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Manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of upholstery for clubs, restaurants, hotels and offices including fabric, leather and vinyl upholstery, waterproof upholstery, upholstery textiles, upholstered wall panels and custom made upholstery.

Fabricut has grown into one of the largest, most progressive distributors of decorative fabrics in the world, offering over 58,000 choices in fabrics, trimmings and wallpapers. Fabricut is a “go to” brand offering an instant solution to almost any brief.

At Austex our commitment to quality is not limited to the performance of our products but extends to the concerns of the environment. Soho Allure is a greener alternative to vinyl (PVC) and leather both in production and aftercare. Soho Allure has a solid 100% high density polyurethane surface that outperforms all other synthetics. Unlike other traditional P.U’s that do not stretch, Soho Allure has been developed with a unique four way stretch backing. The manufacturing process is like no other synthetic on the market. The ultimate textile choice with outstanding performance in high traffic areas.

Providing acoustic insulation while maintaining the visual appeal of an upholstered fabric finish, Novawall is an innovative textile wall and ceiling system. The fabric panels can be used in a range of environments from corporate to educational, lending style and performance to any context. Suitable for mounting on existing surfaces or as a freestanding temporary divider, the Novawall is a high-performance and cost efficient means of redefining an interior space.

The flexible and durable textile system offers easy maintenance and exact pattern matching, alongside a 5 year warranty. Sleek, impeccably finished, and supplied in a broad selection of colours, finishes, and textures, the Novawall is highly versatile and customisable to suit any brief. Installation is carried out at the project site, ensuring that all panels fit precisely to site conditions, thus eliminating unsightly ‘tolerances’ required with the use of factory-manufactured panels.

Sophisticated long banquette bench seating in a dark brown leather beautifully compliments the soaring ceilings and tropical space created in the welcoming cocktail bar. In the restaurant, quality Italian leather seats, loose bolsters in a salmon toned intricate weave set against soft grey herringbone wall paneling creates an intimate, cosy space.

As part of the “Going Places, Sitting Down” and “Light Play” installations, The Seatery were commissioned to build an upholstered tunnel that was safe, strong and aesthetically pleasing for children to climb through and play upon as well as a bright, welcoming cone for children to explore. The Seatery focussed on strength and hardwearing fabrics to complete these works, which stood up to 1000 children a day climbing, playing and exploring.

To complement this outstanding building design, a relaxing staffing area was created. The Seatery provided upholstery for unusual semicircular shaped banquette seats in an exquisite Italian annaline leather fabric in bright caramel, highlighted with aesthetic stitching as a centrepiece of the design. Different shaped in a tangram puzzle were a feature of another recreational area for staff, whilst slimline booth seating in a bright lime green helped to create a striking space in one of the reception areas.

This rooftop terrace was intended as a retreat nestled above the fracas of its inner suburban environment. The space needed to bring entertainment opportunities to the forefront and needed some cleverly integrated seating and storage opportunities. The Seatery was commissioned by H2O Designs to meet the architect’s vision for this urban rooftop space – providing the highest quality upholstery for the extensive seating required.

Aiming to bring a brighter, more open aspect to the typical library setting, The Seatery provided bright lime green study and reading booths recessed into bookshelves, lending a distinctive, modern tone to the library. Banquette seating areas with matched throw cushions and ottomans upholstered in black, green and beige fabrics combine functionality and elegance. The project was completed in an extremely tight, two month time frame.

The Seatery offers an extensive range of quality fashion fabrics, leather or vinyl to create the lifestyle look to suit customers’ homes. The Seatery works in consultation with their customers to select the most suitable spring system, padding and cushion fill to create the desired look and feel of a piece. The Seatery’s furniture is comfortable and luxuriant with layers of padding on the frame which also prevents fabric abrasion. Loose covers can be made to suit any existing furniture, creating a fresh new look.

Whether it be wall paneling, booths, islands, lounges or ottomans, The Seatery designs and builds upholstery to fit with architectural themes in venues as diverse as restaurants, clubs, hotels, and galleries. The highest quality fabrics, leather and cushioning are hallmarks of The Seatery designs.

Beautiful, durable and flexible are just a few words that describe Sunbrella’s indoor furnishing fabrics. The fabrics can withstand the reddest wines with favourable stain proof qualities. Fabric designs are also stylised to match Sunbrella’s outdoor furnishing range so that a cohesive look can be maintained when transitioning from the interior to the exterior.

Sunbrella brings exterior spaces to life with their collection of outdoor living fabrics. Whether it be for upholstery or drapery, Sunbrella has an option for all with designs tailored to match their indoor furnishing range. Like all other Sunbrella outdoor fabrics, this range is fade and UV resistant and in addition, maintenance is low as the products are also stain and mould proof.  

Our range of high performance indoor/outdoor fabrics is manufactured from the revolutionary new Flyer yarn. The intrinsic qualities of Flyer give these beautiful fabrics enhanced wearability, easy care and suitability for outdoor use. Most importantly the quality is environmentally friendly.  

High Performance Features include:  

Suitable for outdoor use with high resistance to sunlight, sea-water and chlorine

+ Hardwearing– 40,000 Martindale rubs suitable for heavy domestic and commercial use

+ Excellent colourfastness

+ High pilling resistance

+ Resistant to mould and bacteria

+ Easy care – washable at 40C Fire resistance qualities

+ Environmentally friendly and 100%  recyclable, non toxic, non allergenic and energy saving manufacturing process

Our vinyl wallcoverings include stunning animal textured skins featuring crocodile, ostrich and snakeskin as well as a contemporary collection featuring intense metallic brushed effects. All featured wallcoverings are made in Italy and are suitable for domestic and high use commercial space.

Our large range of vinyl upholsteries have the following features:

+         Many novelties, decorative and leather looks.

+         High performance

+         Easy care, with some qualities graffiti proof.

+         Many qualities nature friendly

+         Mildew resistant

+         FR Treatment available to meet AS1530 parts 2 and 3

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