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B&H Australia has been an innovator in visual communications technology, bringing to its clients individual solutions for particular environments – be it the classroom, boardroom, reception area, home theatre, or full lecture theatre. Personalised design, service, after sales support, and maintenance are all part of the package, and come at affordable prices.

Striving to not only meet, but to exceed client expectations, explains why some of Australia’s “Top 500” companies have chosen B&H as their partner for presentation solutions.

When looking for a projector, control system, plasma screen, PA system, or any audio visual equipment, for purchase, installation or hire, B&H is the answer for an innovative AV solution.

Innovative AV solutions today and into the future…

Today’s complex and varied business environments demand top quality delivery of information by the correct means to serve the surroundings. Quality, simplicity, and reliability – these are the keys to a successful outcome. B&H Australia has partnered with world-recognised presentation and audio visual manufacturers to ensure that it delivers the goods!

Expertise in AV systems has been demonstrated across Australia in many project fields: conference centres, board rooms, cinemas, schools, aged care facilities – in fact, anywhere where groups of people gather to learn or be informed.

B&H offers a tailored solution, designed to specific project requirements. Their experience if providing quality AV solutions includes integrating network graphics or video information into one high resolution projected display.

Since 1987, B&H Australia have supplied presentation, audio-visual and integration solutions to the Australian marketplace. In addition to hardware, the company provides a host of services including design engineering, project maintenance, installation and maintenance, on-site demonstrations, and on-site training. Operating under the slogan ‘the quality and after-sales support will be remembered long after the price has been forgotten’, Australian owned and operated B&H has wide application in the classroom, boardroom, reception area, home theatre, or full lecture theatre.

To satisfy the use of technology as a core learning outcome, East Coast Audio Visual offers a range of products to aid schools in achieving this. This is vital as part of the 21st century curriculum as many teaching materials are now online and these systems are increasingly integrated into daily life. East Coast Audio Visual manufactures interactive whiteboards for classrooms, outdoor audio visual systems and projection technology for school halls.

Combining a comprehensive content library with a digital delivery system, the Digital Video Commander for Schools is East Coast Audio Visual’s fully digital content distribution network.

In keeping with an increasing reliance on technology in contemporary educational institutions, the system’s key features include: free-to-air television recording, a high capacity fully indexed video clip repository, copyright management of digital and non-digital media and content, and transmission to PCs or set-top boxes through existing IP networks.

Seamlessly integrating distribution, storage, and organisational systems, the Digital Video Commander is suitable for all educational institutions from primary through to tertiary.

Crestron control systems by East Coast Audio Visual provide optimum AV control and integration for environments with complex audio-visual requirements, whether in an auditorium, council chamber or lecture theatre. Centralising control over various forms of media, the Crestron combines comfort and security within one discreet, touch-control panel. 


Compatible with DVD players, projectors, audio devices, lighting, drapes, and security cameras, the system is highly functional and truly versatile. An electronic whiteboard connected to the Crestron panel allows live annotation, while fully integrated tools for multi-media presentations and remote meetings guarantee exemplary presentation and collaboration experiences. 

East Coast Audio Visual have combined cutting edge technology with creativity to design a versatile range of products that enhances levels of productivity and interaction in the meeting room. An expansive product catalogue of audio visual solutions includes projectors and wall mounted displays alongside remote keyboards and mice, allowing for wireless interaction.

For mind mapping and team brainstorms an interactive touchscreen whiteboard is unbeatable, and features wireless sharing and printing capabilities. Committed to delivering an unrivalled customer experience and the latest in technology, East Coast Audio Visuals is certain to have the solution to any workplace audio visual requirement. 

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into everyday life within the workspace, East Coast Audio Visual have developed a range of products to cater for the increasing reliance on teleconferencing and telecommunications.

A broad range of customisable audio and visual products boasts numerous features that are certain to enhance the teleconferencing experience in any corporate setting. From optimum microphone sensitivity to acoustic echo suppression and background noise cancelling, East Coast Audio Visual conferencing products are designed with the user firmly in mind. Catering for any set of requirements and budget, the company provides a comprehensive client consultation service, ensuring the best solutions are delivered for every project.

East Coast Audio Visual (ECAV) is a premium provider of Professional Audio Visual Solutions & Services. Leveraging people and systems has become more challenging & faster paced with demands placed on all of us to more effectively communicate and collaborate.

Modern day Audio Visual is about fitting the right technology into a physical space to deliver content that will inform, educate and inspire.   Well thought out & planned AV best leverages ICT Systems by integrating with the organisation’s devices, applications and infrastructure. ECAV provides total end-to-end solutions for our clients by providing the understanding, knowledge, recommendations, installation and ongoing maintenance from the most simple AV system, to those with the highest performance expectations and complexity.

AV implementations often form part of a new building fit-out so they need to align with the construction process; from complementing the architect’s style, working with other building trades and through to on-going operation.

From Corporate and Government ICT Departments, to Education, to Fit-out & Construction companies and ICT Service Provider partners – ECAV brings together deep understanding of AV Technology & People to create outstanding solutions.

Based on the North Shore of Sydney, and started in 1994; ECAV works with clients across Australia and the world.

Our Sonance Landscape Series is a totally scalable outdoor speaker system that delivers perfectly-even coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any sized space. SLS provides jaw-dropping sonic performance from small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers that are hidden completely out of sight amongst plants and under foliage.

SLS Systems

  • Systems provide optimal amount of Subs and Sats for a predetermined amount of space.
  • More cost effective as a package with Subs, Sats, and Amp.
  • System is expandable to accommodate more Sats or Subs if needed.
  • Sonance offers customized SLS design and layout services.  

Please contact us to design the optimal system for your space

iPort has announced new additions to its LaunchPort and Control Mount categories for use with Apple’s new iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display.

Already in use in commercial and residential settings around the world, this next generation of LaunchPort and Control Mount products are accommodating user needs as they adapt to a new group of Apple products.

iPort’s innovative line of LaunchPort inductive charging and magnetic mounting systems for the iPad adds two new products: the AP.5 Sleeve for iPad Air and the AM.2 Sleeve for the iPad mini with Retina Display. The AP.5 Sleeve has been completely refreshed from the inside-out to reduce thickness and weight, making it the thinnest LaunchPort Sleeve in the line. The resulting Sleeve seamlessly accommodates the ultra-thin iPad Air. 

iPort is also expanding its Control Mount series of elegant in-wall iPad mounts with the addition of Control Mount Air for iPad Air. Control Mount allows iPads to be used in commercial settings as a digital signage solution, and in residential spaces as a home automation control center.

Control Mount Air shares the same minimalist aesthetic as the Control Mount Mini for iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina Display, and its bezel can be custom painted to match the Control Mount to a room’s décor. In addition, the proprietary VoltPort™ technology allows for installation of a Control Mount Air up to 400 feet from a power source with the right power supply, utilizing either CAT or 2-conductor cable for power runs.

For more information on the iPort’s LaunchPort and Control Mount products contact our Custom Installation team

The new Gefen 4×1 Multiview Seamless Switcher for HDMI is the perfect solution for displaying content from four Hi-Def sources on one HDTV display. Each of the windows can be individually scaled and positioned on the screen as desired. Seamless switching ensures no frame loss during window and picture transitions. This product is HDCP compliant, and input and output resolutions up to 1080p are supported. 

Audio from any of the four HDMI sources can be selected for playback via IR, RS-232, or IP. Five default factory presets provide most commonly used arrangements of windows on a display, including single window output. Five additional preset buttons allow the user to store and recall custom-configured window arrangements. All ten presets, source selection, Power on, Lock, and menu navigation control buttons are accessible via front panel and the handheld IR remote control, as well as RS-232 and IP (web server interface, Telnet, and UDP). An intuitive on-screen Graphical User Interface simplifies system configuration. The Gefen Multiview Seamless Switcher is a great solution for small and large commercial venues that require content from multiple entertainment and signage sources simultaneously displayed on a single display.

Connect with executives across the globe with Amber Technology’s business and education audio visual products. Able to provide complete system solutions for the most demanding boardroom, educational & home theatre installations, as well as advanced portable projectors for the executive on the move, the Business and Education division offers cutting edge technology combined with effective control solutions to allow anyone to operate todays modern meeting room.

In an increasingly competitive, diverse and demanding broadcast market, the right choice of equipment is critical to success. At Amber Technology, the range of broadcast solutions has been carefully selected to deliver 24/7 performance & reliability with maximum flexibility & efficiency – all supported by an engineering team with the experience and expertise to match.

From the rock arena and concert hall to the finest recording studios and broadcast facilities, Amber Technology delivers the world’s most advanced live performance technologies. Whether you’re looking for precision microphones, recording equipment, or the world’s finest interfaces and stage tools, Amber Technology’s range of professional on-stage solutions will enhance every aspect of your music.

Enjoy the highest quality entertainment experience without leaving the comfort of your own home with Amber Technology’s home entertainment products. Incorporating first class engineering and state-of-the-art technology, the entire product range is designed to deliver only the very best solutions to your home cinema. From top-of-the-range speakers and headphones, to innovative multi-room AV, automation and lighting, right down to quality remote controls, cables and accessories, Amber Technology has the home entertainment solution you need.

The UniVox PLS-100 Loop Amplifier is designed for use in various professional applications which require secure operation and high performance stability. The UniVox PLS-100 Amplifier is completely short-circuit proof, with balanced, programmable, and extremely high-quality, reliable output, along with XLR-inputs to fulfil all the requirements of a professional sound reproduction application. Output-controlled and dual action AGC for continuous field strength ensure stable sound, with high-speech perception, even in harsh environments, and a built-in monitor output makes it easy to check the loop sound quality.

Short-circuit proof + 2 balanced, programmable XLR-inputs + High-quality, well-proven loop technology + Magnetic field can be simply monitored via a loudspeaker/earphone + 3 LEDs: indicating loop current, input level, and mains power + 1 phono input + 2 line outputs + High Output Current: 60 A p-p, 11 A RMS + Fulfils IEC 60118-4: 2006 standard

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