed to 720 dpi on both sides for maximum advertising reach. All retractable display stands are supplied with a specially designed nylon carrying bag for enhanced mobility.

Based in Sydney, Mira Displays is a one-stop provider of custom display systems and design and printing services. Committed to delivering high quality displays for projects of any scale and nature, Mira Displays collaborates with clients at all stages in the design process to ensure outstanding levels of satisfaction.

Mira Displays has a broad catalogue of versatile, long-lasting products that are visually engaging and economic, meeting customer’s advertising needs without exceeding budget requirements.

Marsh Media offers a wide selection of pull up and retractable banners and media backdrops for exhibition, trade show, and retail use. Unfurling in seconds and retracting into a compact, easy to carry role, the lightweight vinyl and PVC banners are ideal temporary and mobile signage solutions.

With a quick 2-3 day turnaround and high quality stitched hem finish, the banners are available in a generous factory size of 850 mm x 2000mm, but can be customised to suit specific client requirements.

Marsh Media offers a custom flag printing service for commercial and corporate projects, delivering flags that are eye-catching, lightweight, and affordable. The portable flags can be designed at any size and to represent any image, with feather or teardrop shapes recommended for logos or text.

The flags are ideal for corporate events, trade fairs, and outdoor advertising, but are versatile enough to suit a range of purposes.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use and available in wall mounted or freestanding varieties, the flags are easy to assemble and disassemble, and fully interchangeable between Marsh Media flag systems. Marsh Media does not require a minimum order on custom flags, which can can accommodate single or double sided printing.

Whiteboard and pinboard partitions from JP Office Workstations can be used to subdivide larger areas into focused ‘communication pods’ to foster team collaboration.

With a 1800mm height and large lockable castor feet, the lightweight aluminium boards can be easily moved and arranged, with connector kits also available to allow boards to be linked to one another. One side of the board is finished with pinnable charcoal fabric, while the other features a full length magnetic whiteboard. 

The pair of partitions is supplied with 4 adjustable flipchart pad hooks and 2 magnetic pen holders.

The Gallium 45 is a streamlined glazing suite that can be incorporated into any wall thickness. The door frame has been designed with a concealed centre fix provision. This simplifies the frame installion into an existing opening. The window frame section has a ‘clip out bead’ on all sides to ensure ease of glass installation.


For an improvement in the office environment with the appeal of a modern interior, Studform have created Corporate Aluminium Partitioning Systems. The systems have been designed and manufactured for ease in specification, installation and maintenance. Customised parts and specific acoustic wall requirements – especially up to STC48 – can be accommodated. A solution for any office interior can be found with various options in glazing types, including centreline, frontline or double glazing systems, all with a slimline profile that can accommodate glass thicknesses from 6.00 mm – 12.38mm.  Corporate Aluminium Partitions systems also include recessed glazing wedges for an extra touch of sleekness and interchangeable components between other Studform series’ for versatility. The range covers almost any office interior scenario, including cost-efficient options and increased acoustic isolation for meeting spaces or courtrooms.

From Zenith’s Buzzispace range, the Buzzipod is a multi-use product doubling as a decorative pinboard and a sound insulator. Manufactured from 100% recyclable materials, it is available in a large range of colours to suit any large office space.

Suitable for presentations, exhibition, and general display purposes, the Economy display panel is a double sided pinboard and portable divider for classrooms and office.

The panel is finished with a velvet surface that is receptive to pins and Velcro, and is mounted in an aluminium frame that allows for vertical or horizontal display. Easy to assemble and transport, the panels are sold in four sizes and are available in either red or blue. 

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