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The Cencon ATM Cash Vault Security System from Kaba Mas is designed to combat insider theft from ATMs through the combined use of lock hardware, systems software and Smart Keys™. Cencon offers total access control and accountability with its One Time Combination™ feature.

The One Time Combination is dispatched from a central location and cannot be reused at a later date, thus eliminating temptation.

Unique software allows you to control and monitor tens, hundreds, even thousands of locks located anywhere in the world – from one central location.

Cencon is a revolutionary and cost-effective solution to today’s most serious security challenges.

This electronic safe lock is especially suitable for applications where high security, multiple users, traceability and flexibility is required.

The Axessor IP electronic safe lock is an intelligent motor-bolt lock with integrated terminals used e.g. to connect to an alarm center. Further it provides network capability. Easy remote configuration and supervision can be performed.

This way, cost reduction in operation are achieved. It incorporates the latest technical advances and meets all recognized safety standards.

  • Lockout after 4 false codes
  • Lock with motor bolt dead bolt, integrated relocker etc.
  • Conventional electronic combination lock
  • One time combination code
  • Programming via the input unit

dormakaba electronic hotel locks personify an unwavering commitment to deliver innovative solutions designed expressly for the lodging market. All our RFID locks are mobile access compatible allowing guests to access their room using a keycard or mobile device. Smart room automation is another key benefit realized with RFID contactless technology. Hotels seeking to accentuate guest convenience while improving operational efficiency choose dormakaba for exceptional features, outstanding value and peerless quality.

Time and attendance recording and employee communication at its best


The dormakaba Terminal 97 00 sets standards in function and design. And it also saves energy thanks to the proximity sensor. The versatile modular solution stands for modern and easy time and attendance recording, smart access management and targeted employee communication. You can configure the user interface as you like. The display can be designed in the company look, with customised background images, colours, signal sounds, apps and (multimedia) content. Additional options like a biometric reader or camera round off the flexible system that can be customised to corporate requirements.


  • Perfect form and function
  • Brilliant 7” touchscreen
  • Attractive standard interface
  • Freely configurable user interface (with company CD, for instance)
  • Company-specific app integration
  • Power-saving proximity sensor
  • Supports current RFID readers
  • Power supply options: 230V AC, 24V DC and Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • Video function
  • WLAN and mobile connection
  • Integration-friendly software proven thousandfold
  • Network integration via Ethernet interface
  • Easy set-up thanks to 1-click installation
  • Optional biometric reader
  • Optional camera system
  • Compatible with predecessor versions


  • The multifunction terminal 97 00 is available in three versions:
  • The starter version of Terminal 97 20 already includes all functions you need for reliable time and attendance data recording in your company.
  • The standard version of Terminal 97 40 additionally offers use of access control functions including door monitoring and control and linking of offline door components via CardLink
  • Terminal 97 60 comes with an uninterruptible power supply so you are best equipped in the event of power failure. The premium version has a camera and can manage up to 10,000 employees.

Ci is an unrivalled design resource for large format LED display. Among Ci’s notable achievements in the technology are Australia’s best stadium LED (MCG/Etihad), best light transparent media façade (Emporium) and Australia’s most impressive shopping centre LED screen examples, both indoor and outdoor (QIC, Stocklands, Vicinity). Ci’s specialty is business-critical permanent display.

Ci offers access to the best range of such product in the world, from the affordable to the state of the art, and is endorsed as a project partner for all leading brands.

To receive a copy of the Ci LED Booklet, email [email protected]

Legrand offers a full suite of products dedicated to the needs of the Australian ageing population, whether they are individuals wishing to live longer in their own homes (Independent Living) or in professional care facilities (Assisted Living). In Residential environments, large switches & sockets will increase comfort of users, whereas at-home-alarms provide reassurance of efficient emergency when in need. Professional care establishments will enjoy the benefits of a simple yet efficient response to patient’s call for assistance using the Neat Wireless Nurse Call System.

Legrand offers a wide range of cable management solutions including floor, wall, workstation and overhead devices.

Legrand’s lighting management is ideal for offices and other commercial applications. This system of sensors is a simpler and more cost-efficient alternative to complex building management systems. Where standalone switch sensors are suitable for managing single or multiple areas, the networked SCS sensors and room controllers are ideal for easier management of larger areas such as an entire floor of an office building. You’ll find the setting and monitoring of the sensors very easy with the mobile configurator device that allows 2-way communication: you can program a sensor as well as read how an existing sensor has been programmed.

Perfect for unit blocks, renovations or anywhere it’s difficult to run-in new cabling, or when you need a 2-way switch (like in a hallway) and additional cabling is not an option, the beautiful Arteor switches provide a genuine wireless alternative. Working on the internationally recognised ZigBee protocol, the use of an in-ceiling controller eliminates the need for additional cabling in tricky installations. This means the switchplate does not even need to be mounted on the wall in some installations; it can be kept in a drawer and used like a remote controller.

A MyHome automation system enables all the electrical functions in a home – such as lighting, air-conditioning, audio entertainment and video intercoms – to communicate with each other and be controlled together from central points. For example, a ‘Goodbye’ switch at the front door could turn off all the lights, air-conditioning, and close all the curtains.

Designed by musicians, NUVO is a state-of-the-art multi-source multi-zone distributed audio system. It offers higher quality audio streaming than popular DIY wireless

The Nuvo multi-room audio system from Legrand delivers a completely integrated approach when it comes to home audio, music streaming, outstanding sound and convenience.

For music lovers, Legrand’s state-of-the-art Nuvo multi-source, multi-zone distributed audio system can be integrated into the home automation system for an incredible, musician-designed sound experience.

With supreme quality audio streaming, the wireless player amplifiers are optimized for lossless digital signal flow. It also allows for customization across rooms, so everyone can listen to different tunes simultaneously wherever they are in the home.


Nuvo is the perfect entertainment buddy, allowing users to dim the lights, crank up the tunes and light up the garden for the ideal party setting.

  • Integrated home music system
  • Listen to different tunes simultaneously
  • Blutooth connectivity and ports to suit a broad range of inputs

Designed and made in Italy, BTicino audio and video intercoms suit all applications and budgets, from modest single homes to prestigious multi-storey apartment towers. Choose from simple single home kits, or mix and match your internal and external panels to suit the project you’re working on. These systems are the fastest and easiest to install as well as the most reliable, so you’ll save time on every job.

Legrand’s HPM’s door chimes are simple and easy to install, without an electrician. They are more effective than a knock! knock! And kinder on your wallet than a fandangle video intercom. Choose from battery operated and plug-in models.

Forget fumbling in the dark trying to find door keys or switches. Automating simple tasks, such as turning lights on and off, is super convenient, improves safety, and reduces the energy wastage. It's win, win, win! Legrand’s HPM provide light-sensitive switches, programmable switches and motion sensors. Legrand also offers motion sensors in its Excel Life range.

Legrand’s HPM make products to keep you switched on: From retro rocker switches to hardcore metal, HPM make every switch, socket, dimmer, fan controller and phone jack you'll ever need for home, work, or play. They're safe. They win awards. And HPM have got your back for any after sales service you need. HPM's range of switches includes the colourful Linea, the retro Standard and Excel, the Architectural Metal range, and the waterproof Aqua for outdoor areas.

Legrand is the world's largest manufacturer of switches and sockets; the world leader, not only in manufacturing capability, but also in the tenets of design and technology. Legrand is the only company that offers solutions for all the major international standards including American, German, British, French, Italian, Chinese and Korean, as well as Australian. From the everyday excellence of Excel Life to the sophistication of Arteor, to the customisability of Como and the durability of Soliroc, you can be confident you are choosing the most stylish, world-class products designed and manufactured meticulously for reliability, and longevity.

The Push Control system allows homeowners to operate their home technology from one portable device. Downloadable onto smart phones and tablets, this program gives householders control from the palm of their hands.

Samsung’s 31 Series 23” LED monitor is all about magic.  The state of the art monitor boasts exceptional picture quality with remarkable energy efficiency and an overall unforgettable viewing experience.  Using the highest level of contrast ratio available the Series 31 23” LED monitor is rich in colour and includes crystal-clear detail matched with 2-millisecond response time for seamless motion viewing.  The LED monitor’s ultra slim profile saves space in your room and is completely halogen and lead free to make it an eco-friendly alternative to conventional CCFL monitors.  The efficient monitor is recyclable and engineered to consume less power, reducing consumption by up to 40%.  Tonnes of features help to enhance your viewing experience, including clear views at all angles, multiple 2HDMI output, energy saving options, screen display optimisation, photographic effects and adjustable image size that can all be conveniently assigned to a customised key for easy control. 


Professional picture quality  +  Fast and clear images  +  Multiple 2HDMI outputs  +  Magic Return automatically transfers content from one monitor to another if one turns off (when using multiple monitors)  +  Magic Eco adjusts brightness depending on energy saving options: 100%, 75% and 50%  +  ColourEffect for photographic effects on monitor  +  Adjustable image size  +  Customisable key  +  MagicBright 3 optimised screen display based on mode chosen  +  Tilt function  


547 x 405 x197mm (With stand)  +  547 x 330 x 53 mm (Without stand)  +  1920 x 1082 screen resolution   +  PC (Windows 7) and Mac compatible  +  Product weight: 3.4kg  

The ultimate in multi-zone audio solutions, CasaTunes has the ability to run 16 sources in a virtually unlimited number of rooms (including simultaneously running up to 3 tracks of a connected iPod in different rooms). With full Spotify integration, connection to thousands of radio stations, and the ability to access music stored on any hard drive in your network or any external devices plugged into the server, CasaTunes allows you to listen to what you want, when you want.  

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