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The Multeos 46-inch Full HD LCD Display delivers true high definition 1920 x 1080 of picture quality. This system has ultimate colour and clarity along with its own stunning representation, has been styled by one of the world’s leading industrial designers, and has rock solid reliability and performance unmatchable with other systems. The display sets the benchmark for home theatre displays around the world.

The LCD 195WVXM 19-inch MultiSync Widescreen Monitor is a feature rich flat panel display ideal for corporate environments. It has a wide format screen which expands and allows for multiple application windows, and built in speakers that are integrated into the bottom of the cabinet, ading multimedia excitement to the desktop computing experience without any addition to the display design.

The NEC MultiSync Full HD LCD 8205 is a professional grade display which displays big screen performance and capabilities for corporate and digital signage applications. Its sheer size captures the attention of the audience both near and far. It has high definition resolution, with lightning quick response times and with the widest possible viewing angles and high brightness and contrast. The image and messaging quality means that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off the screen, and such a high level of performance can make the display ideal for corporate boardrooms and lobbies. These displays are also applicable in tradeshows and events, leaving a positive and lasting impression.

The LCD6520 65-inch MultiSync High Definition LCD Display is ideal for digital signage applications including transportation and corporate boardrooms. The model uses digital signage technology along with more than twenty features which enhance the display management, improving screen performance while lowering the total cost of ownership. This system has a built in expansion slot which can allow seamless integration of future third party components. It also has an exclusive panel design leading to less image persistence and a longer display life, and display management controls to lower energy consumption and save money.

LCD5710 57-inch MultiSync High Definition LCD Display is a massive screen which attracts viewers and users with its crisp visual details. . The largest professional LCD available to date, this LCD Display boasts the Digital Signage Technology Suite, and presents vivid colours with amazing brightness and contrast. There are over 20 advanced features to enhance display management and improve screen performance. The High Definition LCD Display system has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which enhances screen performance, and a digital signage technology suite with rapid response technology of 16ms and delivery of uninterrupted video.

The 40 inch NEC Multisync LCD 4020 dispalys text and images with the utmost clarity. There are more than twenty other market-leading features, including ultra thin bezel for tiled video wall configuration, and a built in expansion slot which future-proofs the screen for emerging technologies and HD resolution, allowing for seamless integration of future third party components.

The LCD2690WUXi MultiSync 26-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor delivers an entire new perspective to the desktop of the user. It has a wide format design, providing the same work area as two small sized displays, allowing one to view multiple and side by side application windows. It has a multitude of leading edge capabilities, along with a groundbreaking design. The widescreen LCD monitor has 91 percent of the colour gamut and 93.8 percent coverage of the Adobe RGB colour space. Due to NEC’s X-light Pro backlight and sensor design, the colour settings and brightness can be held over the useful features of the display.

The LCD1990SX-BK MultiSync 19-inch Thin-Frame LCD Monitor is a flat panel monitor which provides intelligent technology. The thin frame with flat panel monitor matches its aesthetic appeal with intelligent technologies. The system is ideal for professional users who demand the ultimate in performance. It has a contrast ratio of 1500:1 with XtraView + technology. With such technology, it offers some of the widest views in the industry. ColorCom reduces screen uniformity errors. The product has 12 bit programmable lookup table which provides smooth colour and hardware calibration.

LCD224WXM-BK AccuSync 22-inch Widescreen LCD Desktop Display widens a users perspective to help increase productivity whilst enlivening the senses. This desktop display has a wide format screen which offers the same work area as two smaller sized LCD screens. This allows users to work together in multiple or side by side application windows. There are also other unique add-ons such as integrated speakers and remarkable 900:1contrast ratio of widescreen LCD. This screen has Ambix digital or analogue connectivity with upgraded video cards and software along with connection to two systems and rapid response technology.

The SoundKing PA Package is a four-channel mixer accompanied by two 100 W 8-inch speakers, Mic Table, Microphone, Speaker Cables, Dust Cover, Trolley, and Stands. From the functionality point of view, the SoundKing PA Package is a truly portable PA system, that is simple to transport and set up. The PA100 consists of a seven-band EQ with feedback booster, four input channels, and various digital effects, especially designed to provide pleasant and clear audio. The PA100 is a cost-effective solution for those who need a portable PA system, with superior performance and maximum controllability.

Power: 230 V + Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz <= 1 dB + Speaker Power: 60 W + Impedance of Speaker: 4 Ohms + Sensitivity of Speaker: 95 dB + SPL of Speaker: 113 dB + EQ master: 1 X 7-band graphic equalizer

The SoundKing 28 Channel Mixing Desk is a group-functional mixing console consisting of twelve microphone inputs, eight stereo line inputs, eight AUX inputs, four group outputs with stereo L/R, and mix output channels. It also contains ALPs and DSP faders, making a versatile system that meets all the needs of a professional or commercial sound mixing application.

Phantom Power: +48 V + Effects/Control: Constructed in 24-bit, 32-program digital sound-effect processor + Channels: 28 + Input Connection: 8 stereo-line, 12 Mic, 8 stereo-Aux line input + AUX sends: 2 tape out + AUX inputs: 2 tape in + Dimensions: 110 X 470 X 830 mm + Weight: 14.3 Kg

The SoundKing 6 Channel 300w RMS Mixer includes cables, mic stand, microphone and speaker stands, and DSP fx. The addition of extra inputs with EQ provides for greater audio control, making it ideal for professional sound reproduction and enhancement in applications such as hotels, gigs, mobile DJs, karaoke, and exhibitions or public address events.

Included features/accessories: 2x FQ013B, 1x AE82FD, 2x SSA, 2x MJMJSL15H + Output Mixer: 300 W RMS Stereo @ 4 Ohms + Speaker Power: 250 W RMS

The Samson Amplifier, better known as Servo 600, is ideal for larger commercial applications where additional power is required to drive large format speakers, or multiple speaker chains. These amplifiers feature a huge ten-segment, three-color level LED meters, and independent channel volume controls. Rear panels include quarter-inch RCA and balanced input connectors and a five-way binding post, and the four-stage power protection circuitry ensures the protection and optimal performance of connected components.

300 side at 4Ω + 600 W bridged mono at 8 Ω + Dual Rack space design + Five-way binding post; and ¼-inch outputs + Ten-segment, three-color Level LED meters + Warranty: 12 months

The Pure Reliability CMY Outdoor Colour Changer Floodlight can be used to flood the exterior of an entire building with literally every colour imaginable. The 2500 W Century Colour possesses the power and smooth distribution, and proves to be an exceptionally effective projector when it comes to projecting vivid, smooth colour washes, in both indoor or outdoor applications. The Pure Reliability CMY Outdoor Colour Changer Floodlight uses a CMY, or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow colour mixing system which has the capacity to generate endless combinations of different shades and colours, and also features a shutter for strobing, blackout, and linear dimming.

Power: 50 Hz, 240 V + Power Consumption: 3100 W + DMX: six channels: Ch1: Motor Speed Adjust / Ch2: Cyan / Ch3: Yellow / Ch4: Magenta / Ch5: Dimmer / Ch6: Auto color changing + Beam Angle: 45 degrees X 65 degrees + Effects / Control: Standalone + Shutter / Dimmer: Mechanical strobe effect and mechanical dimming 1 – 100% + Colours: CMY colour mixing + Output power / level: 2500W lamp + Rated lamp life: 600Hrs + Ventilation: 2 fans + Weight: 70Kg + Dimensions: 770mm (H) X 500mm (L) X 720mm (W)

The Montarbo 600w RMS Subwoofer produces exceptionally high sound pressure levels, and therefore has increased sonic quality compared to any other standard speaker system. The 18-inch woofer includes a MosFet class AB power amplifier which has been rated at 900 W peak, 600 W continuous. This dedicated processor protects the speaker and amplifier against overloads, and the built-in, stereo-high slope electronic cross-over allows for integration of the subwoofer with almost any sound system.

Frequency Response: 37 Hz-100 Hz + Sensitivity: 100 dB + Woofer: 18 inches + Electronic Cross Over: Stereo 100 Hz, 24 dB/Oct + Amplifier: Class AB, MosFet, controlled by active, dynamic cross over + Output Power: 900 W Peak, 600 W RMS

Montarbo 400w bi-Amped Powered Speakers are made from high-density polyethylene and include six fly points to ensure safe, rapid, and flexible assembling. Low weight-to-performance ratio also makes this system them the perfect choice with regards to touring systems and exhibitions or travelling trade shows. Montarbo 400w bi-Amped Powered Speakers can be used in broad range of outdoor as well as indoor applications, while still maintaining the same exceptionally accurate sound reproduction, especially when utilised as a major system for theatre, live music performances, public address, conferences, or even as stage monitor.

Max SPL: 128 dB + Electronic Cross Over: 1600 Hz/24 dB Octave + Sensitivity: 100 dB SPL @ 1 W/1 m + Frequency Response: 45 Hz to 20 KHz + Construction: Heavy Duty Polyethylene Cabinet + Woofer: 12-inch Neodymium magnet woofer + Power: 300 +/- 100 W + Bass: 450 W peak, 300 W RMS + Weight: 18.5 Kg + Mid/High: 150 W peak, 100 W RMS

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