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Manufacturers and distributors of desk chairs, lecture seating, stacker chairs, art stools, tablet arm chairs, height adjustable chairs, graphics chair, chemistry chair, folding chair, staff lounge, ergonomically designed chairs, utility chairs and tub chairs for the education sector.

Aiming to bring a brighter, more open aspect to the typical library setting, The Seatery provided bright lime green study and reading booths recessed into bookshelves, lending a distinctive, modern tone to the library. Banquette seating areas with matched throw cushions and ottomans upholstered in black, green and beige fabrics combine functionality and elegance. The project was completed in an extremely tight, two month time frame.

The Cambridge series employ a heavy duty 32mm x 16mm x 1.6mm oval tubular steel frame with stylish and strong pressed metal legs that are fixable to floor. With spring loaded tip up seat base, the seats are spatially economic and allows easy maintenance. The series is highly resilient and fire retardant. Durable black texture powder coat finish and commercial grade frabric are available in a range of colours.

Comes with heavy duty Atlas tablet system with A3 tablet in high pressure laminate.

Other than its rustic charm. the Woodmar Beam Seats are extremely durable and easily maintained. Mounted to 80 x 40mm steel box beam, the strong pressed metals legs are fixible to floor using suitable fastening system. Woodmark timber shells are made from wafer thin European beech wood veneers, rotary peeled and impregnated with synthetic plastics which are then moulded under extreme heat and pressure. The foam seats are highly resilient and fire retardant.

Optional movable legs, fixed legs, chrome legs, arms, mag table, upholstered seats and a range of shell colours.

The Seeger seats are mounted to 80 x 40 steel box beam within a heavy duty 25 x 1.6mm tubular steel frame. Stylish as well as durable, the seats’ strong pressed metal legs make them easily fixible using suitable fastening system. Their durable black texture powder coat finish comes in a range of colours which can be mixed and matched, while foam backrests and seat inserts are highly resilient and fire retardant.

Optional movable legs, fixed legs, chrome legs, arms and tip-up seat.

The Seminar series has an unique injection moulded replaceable foam inserts to back and base that is project by a hard outer seat shell. With a silent, concealed dual spring tip-up mechanism, Seminar’s silent performance is perfect for lecture theatre, convention, conference or performance arts venues. The seats also come with injection moulded arm rests an available with side tablet for writing.

The Eos range is an economical and functional choice for multiple seating applications. A modern style seat shell, providing ergonomic support for the back and designed to follow the natural movements of the body. The addition of optional added inserts also adds an extra touch of comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Seats can be swiftly joined and dismantled via ‘Ezy link’ which makes them perfect for multi purpose venues. Manufactured from glass reinforced nylon, Eos seats are made to last.

Maxwood distributes the innovative G4 Swing-Away seating system, purpose designed for the space and function requirements of the contemporary lecture theatre. Individual swing seats maximise space by creating aisles behind the user as the seat seamlessly hugs the desk in front when required. Padding and ergonomic design ensure comfort, while powder-coated steel frame promise durability, making the system an excellent solution to lecture seating needs. 

Maxwood distributes the state-of-the-art Kotobuki SDG Series lecture theatre system, one of the most innovative systems currently on the market. The unique pivot design allows the seat to move forwards towards the desk, opening maximum aisle-space behind the user. The system promotes supreme comfort, optimal ease of use and optimises space, making it the perfect seating solution to modern educational needs. 

Maxwood is the distributor of market-leading brand Kotobuki seating, which offers a complete array of ergonomic, functional seating solutions appropriate for a broad range of educational and entertainment purposes. The Kotobuki range is known for its durable construction, natural posture-support, and innovative flexible stacking and storage design. Available in a range of colours and styles, with upholstered finishes available, Kotobuki stacking and linking chairs complete the look of any classroom, theatre or stadium. 

Maxwood is a leading distributor of supremely functional retractable seating fit-out, appropriate to a range of purpose-specific contexts. The system is safe, easy to use, and provides ultimate flexibility in seating configurations, making it ideally suited to schools, theatres and sports facilities. Quality materials and thoughtful design promise durability and ensure that seating is a visually attractive feature of any space. The range includes bench-style, backed, and individual seating, offering the complete choice in seating construction. The range of banked-style seating, with its smart stacking function, provides a unique solution to the optimisation of classroom, stadium or theatre space. 

The sleek design of the Propell Series 2 seating allows for the sophisticated fitout of any educational space. The moulded seating design is engineered for auditorium use, and is available in high strength polypropylene shell with upholstered seat and backpad. The Series may include the Writmatic Tablet arm, and is  fully customisable to suit the requirements of any venue. Built in house by trained craftspeople in Queensland, the Series is high quality and extremely durable. 

Fagaleo Custom combines function with affordability in its Studia Series of fixed seating furniture. The moulded seating design, created specifically for lecture or entertainment seating use, assures comfort, and comes in upholstered as well as plastic finish. The Series may include the Writmatic Tablet arm, and is  fully customisable to suit the requirements of any venue. Built in house by trained craftspeople in Queensland, the Series is high quality and extremely durable.  

Fagaleo Custom combines function with an attractive visual impact in its Newport Timber Series of fixed seating. Featuring a custom timber back available in a range of wood finishes, the Newport Timber Series can provide a unique look to any venue. Like all Fagaleo’s fixed seating models, the Series can feature the sought-after Writmatic Tablet arm, and is  fully customisable to suit the requirements of any venue. Built in house by trained craftspeople in Queensland, the Series is of premium quality and high durability. 

Established in 1976, Fagaleo Custom is a completely Australian-owned company specialising in the design, manufacture, and installation of quality custom furniture. Fagaleo Custom’s flexible manufacture techniques allow the company to construct furniture specifically tailored to meet the needs of a particular venue or space. In-house craftspeople and the use of the best materials ensure that Fagaleo Custom provides a premium quality product of sleek design and excellent durability. 

Camatic Seating fuses durability, space efficiency and comfort in its innovative Quantum range of educational furniture. Intelligent ergonomic design has allowed Camatic to develop this seating system as the most comfortable of its kind, while its revolutionary beam mount system ensures even seat spacing and allows for easy configuration changes. Quality materials and rigid fixings ensure extreme durability and little to no maintenance. The range is available in a number of models, including the 850 Notebook, 850 Upholstered, simplified 850 D2, and extended legroom 850 Lectra, to suit the budget and needs of any institution. 

Designed with conferences, lectures, and conventions in mind, the Evoke Range of lecture furniture offers optimal function in seating design. The range features a fixed-back tilted chair is constructed to ensure user comfort, while the tablet attachment is ergonomically designed to allow for writing ease. Available in standard, space-efficient Evoke Compact, and simplified Evoke Jot models, the range involves highly-durable individually moulded seat and backrest cushions, and a beam mounting system that offers ultimate flexibility in seating configuration. 

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