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Shadewell Cedar Venetian Blinds are made from premium Canadian Western Red Cedar, which creates a warm atmosphere, ensuring comfort, privacy, style, ease of operation, and total protection from the harsh sunlight. These high quality timber blinds are available in different styles and colours to match the room temperature and decor, and in a various range of sizes depending on the size of application.

+ Made from warm-toned Canadian Western Red Cedar
+ Includes a full cedar head box, base buttons and acorns
+ Timber colours: light, medium and dark cedar
+ Finished in Danish oil, which protects from stain, paint, and lime
+ Available in 34, 46 or 60 mm wide blades
+ Optional deluxe range which has thick blades, allowing for total blind width of 3600mm.

Key features

  • Cord-free operation for safety.
  • Perfect for large windows and sliding doors.
  • Simplicity in design – the panels glide effortlessly for easy operation.
  • Design integration with the sleek, unobtrusive headrail, creating a clean and crisp appearance.
  • Some fabrics are sanitised and protected for greater stain resistance and durability.
  • Range of stacking options – left, right or centre for movement flexibility.
  • 5 Year Warranty*.
  • The headrail system combines sophisticated track technology to suit your clients’ heat, light and privacy needs.

Design options

The Elite System is the premium Panel Glide Track System, offering whisper-quiet operation and technical features that ensure operation with the lightest touch.

Verosol’s Circular Pleated Blind is a non-operational pleat designed for circular windows.

Although non-operable, the Circular Pleated Blind adds a finishing touch to a window opening that would otherwise be very difficult to accommodate.

Consider Verosol’s Metal Backed Fabrics to provide unequalled solar control in the home or office.

Shadewell Venetian Blinds are adjustable horizontal blinds which allow for excellent light control, and are a perennial favourite for their uniqueness, style and versatility. 

Shadewell venetians can easily accompany any other window dressings, depending on the selection of the colour and material, venetian blinds can also provide up to 35 percent reduction in solar access, greatly reducing energy consumption needs.


Canadian Western Red Cedar or aluminium blades + Head box, base buttons and acorns + Available in many colours and styles + Finished in Danish oil, or epoxy enamel powder coat + Available in 15mm-50mm blades+ Optional Cedar deluxe range which has thick blades, allowing for a total blind width of 3600 mm.


From common componentry across the range to quick and easy installations, the Alpha Awning Series is an ideal contemporary hardware system for the Australian market. The Alpha Awning series features a complete suite of product options including Straight Drop, Cable Guide, Side Retention System, Pivot Arm and Deep Channel.

The Alpha Awning series also features numerous operating options from basic crank systems to fully motorised awnings.


The Straight Drop Awning is a traditional awning style that uses no guides making it ideal for sun/UV protection, air flow and where channels are not suitable. This is the entry level product for the Alpha Awning Series.


The Cable Guide Awning is a great contemporary straight drop option for sun/UV protection, air flow and where channels are not suitable. The cables are high tensile 2.5mm 316 grade marine stainless steel, making them perfect for coastal applications.


The Alpha Side Retention System Awning is a premium, versatile straight drop option ideal for sun/UV protection, insect resistance, windy applications, enclosing a balcony plus creating privacy, light and heat control. The fabric is tensioned by utilising a floating channel, located within the special two piece side channel, eliminating the possibility of fabric “blow outs” or light gaps. As the fabric is held taut between the left and right channels, this system is ideal for enclosing courtyards, patios or balconies, essentially adding an extra room to the home.


The Pivot Arm Awning projects the fabric off the window, with the arms and fabric forming an arc that allows air to flow behind the awning. This allows windows to be open whilst the awning is projected. This system is a heavy duty contemporary design ideal for larger windows.


The Deep Channel Awning is a great straight drop option for sun/UV protection, windy applications, plus privacy and block out situations. This option allows up to 30mm of fabric within the channel, therefore eliminating light gaps and reducing the potential for fabric “blow outs” in windy conditions. This is a cost effective alternative to the Alpha Side Retention System Awning.


These awnings can reflect up to 90% of heat normally transmitted through a window. Aluminium also offers a high resistance to corrosion and weathering and requires minimal maintenance. Hunter Douglas Components offer both Fixed Hood and Louvre Awning options.


These awnings consist of tightly interlocking panels and concealed joints and can be made any width. They can also be mitrecut and fitted to turn corners, with the option of posts or arms for support, depending on the projection.


Louvre Awnings offer excellent protection from the elements, while allowing a breeze to enter your home when desired.

Featuring a variety of custom options, the Kona Series can be designed to suit a range of situations and shading requirements. Using simple square bar installation, the awnings can easily be installed in many different locations. Not only functional, the Kona Series focuses on stylish componentry to for a contemporary folding arm awning with designer aesthetics.


Modular design simplifying both manufacturing and installation.

Features Dyneema® tape connection for stability and strength.

User adjustable variable pitch on most models.

Heavy-duty retractable arms allow spans of up to 11 metres in width and up to 4 metres in projection.


The Kona Access Awning is an entry level folding arm awning which features compact and non-obtrusive quality components, offering a classic design in an elegant open roller style awning.


The Kona Classic Folding Arm Awning is available with a range of accessories that can be customised to suit almost any situation and décor. Utilising simple square bar installation, this product is easy to fit in a variety of different locations.


The Kona Design Folding Arm Awning showcases quality European style with designer finishes such as the pressure die casted end brackets, adding a polished, premium elegance to the awning.


The Kona Rise Folding Arm Awning features a fabric beam that creates an awning with good clearance under the inner part of the arm, allowing space for doors whilst maintaining excellent shading performance.


The Kona Semi-Cassette Folding Arm Awning design features a semi-enclosure for superior fabric protection, increasing the longevity of the awning fabric. The semi-cassette design also provides a uniform hardware look when the awning is projected and retracted, as the awning fabric on the roller tube is not visible providing a streamlined finish.


The Kona Cross-Over Folding Arm Awning is ideal for narrow spaces. It features cross-over arms enabling a larger projection on a narrow width awning, to create the same outdoor comfort and shade solution as offered by wider awnings.


The KF Awning retracts into a fully enclosed headbox providing the ultimate in hardware and fabric protection. With a projection up to 3.5 metres and a maximum width of 7 metres, this awning is suited to a variety of applications.

WHISPER® Shades Collection combines style, versatility and functionality to provide innovative cellular window covering solutions. Available in a range of operating systems and design options for ultimate light and privacy and light control, WHISPER® Shades Collection are the perfect solution for your window.


Want to save up to 32%* on your heating costs? Whisper Cellular Shades are designed with a unique honeycomb cell shape that creates pockets of energy-saving insulation. The cell construction traps air and makes it more difficult for heat energy to transfer in and out of the window, improving energy efficiency and reducing your heating and cooling costs in both Winter and Summer.


Whisper Cellular Shades are the ultimate in child safe window coverings offering innovative operating systems to enhance the safety of children and pets. Cords used to open and close blinds present a hazard to young children. Whisper Cellular Shades range have cordless and motorised operating options for an ultimate child-safe solution for your home and loved ones.


Made from anti-static durable, polyester that aids in the resistance of dust, Whisper Cellular Fabrics are easy to clean and are available in a range of colours, cell sizes and opacities. Whisper Fabrics have endured several tests to ensure their capability to withstand the test of time.


Minimal light gaps delivered by the headrail design and maximised outside views with slimline hardware and minimal stack size. Dust resistant fabrics provide easy maintenance and fabrics constructed with the unique D-Cell design ensures pleat retention.


Versatile range of innovative lifting systems suitable for various window styles including skylights and shapes.

WoodNature Blinds provide you the look of real wood, with the quality and durability of advanced technology that is resistant to discolouration and warping.

WoodNature blinds have been produced from Polystyrene for long term performance on the window. Polystyrene provides improved resistance to fading, cracking and peeling, allowing these blinds to be used in areas with high humidity, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.


The composition of WoodNature Blinds means they are easy to maintain. The slats can be easily wiped and cleaned with a damp cloth with no need to continually re-stain the blinds as you do with real wood.


WoodNature allows for wider tape spacing due to the thickness of the slats lending more strength to the overall blind. This means less tape is needed making the fabrication and installation process quicker, as well as having fewer cords visible through the blind producing a more visually appealing end result.


The V-Lift Operating System is one of the latest introductions to the Hunter Douglas hardware collection with a focus on innovative technology, child safety and quality design.

Without the need for complex release mechanisms, V-Lift allows you to raise or lower venetian blinds to any desired position by moving the bottom rail.

This is controlled by advanced motor gears designed for effortless and precise operation.

With a large range of colours, finishes and designs, Aluminium Venetians can easily be incorporated into any décor scheme.


Available in a range of modern designs and finishes in a variety of slat widths including 16mm, 25mm and 50mm.


Grouped slats that can be closed in a number of zones providing the ultimate in flexibility and comfort control.



Has been designed to eliminate light filtering through slats. The positioning of rout holes and closure of the slats provides minimal exposure of incoming light offering greater privacy and light control.


Has been designed to fit between glass panels of a double glazed window providing superior energy efficiency. Can be adjusted with a tilt control knob or remote control. Also available with an internal or external cord raise for maintenance purposes.



Raise and lower the blind by the use of a cord.


Offers a cordless operating system for the 16mm Micro and 25mm Slimline Venetian Blinds that is the ultimate child-safe control option suitable for blinds up to 4m2.

Goodearl + Bailey's internal fabric collections offer the complete styling solutions for any home or commercial project. These fabrics are available as roller blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, panel glides and curtains.* Available fabrics include Atlantic, Baltic Plus, Carnaby Plus, Kendall, Keram, Loomstate Canvas, Mansel Blockout, Mansel Translucent, Plaza Plus, Ramie, Seychelles Plus, Simbel, Sunbrella Drapery, Sunbrella ICON, Sunworker, Sunworker Open, Vue Sunscreen, Willow Screen and Zen. All of these fabrics are available in a range of colours.

For more information, and to see all the available combinations of covering type, fabric and colour, please visit Goodearl + Bailey’s website.

* Not all fabrics available for all covering types.

REVOLUTION® is the first sunscreen fabric for roller blinds in the world to be Cradle to Cradle Certified(TM) Gold.

Unlike the standard polyesters used to make conventional blind fabrics REVOLUTION® is a fabric made from PLA (polylactic acid), an ingenious bio-polymer that is 100% extracted from annually renewable plant raw materials (currently corn) rather than from oil.

REVOLUTION® meets the same performance standards as the conventional sunscreen fabrics. It is very dimensionally stable and durable, light fast comparable to PE5 , matches all polyester performance standards but at the same time less fossil fuels are used in the production of the raw materials and less greenhouse gases are produced in comparison with the traditional polymers used for synthetic fibres, and contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.

Be Revolutionary, Be Green and specify this fabric on your next Commercial Project.

The Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ Product Standard guides designers and manufacturers through a continual improvement process that looks at a product through five quality categories – material health, material reutilisation, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness.

For the best quality, Living Shade offers a range of European manufactured hanging fabric products.

Used in both commercial and residential environments, the Swedish Curtain Fabric is flame retardant, washable, low creasing, high light fastness, and recyclable. Offered in a variety of colours from topic soft to karat.

Design and personalise your living space with quality hanging fabrics with a state-of-the-art quality that lasts.

For the full range of fabric, click here

Erco Uplift blinds are an elegant motorised blind system utilised predominantly for interior rooms with unusual shaped windows and spaces, including trapezoidal, triangular or asymmetrical shapes.

The Erco Uplift blinds uses a motorised system to ascend from the base of the window to the crown, meanwhile secreting support cables for a seamless and matte appearance.

In this way, the blinds create a smooth transition from uncovered to covered, with an even surface to the naked eye due to the use of support rollers to stabilise the blinds.

Uplift blinds offer a cutting edge system that is perfect for those who value privacy and control but who don’t want to sacrifice the enormous advantages of natural sunlight.

Designed especially to cover the base of windows whilst allowing sunlight to cascade from the topmost points, Uplift blinds can easily be installed and replaced, are a durable and attractive solution to the problem of harsh sunlight.

For projects on Erco Uplift blinds by Living Shade, click here.

The Abrishade system from livingshade is a moving sunshade and solar control system compatible with waterproof fabrics for outdoor use. 

Supported on stainless steel cables and powered by a Somfy motor, Abrishade unfurls and retracts in a smooth, quiet motion. A manually operated variation is also available, with the system suitable for both internal and external mounting.

In conjunction with any livingshade textile, the Abrishade system can be used as a sunshield or blackout blind, and allows high levels of interior energy conservation.

With flat metal guides allowing horizontal or vertical mounting, ercoZIP is an unobtrusive channel system for interior roller blinds.

Compatible with fixed, motorised, or chain operated blind systems, ercoZIP is a versatile component for any interior window furnishing project.

Living Shade has a history of successful use of ercoZIP on ceiling and wall glazing in major projects such as the Martin Place Commonwealth Bank Building refurbishment and art galleries such as Garangula Art Gallery in Harden.

Suitable for windows and skylights, ercoZIP can also be combined with any of Living Shade’s technical textiles to offer protection from the elements.

You can expect the highest levels of efficiency and complete or partial sun blockage using ercoZIP, for use in corporate, home or entertainment spaces where control over the elements is key.

A sleek minimum profile of 90 x 90mm (with others up to 150 x 150mm also available) ensures that the ercoZIP is discreet and functional, complimenting any contemporary space.

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