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Translucent yet incredibly Rigid! Clear-PEP Core Panels offer a unique combination of aesthetically pleasing effects and a geometry that offers a lightweight yet incredibly strong panel with compressive strength. Available for UV grades for outdoors and non-UV grades for indoors. Finishes include clear, colour or satin finish as well as customised finishes for projects. Applications are endless from architecture, furniture, noise reduction, decor, awnings, point of sale and lighting.


Clear-PEP® UV PC Colour

Clear-PEP® UV PC colour is a translucent and UV protected panel for design and building applications.

Clear PEP® UV Satin

Clear PEP® UV Satin is characterised by a unique light scattering geometry and subtle surface colours. The acrylic satin surfaces do not show any fingerprints or incidental scratches.

Clear PEP® UV PC Stage

Clear PEP® UV PC Stage is characterised by an anti slip surface, scratch resistance, translucent optic and high load bearing capacity. This material is easy to handle and exceptionally lightweight.

Clear-PEP® UV PC Transparent

Clear-PEP® UV PC Transparent and clear-PEP® PC Transparent are both aesthetically pleasing, high-tech composites which offers unique alternatives in many applications with uses in the architectural field, both indoors and outdoors.

Due to the unique geometry of the PEP core these panels are lightweight and yet provide an excellent combination of high rigidity, compressive strength and noise reduction qualities. Clear PEP® panels are environmentally friendly, inert and fully recyclable as well as energy efficient in production and handling. The surfaces includes UV grades as well as non UV grades.



For the executive office that demands style, timeless design and functionality there is no question that the Quattro Executive is the solution.

The aluminium frame is available in chrome, powdercoat or polished finish. The worktop is available in laminate, glass, powdercoated or veneer finish.

Product Features

– Unique and stylish connection points
– Versatile Modular frame
– Laminate, compact laminate, solid timber board options.
– Mitre detail edges on frame for executive look
– Return worktop optional
– Modest panel options – lamiate, compact laminate, solid timber or sheet metal

For flaps made from wood, glass or with aluminium frame

  • Hinge-less stay lap fittings sets standards: Two models Free lap 1.7 and 3.15, designed for all common cabinet height and lap weight combinations
  • Convenient handling, even with heavy laps
  • Stylish and compact design provides easy access to cabinet hangers and is suitable for use in furniture with narrow depth
  • Easy, efficient and time-saving processing
  • Suitable for front panels with or without handle (in combination with special door catch)

Maximum operating convenience

  • Minimum opening resistance
  • Flap locks in any position (multi-position stop)
  • Smooth and soft closing action

Maximum Flexibilty

  • Compact design
  • Drilling pattern compatibility of the two models (processing in series drilled holes 32/37)
  • Stylish cover caps
  • grey and white
  • max. front panel weight 27,3 kg (with 350 mm cabinet height)
  • Front panel thickness up to 28 mm (without collision at 90° opening angle)
  • Opening angle 107° (can be limited to 90°)
Installation: Fitting for screw fixing with pre-mounted Euro screws, front panel without tools (clip system onto pre-mounted screw-on brackets)

Technology in the workplace moves at a rapid rate and is one of the costliest areas in which to make mistakes when fitting out new premises. This is because the real cost is not in the purchase or installation of equipment but in the actual use of the technologies in the years that follow.

A few minutes wasted during meetings soon adds up to many hours when multiplied by the number of people in attendance and by the number of other rooms in which the same experience will be repeated. In large organizations this entails millions of dollars each year, well in excess of the cost of the equipment or Installation.

For workspaces to become responsive to need, technology must be part of what makes it all work, from the latest in collaboration products to customized furniture with the technology built in. Ci can help you on all fronts.

The perfect accessory to your VARIDESK, these durable anti-fatigue mats cushion and support your feet, knees, hips and back as you work. The high-density core provides long-lasting support to and comfort as you work at your sit-stand desk.

The ActiveMat™ allows your feet to explore and engage different muscles while standing. Stretch, shift and stand in a multitude of positions guided by the dynamic shape of this unique anti-fatigue mat.

The VARIDESK® ActiveMat Groove and Rocker combine the comfort and support of the anti-fatigue mat with enhanced movement and activity for the feet, knees and legs. The ActiveMat Groove’s centre groove holds a roller ball that lets you fidget, flex and roll while you work. The movement can also help to stimulate circulation and relieve stress. The roller ball can be used while sitting or standing, and it comes with 3 different balls of varying firmness, so you can tailor it to your needs. Get more active at the office and put your fidgeting feet to work with the ActiveMat Rocker. The rocker cradle lets you prop up your feet and move them back and forth, which can help to stimulate circulation and relieve stress. The rocker cradle can be used while sitting or standing (one foot at a time), and it locks into the anti-fatigue mat to keep it in place.

Position your monitor wherever you need it, so you can work in ergonomic comfort. The Single and Dual Monitor Arms will work with most of VARIDESK’s sit-stand desk models and both are fully articulating, featuring a tension adjustment for effortless movement. The monitor arms are easy to install and adapt seamlessly with your workspace.

Not all workspaces were created equal. VARIDESK’s Soho lets you put a height-adjustable desk in even the tightest of spaces. Designed for those who work exclusively on a laptop or have limited workspace, mobile minimalists will appreciate how it provides the same sturdy, height-adjustable desktop in a slim, space-saving design. Available in white and black.

Designed to engage your leg, back and core muscles, the VARIChair gives you the freedom to move throughout your day, letting you stay active while seated or leaning. The durable, cushioned seat and articulating pedestal offer a wide range of motion, so you can rock or stretch while sitting. The air-lift piston also raises the seat up to 32.75” (83.19 cm), allowing you to lean comfortably when standing.

Featuring a low back design that encourages good posture, it also has a weighted base, so it stays put while you do the moving. Like other VARIDESK products, the VARIChair comes fully assembled. Simply remove it from the box and you’re ready to go.

The cubicle was designed to maximise office space, but what if you could also maximise your productivity and comfort while working in one? That thinking led VARIDESK to design our Cubicle series – a variety of configurations designed to fit perfectly into most standard-sized cubes or modular spaces, including corner setups. The Cube Plus™ and Cube Corner® models give you a generously wide working space that allows you to work sitting or standing at will.

Since the Cubicle series comes fully assembled, you can be up and working in minutes. The Cube Plus™ is available in Black and White with a 40 inch width and in Black with a 48 inch width. The Cube Corner® is available in in Black and White with a 36 inch or 48 inch width.

VARIDESK believe work should be comfortable, productive and energising. That’s why they designed the Exec series for anyone over 6’1” who’s ready to take their workspace to the next level. Their height-adjustable solution turns any desk into a standing desk, and it comes in a variety of sizes suited to your workspace. The two-tiered design gives you a spacious upper display area for your laptop, monitor, or even dual-monitor setup, while the lower deck has plenty of room for a full-sized keyboard, mouse and more.

Available in Black and White with a 48 inch width.

VARIDESK believe work should be comfortable, productive and energising. That’s why they designed the Pro Plus™ series for anyone ready to take their workspace to the next level. Their best-selling, height-adjustable solution turns any desk into a standing desk, and it comes in a variety of sizes and styles suited to your workspace. The two-tiered design gives you a spacious upper display area for your laptop, monitor, or even dual-monitor setup, while the lower deck has plenty of room for a full-sized keyboard, mouse and more.

Available in Black and White with a 36 inch or 48 inch width, or in Black with a 30 inch width.

Ready for a sit-stand desk but want everything on one level? The original VARIDESK, the Pro series, has a single display surface with plenty of space for monitors, documents and other accessories. While sitting, the slide-out tray provides a home for your keyboard and mouse and helps keep your workspace clutter-free.

Available in Black with a 30 inch, 36 inch or 48 inch width.

Acrylic sheets are widely used, highly versatile plastics. Acrylic can be used in many applications because of its ability to withstand the elements, its long lifespan, its excellent clarity and because it can be recycled easily. Acrylic sheets are available in many colours, tints and surface textures, including frost and non-reflective.

Acrylic is extensively used for signs, displays, laboratory parts, boat windows, shopfittings, decorations, and glazing. Acrylic sheets can be manufactured cast or extruded. Both methods offer slightly different mechanical qualities.

Cast Acrylic
The high surface quality is achieved by casting against glass. It has long term weather resistance with no colour discoloration allowing 92% transmission of light.

Extruded Acrylic
Extruded acrylic has a more consistent thickness than cast acrylic, however it has a limited range of colours and thicknesses.

Print wide format documents with detail and definition

When every pixel has a purpose, the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF785 shines. There’s a reason this is the best-selling large format printer in the Canon range. It’s a wide format printer trusted by professional architects, contractors and engineers to accurately and faithfully reproduce their CAD drawings with fine lines and excellent definition down to the last detail.

Enjoy large format A0 print in-house, without a large cost

You need to make sure that your ideas are clearly communicated. The collaborative effort it takes to bring a project to life requires a printer that you can rely on. The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770 offers unparalleled accuracy for the most detailed of plans. Reduce your turnaround time by bringing this entry-level A0 printer in-house.

Working to a deadline? The iPF770 lets you take control of printing complex, wide format technical CAD drawings, maps and posters. Ready and waiting when you need it most, now you can print, edit and reprint your files quickly and achieve professional results on-time, every time.

Cost efficient print, copy and scan up to A0 size

How much time, cost and frustration could you save if you could print, copy and scan large format drawings on demand? Don’t let this take hours when you can do it yourself – in seconds. The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770MFP L36 is a cost-effective A0 multi-functional printer that lets you bring large format print and scanning in-house and feel the immediate benefits.

You probably think that quality large format printouts come at a large cost, but that isn’t always the case. The iPF770MFP L36 reproduces CAD drawings, plots and other detailed documents with remarkable accuracy and clarity. Giving you slick, professional-quality documents and helping you bring your visions to life.

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