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A powerful leap in printing technology, the iPF840 MFP multi-function device features high-speed scanning in automated PDF, JPEG and TIFF formats, for the easiest document transfer in the most innovative of environments. With SmartWorks MFP Software, batch scanning and custom user pre-sets are also made available, converting your home or office into a professional printing hub. This experience is further enhanced by a Bi-directional LED light system for unbelievable line definition and pinpoint accuracy. Documents up to 2.00mm thick can be produced seamlessly, with scan-to-cloud and cloud-to-print technology that means the iPF840 MFP really is at the forefront of multi-function systems. 

Blisteringly fast, the iPF840 accommodates high-volume ink tanks and an A0 print speed of just 42 seconds. Borderless printing allows a creative workspace to flourish with minimum restrictions as the printer is designed to integrate seamlessly with even the most punishing CAD/GIS production schedule. Super-fine print heads combined with the latest magenta inks allow 15, 360 nozzles to produce the thinnest lines and most vivid colours. This game-changing printer includes a Direct Print & Share software with cloud readiness to allow printing without the need of opening the file. Simply drag and drop into the software, or set-up a desktop folder for regularly used settings. The iPF840 offers a dual-roll system allowing users to load two rolls of paper at the same time, whether you require different types of paper, different sizes or simply, 200 metres of the same type of paper for unattended printing, simply load both rolls and let the machine auto-switch between them, as required.

Designed to meet the needs of a medium to large work team, the 36-inch Canon imagePROGRAF iPF785MFP hosts incredible line accuracy and a 320GB hard drive. This means the printer contributes to the most efficient and stunning prints of complex renderings, CAD drawings, GIS maps and large-format images. Suitable for large corporations or highly sensitive documents, the printer features restricted access and print log management to reduce security leaks. The iPF785MFP is a versatile, easy to use interface with excellent value for money and seen-to-be-believed output.

A compact and environmentally conscious design, the iPF685 is not just your average large-format printer. With user-friendly front access, the printer is a design coup for usability. Flush against a wall, the large LCD panel features images and even a print time prediction feature. A huge 320GB hard drive allows easy storage of documents that can be filed into different mailboxes, that can also be password protected. The hard drive is also used to allow processing of large files (therefore no need for PostScript) and give additional management features.

The Canon iPF685 enhances productivity in the workplace, producing exceptional A1 prints in just 24 seconds, with a Media Mismatch function that allows users to toggle media printing formats whilst other print jobs in the queue are taken care of. Canon’s “hot swap” feature allows empty ink tanks to be replaced without any pause in printing.

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF670MFP L24 is the most successful A1 wide format multi-functional device provided by any manufacturer in Australia. Based on the iPF670 platform, it embodies full scan-to-use capabilities. Print, file, share or edit maps, drawings, renderings, site and facilities management plans with ease and durability. This modern system comprises a touch screen monitor with a 24 inch 5-colour pigment and dye reactive ink set. A perfect solution for routine tasks, the iPF670MFP will hold the workplace or home office in good stead even with an outstanding quality of layout proofs, posters and advertising materials. All in a small footprint so that it doesn't accommodate too much space in your business.

The iPF670MFP comes with a 12 month warranty, with other service options available, if required. Unique to Canon, the warranty and service contracts also include the printheads for the term of the contract. The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF670MFP L24 is truly unique and has proven a successful introduction to small and medium sized businesses.

A simple and versatile A1 5-colour CAD plotter, the iPF670 has been received in today's market as excellent value for money. It has the ability to print accurate and fine lines or text thanks to a unique “reactive” ink system to ensure clarity when printing. However, the same inks also reproduce detailed graphic and photographic prints. Therefore, you can use the same printer for a number of various activities. Whether you’re printing a simple black and white line drawing, or presenting some conceptual artwork, the iPF670 has the ability to address those requirements. 

A comprehensive software suite is also provided to help you track costs, simplify the printing process (now you can just “drag and drop” a file if you want) and reduce operational costs. Canon’s PosterArtist Lite gives you the ability to design and print borderless posters to add an extra touch of finesse to your marketing collateral, presentation documents or 3D renders.

The iPF670 comes with a 12 months warranty, with other service options available, if required. Unique to Canon, the warranty and service contracts also include the printheads for the term of the contract. The Canon iPF670 offers a much more comprehensive bundle than other printer options in its class and has proven a successful introduction to small and medium sized businesses.

Sturdy, durable, and contemporary, A-Frame signs from Snapper Display systems are an attractive means of displaying posters outdoors. 

The cost effective signage solutions are fabricated with a natural anodised frame for strength and stability, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Folding flat for easy storage and transportation, the frames are available in a variety of sizes, with all frames in the range fitted with antiglare PVC cover sheets to ensure optimum display legibility. 

Ideal for high traffic areas where posters may be vulnerable to damage or vandalism, lockable light boxes from Snapper Display systems are a secure display solution.

The lockable light boxes are available in a variety of sizes to suit the individual requirements of any project, and are operable with either a single or double lock and key system. Lighting options are fully customisable to suit customer needs, with edge-lit, back-lit, and LED lighting all on offer. The light boxes are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, with the WeatherLock lockable light box specially designed for under-awning use in outdoor environments.

Ideal for trade fairs, shopping centre displays, and other temporary or small scale advertising requirements, promotional counter, table and chair covers from Mira Displays are a versatile and cost efficient advertising solution.

Featuring a protective over-laminate finish, the lightweight PVC covers are highly durable and can be wiped clean for ease of maintenance, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Covers can be designed in any colour and printed with any image, with custom sizing options also available.

Freestanding display stands from Mira Displays are a portable, cost effective means of indoor or outdoor advertising. Printed on a durable PVC/PVT material and utilising a lightweight aluminium frame, the display stands are ideal for temporary displays in trade shows, exhibitions, show rooms, and outdoor events.

Freestanding display stands are quick and easy to assemble, and can have images or text printed to 720 dpi on both sides for maximum advertising reach. All retractable display stands are supplied with a specially designed nylon carrying bag for enhanced mobility.

Based in Sydney, Mira Displays is a one-stop provider of custom display systems and design and printing services. Committed to delivering high quality displays for projects of any scale and nature, Mira Displays collaborates with clients at all stages in the design process to ensure outstanding levels of satisfaction.

Mira Displays has a broad catalogue of versatile, long-lasting products that are visually engaging and economic, meeting customer’s advertising needs without exceeding budget requirements.

Marsh Media offers a wide selection of pull up and retractable banners and media backdrops for exhibition, trade show, and retail use. Unfurling in seconds and retracting into a compact, easy to carry role, the lightweight vinyl and PVC banners are ideal temporary and mobile signage solutions.

With a quick 2-3 day turnaround and high quality stitched hem finish, the banners are available in a generous factory size of 850 mm x 2000mm, but can be customised to suit specific client requirements.

Marsh Media offers a custom flag printing service for commercial and corporate projects, delivering flags that are eye-catching, lightweight, and affordable. The portable flags can be designed at any size and to represent any image, with feather or teardrop shapes recommended for logos or text.

The flags are ideal for corporate events, trade fairs, and outdoor advertising, but are versatile enough to suit a range of purposes.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use and available in wall mounted or freestanding varieties, the flags are easy to assemble and disassemble, and fully interchangeable between Marsh Media flag systems. Marsh Media does not require a minimum order on custom flags, which can can accommodate single or double sided printing.

Mark Tuckey’s Warehouse Box File Drawer stylishly solves home office storage needs in this compact, mobile furniture piece in raw timber. Measuring 560 x 540 x 600H, the Box File Draw has been crafted using quality sustainable timber with the best joinery techniques, and features two useful drawers, one slim, the other designed to hold files. 

The Warehouse Desk from Mark Tuckey combines the timeless qualities of timber with modern design to create a functional and visually striking product. Featuring a simple frame shape in solid timber and slim draws, the Desk provides an expansive workspace and convenient storage ideal for the modern home office. Measuring 2100 x 737 x 750H, the Desk is available in a range of recycled and sustainable timbers, and in two or three models, to suit any study space. 

Mark Tuckey is a Melbourne based bespoke timber furniture company emerging as a leading presence in the Australian designer furniture market. Mark Tuckey privileges the simple principles of function and strength to create a range of beautiful domestic and commercial furniture pieces designed with modern lifestyles in mind. Ecological awareness is also a focus, as Mark Tuckey uses only recycled or sustainably sourced timber in its products. 

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