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Manufacturers and distributors of desks, tables, computer desks, counters, lecture pullout desks, tablet arms and workstations, for the education sector.

Resource Furniture stocks a wide range of educational furniture, including chairs, desks, tables, visual aids, and display and storage furniture. With more than 30 years of expertise, Resource Furniture understands what a learning environment requires.

The leading supplier of library shelving and furniture to tertiary, public and school libraries in Australia, Resource Furniture has over 30 years experience of supplying commercial furniture, shelving systems and accessories to government and private sector clients. Always focusing on how to humanise spaces so that they connect with people, Resource Furniture creates workwise environments.

Maxwood is the distributor of market-leading brand Kotobuki seating, which offers a complete array of ergonomic, functional seating solutions appropriate for a broad range of educational and entertainment purposes. The Kotobuki range is known for its durable construction, natural posture-support, and innovative flexible stacking and storage design. Available in a range of colours and styles, with upholstered finishes available, Kotobuki stacking and linking chairs complete the look of any classroom, theatre or stadium. 

Maxwood is a leading distributor of supremely functional retractable seating fit-out, appropriate to a range of purpose-specific contexts. The system is safe, easy to use, and provides ultimate flexibility in seating configurations, making it ideally suited to schools, theatres and sports facilities. Quality materials and thoughtful design promise durability and ensure that seating is a visually attractive feature of any space. The range includes bench-style, backed, and individual seating, offering the complete choice in seating construction. The range of banked-style seating, with its smart stacking function, provides a unique solution to the optimisation of classroom, stadium or theatre space. 

RE Batger manufactures an impressive range of standard and custom built cupboards specifically for educational spaces. Cupboards are high-quality Australian designed and constructed with the classroom in mind, with adjustable shelving for flexible use, lockable doors, and in select models, additionally featuring pinboard, whiteboard, or chalkboard panelling. A selection of heights and colours allows for complete choice in the construction of a particular classroom. 

RE Batger manufactures market-leading storage, seating and display furniture specifically for the modern library. Units include book trolleys, bins and display, pod-style comfort seating, and shelving units. Quality construction and design promise optimal function and durability, while options for varying sleek finishes create the desired look for any library. 

RE Batger provides a number of purpose-specific display furniture appropriate to contemporary educational spaces. Its range of conventional whiteboards, pin boards, and mobile display units are manufactured to a high standard and meet the particular needs of the classroom. The furniture is available in a range of styles and colours, and additionally provides option for custom design. 

RE Batger manufactures a complete range of premium quality student desks of exceptional durability and thoughtful design, specifically constructed for the needs of particular educational spaces. Available in varying sizes, colours and styles, including single- and dual- student capacity, mobile models, and collaborative desks, any classroom is accommodated for. 

RE Batger offers the complete range of high-quality, educational context specific seating. Comfort is assured in its range of ergonomically-designed chairs, each of which is constructed with a particular environment in mind – whether it be kindergarten, high school or university. Resilient plastic and steel construction ensure durability, while the impressive spectrum of colours available allows a seating system to be matched to the particular aesthetic requirements of any educational space. 

EFI Furniture’s provides an ideal seating solution to educational and entertainment spaces in its extremely durable, attractive SG13-2800B model of retractable seating. The unit is available as part of a fully customisable seating design configuration which can be adjusted to the required height, width, and colours of the venue owner. 

EFI Furniture provides a uniquely sophisticated solution to lecture seating in its SG12-980B model of retractable seating. The cushioned seating and armrest allows for maximum comfort appropriate to a lecture theatre space. Along with the rest of EFI Furniture’s retractable seating range, this model of flexible seating configuration is available to be fitted to the required height and width of a particular venue, and is available in a range of upholstery options and colours. 

EFI Furniture is a family business with over 25 years’ experience providing high-quality, purpose-specific furniture, including for schools and offices. EFI uses only top grade materials to ensure premium construction, and provides a complete service incorporating expert advice and custom design to satisfy particular customer requirements. 

Winner of the 2012 Australian International Designer Award, Reed Furniture’s Goggle Chair range is the ideal fusion of ergonomics, aesthetics, and function. The chairs, available in four point or cantilever models, are stackable, easy to clean, and durably constructed, while the shell has soft cushioning as well as pronounced lumbar support to promote good posture while maintaining maximum user comfort. The Goggle range is available in an array of sizes and colours to suit any educational space. 

Reed Furniture distributes an impressive range of quality storage and display solutions suitable for any classroom, library, or other educational context. Designed for function, models feature adjustable shelving for flexibility, durable construction, and excellent storage capacity. Reed meets classroom-specific display and storage needs in models such as the Big Book Stand, made for early learning purposes, pigeonhole units, and classroom bag lockers. 

Manufacturing an impressive array of standard and custom tables, Reed Furniture is capable of meeting the requirements of any classroom or university fitout. Models range from foldable exam tables, to collaboration-specific tables designed to optimise flexible learning. Suitable for individual and group purposes, all tables feature strong steel frame construction for high durability, and are available in a range of colours and finishes. 

Reed Furniture stocks a complete array of seating systems designed for the contemporary Australian classroom. A number of styles are available, including cantilever, four-point, and swivel models, with additional variability in colour and finish options, to accommodate the needs of kindergartens, high schools, and universities. Its range of posture chairs are fully compliant with current Australian ergonomic standards, Reed seating options promise comfort, safety, and optimal student concentration. 

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