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ESP Technology Compact Computer Juke Box with Touch Screen allows the user to choose from thousands of music hits while also playing chart-topping MTV-style video-clips, either one-at-a-time or continuously without a gap between songs. The Touch Screen is user-friendly, enabling the user to continue programming while the music is still playing, to ensure non-stop music. The ESP Technology Compact Computer Juke Box with Touch Screen can also be turned in to a Karaoke player, selecting from an extensive library of karaoke music.

The Elation Event Panel System is an ideal LED lighting display fixture for far flung stage productions and lighting, because it runs on battery power, with an eight-hour battery life to last through an entire show or exhibition without any interruptions. The Elation Event Panel makes use of 288 ’10 mm’ ultrabright LEDs, coordinated by nboard programming, and can also be controlled by DMX, allowing for selection of a choice of colours. The life of LED has been rated to be 100000 hrs, and a rechargeable battery pack is also included.

40 degree Beam Angle + Output Distance: 130 to 165 ft. + Seamless RGB color mixing + Built-in power supply + LCD DMX Display with four-button menu + Fourteen built-in programs + 2 V power supply included for charging battery + Sound controlled through built-in microphone

Connections: 3 pin XLR + Dimensions: 178 X 428 X 428 mm + Weight: 3.2 Kg + Battery life: 8 hours + Effects: Smooth RGB color mixing, color strobing, and 0-100% dimming

The Behringer 2700w Power Amplifier, better known as EP1500, is an exceptionally musical power amplifier which is capable of heavy-duty use, making it ideal for professional sound amplification and reproduction. Behringer Power Amplifiers are reliable and tough, constructed for a long life-span and consistenr performance. Every Behringer 2700w Power Amplifier range has an generous power supply, high headroom and a low-noise toroidal transformer.

The B52 1200w Three Piece Active System – better known as Matrix 2000 – comprises two 12-inch 2-way speakers and an 18-inch subwoofer which generates 1200 W of “earth shaking power”. This is a truly professional speaker system, which combines simple operation with rugged performance. The subwoofer enclosure has been equipped with 3-channel amplifier, as well as the electronics needed for running the system. The electronic circuitry has also been fin tuned, to ensure that the 2-way speakers provide the finest possible sound.

Output level/power: Sub 600 W @ 8Ω; Satellite: 300 W @ 4Ω + Horn: 1-inch Titanium compression driver + X over point: Sub120 Hz; 24 dB per Octave (active). Satellite 2KHz 12 dB per Octave (passive) + Audio Input: XLR female + Frequency Response: Sub 30-120 Hz + Weight: Sub 75Kg, Satellite 20Kg

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