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Manufacturers and distributors of education furniture and products, including desks, chairs, lecturns, lecture seating, blackboards, whiteboards, lecture hall AV equipment, and acoustic products.

Tailored to the home theatre enthusiast and commercial AV market alike, Helsyn projection screens are a premium quality product. All fixed frame screens have a flocked velour finish for a crisp edge to the image, while motorised screens come with IR remotes, 12 volt triggers for ease of integration, and elasticated curved sides to ensure the image stays flat for years. With high gain video fabric, and superior flat-lying qualities over the entire range, get the image that your home cinema deserves.  

An AV system unique to DIB Australia, DiscoveryLab is a tool for lesson recording and teacher feedback, and is an invaluable aid in professional and teaching development.

The audio and visual content of entire lessons can be recorded for later playback by students or teachers, allowing review of lessons or identification of teaching areas requiring improvement. DiscoveryLab can also be used to record meetings and feedback sessions and eliminate the need for note taking, with data saved in MP4 format and able to be shared with USB compatible devices.

Compatible with Windows 8 software and reflecting the latest in classroom audio visual technology, this interactive projector from Epson is the ideal classroom display system. Touch and pen-based interactive capabilities allow teachers and students to draw, collaborate, and navigate through images projected onto any wall or other vertical surface.

Featuring an intuitive plug and play operating system and 3 LCD projectors for 3300 lumen colour projection, the projector facilitates student engagement and class interaction.

Easy to use and offering a wealth of educational features, the eBeam Edge seamlessly integrates into the analogue classroom. Lightweight and compact, the digital stylus transforms any whiteboard or wall into an interactive teaching space, and combines the latest in hardware and software to eliminate lag times between pen and pixel.

The eBeam Edge allows the largest projection area currently on the market, with a 2.7m x 1.5m coverage area. The device is supplied with a receiver, stylus, and USB cable, and is quick and easy to install.

Cordless, lightweight, and battery-free, Wacom Interactive pens can be used to remotely control interactive whiteboards or transform ordinary projection screens into interactive workspaces. 

The pens are available in black, white, or silver, and are compatible with Wacom graphics tablets for digital illustration and note taking. The broad selection of Wacom Interactive products is certain to address any interactive workspace need, and make a valuable addition to any contemporary classroom. 

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