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The Canon imagePRESS C850 and C750 digital colour production presses are designed to provide exceptionally vibrant and consistent image quality on a wide variety of media. This new series incorporates a variety of new features and technology to help meet the requirements of the markets it is designed for: corporate print rooms, commercial printers, in-plant operations, franchise printers and other print service providers.

With a beautiful and slimline design, much like many Linak products, the Desk Panel (DP) is a classic, modern control which was developed with the functionality and versatility to adjust a myriad of different styles of desk ranging from heavy duty workstations to office desks.

Compact in design and aesthetically pleasing, the Desk Panel is simple and efficient, with easy mounting under all types of height adjustable desks. Almost without limits, the Desk Panel involves complex machinery and programming, allowing it to control up to 3 columns/actuators independently.

With black or grey colour option, the Desk Panel can also be optionally provided in a memory version, as well as in a memory and display version, both which allow favourite heights and positions to be stored and re-accessed at the touch of a button.

The DL17 column sets the standards for inline columns. It is a 3-part inline column with a square, compact profile of 70mm x 70mm. With incremental steps between the profiles and a long but powerful stroke length, it is available in black, white or grey. For optimised design, invisible gliding pads and a synchronous drive of the middle profile allow a thrust of up to 700 N per column and a speed level of up to 38 mm/s, all whilst maintaining a pleasantly low sound level. Whilst standing in for any contemporary design object today, the DL17 also enhances the functionality and responsiveness of modern desk design, making it the ultimate accessory.

The DL17 was designed for desks without crossbar which allows more leg space for users and opens up design possibilities, with protection from external force ensured with the standard implementation of the PIEZO™ feature – an integrated sensor minimising the risk for damages on a desk caused by squeezing or blocking of obstacles in up or down direction. With sustainability and health at the forefront of Linak’s philosophy, the DL17 is developed without PVC, a huge environmental coup. The DL17 is compatible with all DESKLINE® control boxes and controls – simply just plug & play.

  • Stroke length: 660 mm
  • Built-in dim.: 518 mm
  • PVC-free as standard
  • PIEZO™ as standard


The DESKLINE® DL12 column sets the standards for inline columns. It is a compact 3-part inline column, which is a perfect choice for a wide range of desk applications. This compact, streamlined design is a result of integrated guide and actuator functions,  as well as invisible gliding pads and minimum spacing between the column profiles, resulting in a cohesive and beautiful unit.

Furthermore, the column is designed for desks without crossbar, ensuring more leg space and more design possibilities. With customised colours, an option for crossbar available and collision protection, this column is perhaps the most advanced yet. Collision protection is maintained by  PIEZO™ an integrated sensor. PIEZO (collision protection) minimises the risk for damages on a desk caused by collision with an obstacle.

The compact, rectangular column was developed in accordance with market demands for a low built-in dimension with a formidable stroke length. This stroke length is manipulated by a DESKLINE control box (CBD). All DESKLINE control boxes ensure optimal parallel drive and an barely noticeable, pleasant noise level.

The DL12 can be used as a single column or in 2, 3 or 4 parallel systems.

  • Stroke length: 660 mm
  • Built-in dim.: 518 mm or 545 mm
  • PVC-free as standard
  • PIEZO™ as standard


Perfect for commercial and residential settings alike, lounge seating from Maxton Fox brings the latest in cutting-edge furniture design to any modern interior. A broad selection of styles and sizes is supplemented by a stunning variety of upholstery fabrics, frame materials, and seat configurations, giving customers full creative control.

The Kiivo modular system is durable and timelessly elegant, combining a timber and steel frame with plush upholstered foam cushions.

Ideal for lounge rooms and other living spaces, the Sella Couch is manufactured by Tonon Italy and offers a generous 600mm deep blush bench upholstered in fabric, leather, or hide.

Maxton Fox offers a diverse selection of occasional seating, offering everything from stools and lounge chairs to bold statement pieces. From plastic body to timber or lightweight aluminium frame, leather to patterned textile upholstery, castor feet to elegant matte stainless steel cross bases, the range of occasional seating is sure to cater for any seating need.

Exuding sophisticated contemporary style, the seats are suitable for commercial, corporate, or residential use, and complement any modern interior. Comfort and cutting edge aesthetics are combined in the durable, ergonomic seats, all uniquely designed and manufactured by Maxton Fox.

As stylish as they are functional, Maxton Fox’s Task Seating product family is ideal for a full ergonomic workday experience.

The Edge Seat features an adjustable seat depth and height, retractable and adjustable arms, and well as a five-star base in chrome or plastic as well as accessories for increased lumbar support.

The Linear Seat is comprised of a curvaceous silhouette with either a medium or high backrest, with or without arms, with a full tilt-back mechanism for lazy days and thick foam-filled upholstery for the ultimate in comfortable support.

The Ultima Seat adds a bold design statement to any home or corporate office, with a distinctive silhouette afforded by a mesh backrest in black or in cream. With total adjustability and a sound five-star chrome base, it really is the ultimate in corporate design.

The Charles Seat is a minimalist triumph with clean, dark lines and constructed from one piece of tubular steel heated and manipulated into a slim profiled seat with fluted detail. Available in leather or fabric.

The Project Seat features thick, comfort-designed padding with a gas lift and synchronised tilt. The project seat comes with or without arms, with a high or low back, and is pragmatic in its design for expansive and long-term use.

A modern twist on traditional claw-foot furniture design, the WAVE table accommodates every scenario and complete the mis-en-scene of a room simply by being in it.

With a square or round table-top design in a variety of matte finishes, the legs splay outwards with a splash of industrial chic – choose from a chrome matte, chromium-plated metal, or powder coated base.

With a structural integrity that is ideal for looks and longevity, the WAVE table is suited as a coffee or occasional table in any number of corporate, communal, family or retail spaces.

Marrying luxury with acute minimalism, the Kontakt Desk offers a unique and versatile foundation to any workplace, be it at home or at the office. Designed by Sonny Pirreca and Adam Harrigan in collaboration with Maxton Fox, this piece offers the fluidity of modern design in a traditional workspace.

With over 40 years experience in joinery and office environments, this signature desk by Maxton Fox features the latest in minute detailing, especially in the frame edging, for a truly executive appearance.

With an optional facing worktop, the Kontakt Desk offers modest panel options with pinnable fabric upholstery in a variety of colours. The Kontakt is designed for simple fuss-free assembly and taut structural soundness promoted by continuous under-desk support.

With stylish flair in the frame and connection points of this modular furniture piece, Kontakt is available in laminate, compact laminate, solid timber or sheet metal options and is the perfect way to express design professionalism in your personal and company brand at home and at work.

The Kontakt 180 system is a versatile and stylish workstation that is designed and manufactured by Maxton Fox. Designed to suit the new era of creative and collaborative working environments, the flexible modular frame design of the Kontakt 180 workstation allows an infinite selection of functional opportunities.

Features include a timeless leg design reminiscent of a Danish design aesthetic and a bright fabric upholstery pin-board screen which also acts to absorb sound and provide a level of privacy. Designed to accommodate the screen system of Maxton Fox’s EKO System 25, the Kontakt 180 is compatible with system upgrades as well as brand-new fit outs.

Available in laminate, compact laminate and solid timber board materials, the Kontakt 180 maintains its sleek and professional appearance with concealed under-desk power and data accommodation, as well as continuous under-desk structural support. With a workstation as efficient, easy to assemble and good-looking as the Kontakt 180, your need stops here.

Push the Boundaries of Your Large Format Printing with the Océ ColorWave 500

The Océ ColorWave 500 is a true single footprint. All print, scan and copy tasks can easily be carried out with the intuitive Océ ClearConnect user interface. With the cloud connection, users always have access to their documents. The automatic original width detection, media loading, roll selection and image positioning automates the print, copy and scan process. Everyone can operate the system easily.

Boost your Business with the Versatile and Productive Large Format Colour System

The Océ ColorWave 700 is a true single footprint. All print, scan and copy tasks can easily be carried out with the intuitive Océ ClearConnect user interface. With the cloud connection, user always have access to their documents. The automatic original width detection, media loading, roll selection and image positioning automates the print, copy and scan process. The Océ MediaSense technology allows you to print on thicker media (up to 0.8mm). Anyone can operate the system easily to produce an exciting range of applications.



Take your display graphics capabilities to the next level with the Océ Arizona Series. These UV curable and roll-to-roll inkjet printers allow you to produce flawless photo-quality prints on a huge diversity of rigid and flexible media applications. With a completely renewed range of models to choose from, the Océ Arizona Series offer fantastic opportunities to boost your display graphics revenue.

The Océ ProCut is the ideal flatbed cutter for commercial display graphics providers. With the Océ ProCut Modular Tool system, you can simultaneously cut and crease a piece of cardboard, or effortlessly transition from routing a piece of Dibond to kisscutting a roll of vinyl.

Océ supplies a selection of high quality finishing modules for use with their range of cut sheet printers. From booklet makers and binders to stackers, hole punches, and roll feeders, the broad range caters for all high quality production level printing and finishing needs, and is compatible with all Océ products in the cut sheet printer product family.

All modules in this series are specially designed to yield high volumes of output quickly and to a consistently high standard, making them ideal for both corporate and commercial printing environments.

For production-level printing, Océ manufactures a range of efficient, high volume digital printers and presses that ensure consistent quality. Capable of producing between 15 000 and 100 000 A4 sheets per month and offering print speeds of up to 80 pages per minute, the outstanding colour and black and white printers are ideal for any scenario where high quantities of printing are required over short time frames.

Easy to use and extremely versatile, the printers are capable of producing standard sheet sizes from A5 to A3, as well as custom sizes up to 330.2 x 487.7mm. Océ and Canon also supply a variety of related software to optimise workflow and communication.

Dual Density split seating is manufactured to comply with Australian Standard 4438. AFRDI Level 6. or 135kg person under normal use.

200 Backrest Medium
300 Backrest High
400 Backrest Tall

* 1 add adjustable armrests

The Split Cushion system comprises TWO INDEPENDENTLY UPHOLSTERED sections in the seat (a firmer foam at the front and a separate softer foam section at the back) allow the two pointy pelvic bones to sink into the softer foam section. Upper body posture is supported through positioning the pelvis between the back lumbar support and firmer front cushion , enhancing support and comfort.

A dual density posture support seat pan is recognised by ergonomic consultants, and health professionals as providing the best solution for posture support, comfort, task focus and productivity. The majority of Australia’s top 100 companies now use posture supportive chair solutions either as their primary office chair or an aid for staff with back or work related injuries.

1. DUO Dual Density split seating by Chair Solutions ensures that your body is maintained in the optimum support position throughout the day, enhancing your performance and well-being.

2. Softer foam at the back of the seat supports and holds the pelvis in the correct position where the firmer cushion the front of the seat discourages user from sliding forward.

3. Moulded seat design encourages the user to sit with legs slightly apart thus creating a wider base of support. The ‘waterfall’ edge improves blood circulation behind the thighs.

4. Pronounced lumbar support for maximum spinal comfort, full lumbar height adjustment.

5. Full ergonomic adjustment ensures maximum comfort and minimum fatigue. Controls adjust seat height, back angle.

6. Height adjustable arms to suit varying work needs to permit close work at a desk.

Pricing allows for upholstery in Pure New Commercial Grade ECO Wool to $ 33.00 per meter – please advise fabric and colour choice when ordering.

ergonomicoffice have CHAIR STOCK ready to supply and upholstered in Commercial Grade ECO Wool .
Non Eco petrochemical upholstery fibre polypropylenes and polyethylene’s such as NELSON 100% Olefin are available on request…

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