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Our standard Folding Arm Awnings, Siena type  is the most durable, economical and versatile of the range, suitable for many different fixing structures.

The features of the standard Siena Folding Arm Awnings include:

  • Components available in 3 standard colours – White, Ivory, Silver and Onyx and can be powder coated, if required.
  • The pelmet is available in colorbond colours.
  • A wide choice of plain and striped colours are available in the recommended acrylic fabric.
  • The awnings can be operated manually from outside via a gear mechanism with detachable crank handle, or motorised with either a switch or remote control.  An automatic option is also available with wind, sun and rain sensors if required.
  • The awning can also come with a manual ‘pitch’ adjustment which adjusts the angle between horizontal to 40 degrees.
  • Sizes are available up to12 metres width with 4 metre projection.

For standard Folding Arm Awnings Melbourne residents love, call us now.

Folding Arm Awnings require no frames, beams or posts for support, leaving the below area entirely free from obstruction. Ideal for providing sun and weather protection for your patio, terrace, balcony, outdoor entertainment area, café or restaurant.

Folding Arm Awnings are a practical solution to a big problem – Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. Durable and versatile in design and suitable for many different fixing structures. These awnings are available in widths up to 12 metres with a 4 metre projection and with either a manually or electronically operated gear mechanism. A large combination of colour options are on offer, and the pitch of the awning can also be manually adjusted when in use.

All awning frames are available in a standard colour range with the options upon request.


With a colour range inspired by current trends in the Australian exterior design market, this Hunter Douglas external sunscreen range is the perfect solution for any rooms with heavy sun exposure. Featuring a symmetrical 2×2 b/asket weave, the Extraview Plus external sunscreen achieves excellent glare reduction & light control whilst maintaining an excellent view through.


Available in 13 colours

External sunscreen fabric

5% openness

1% openness is available in 5 colour options

Suitable for external contemporary drop awnings

Mildew and fungi resistant


The external Everview Plus range has undergone stringent testing to ensure it performs extremely well under Australian conditions, including heat resistance, opacity maximisation and colour UV fastness.


The Hunter Douglas Alpha Awning Series offers a seamless colour coordination with the Everview Plus External Sunscreen Fabric range. The new Everview Plus colour palette has been perfectly co-ordinated with the Alpha Awning range hardware colours.


Available in a huge range of colours and patterns for ultimate flexibility, this locally produced Hunter Douglas canvas range is highly durable and designed with superior solar properties to withstand the harsh Australian environment.


Available in 39 colours

Canvas fabric

Plain and striped patterns

Suitable for external awnings applications


DURAGUARD® Fabric Protector effectively repels most stain causing agents with its proven, water based, preventative formula. This fabric protection is totally invisible and has high levels of stain repellency. It makes cleaning and maintaining the fabric much easier.


The external canvas range has undergone stringent testing to ensure it performs extremely well under Australian conditions, including heat resistance, opacity maximisation and colour UV fastness.


Hunter Douglas Awning canvas fabric is proudly made in Australia to support the local textiles industry. Local production ensure high quality control and measures are in place for a high quality output every time.


From common componentry across the range to quick and easy installations, the Alpha Awning Series is an ideal contemporary hardware system for the Australian market. The Alpha Awning series features a complete suite of product options including Straight Drop, Cable Guide, Side Retention System, Pivot Arm and Deep Channel.

The Alpha Awning series also features numerous operating options from basic crank systems to fully motorised awnings.


The Straight Drop Awning is a traditional awning style that uses no guides making it ideal for sun/UV protection, air flow and where channels are not suitable. This is the entry level product for the Alpha Awning Series.


The Cable Guide Awning is a great contemporary straight drop option for sun/UV protection, air flow and where channels are not suitable. The cables are high tensile 2.5mm 316 grade marine stainless steel, making them perfect for coastal applications.


The Alpha Side Retention System Awning is a premium, versatile straight drop option ideal for sun/UV protection, insect resistance, windy applications, enclosing a balcony plus creating privacy, light and heat control. The fabric is tensioned by utilising a floating channel, located within the special two piece side channel, eliminating the possibility of fabric “blow outs” or light gaps. As the fabric is held taut between the left and right channels, this system is ideal for enclosing courtyards, patios or balconies, essentially adding an extra room to the home.


The Pivot Arm Awning projects the fabric off the window, with the arms and fabric forming an arc that allows air to flow behind the awning. This allows windows to be open whilst the awning is projected. This system is a heavy duty contemporary design ideal for larger windows.


The Deep Channel Awning is a great straight drop option for sun/UV protection, windy applications, plus privacy and block out situations. This option allows up to 30mm of fabric within the channel, therefore eliminating light gaps and reducing the potential for fabric “blow outs” in windy conditions. This is a cost effective alternative to the Alpha Side Retention System Awning.


These awnings can reflect up to 90% of heat normally transmitted through a window. Aluminium also offers a high resistance to corrosion and weathering and requires minimal maintenance. Hunter Douglas Components offer both Fixed Hood and Louvre Awning options.


These awnings consist of tightly interlocking panels and concealed joints and can be made any width. They can also be mitrecut and fitted to turn corners, with the option of posts or arms for support, depending on the projection.


Louvre Awnings offer excellent protection from the elements, while allowing a breeze to enter your home when desired.

Featuring a variety of custom options, the Kona Series can be designed to suit a range of situations and shading requirements. Using simple square bar installation, the awnings can easily be installed in many different locations. Not only functional, the Kona Series focuses on stylish componentry to for a contemporary folding arm awning with designer aesthetics.


Modular design simplifying both manufacturing and installation.

Features Dyneema® tape connection for stability and strength.

User adjustable variable pitch on most models.

Heavy-duty retractable arms allow spans of up to 11 metres in width and up to 4 metres in projection.


The Kona Access Awning is an entry level folding arm awning which features compact and non-obtrusive quality components, offering a classic design in an elegant open roller style awning.


The Kona Classic Folding Arm Awning is available with a range of accessories that can be customised to suit almost any situation and décor. Utilising simple square bar installation, this product is easy to fit in a variety of different locations.


The Kona Design Folding Arm Awning showcases quality European style with designer finishes such as the pressure die casted end brackets, adding a polished, premium elegance to the awning.


The Kona Rise Folding Arm Awning features a fabric beam that creates an awning with good clearance under the inner part of the arm, allowing space for doors whilst maintaining excellent shading performance.


The Kona Semi-Cassette Folding Arm Awning design features a semi-enclosure for superior fabric protection, increasing the longevity of the awning fabric. The semi-cassette design also provides a uniform hardware look when the awning is projected and retracted, as the awning fabric on the roller tube is not visible providing a streamlined finish.


The Kona Cross-Over Folding Arm Awning is ideal for narrow spaces. It features cross-over arms enabling a larger projection on a narrow width awning, to create the same outdoor comfort and shade solution as offered by wider awnings.


The KF Awning retracts into a fully enclosed headbox providing the ultimate in hardware and fabric protection. With a projection up to 3.5 metres and a maximum width of 7 metres, this awning is suited to a variety of applications.

Goodearl + Bailey provide a range of awning fabrics to suit all kinds of outdoor space. Awning fabrics are available for architectural roof systems as well as folding arm, pivot arm, vertical and fixed awnings.* Available fabrics include Astra, Brella Classic, Clear PVC, Dickson Alto, Dickson Max, Dickson Orchestra, Hunter Douglas, St Clair Arcade, St Clair Blocklight, St Clair LAC650, St Clair Sunblock, Sunbrella, Sunworker, Sunworker Cristal, Sunworker Open and Vistaweave. The Dickson collection of external window furnishing fabrics from Goodearl + Bailey features Dickson Orchestra Max fabrics, which hold an ITV Denkendorf “self-cleaning – inspired by nature” award, and Dickson Alto, an ultra fire-retardant range. These fabrics are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, giving homeowners and architects never-ending choice.

Goodearl + Bailey is a key supplier of Sunbrella in Australia, including their external window fabric range. Unlike other external furnishing fabrics, Sunbrella’s collection is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation due to its superior protection against UV rays. A study by the University of Minnesota also proved that awnings made from Sunbrella fabrics can reduce home cooling energy by 50%, making this product the obvious choice.

For more information, and to see all the available combinations of awning type, fabric and colour, please visit Goodearl + Bailey’s website.

* Not all fabrics available for all awning types.

Sunteca Telescopic Awnings create a relaxed atmosphere for better living. Sunteca supplies many textile shades, awnings and blinds. Telescopic awnings are for outdoor entertainment areas such as beer gardens, eateries, pool areas, cafes, and places where a strong, rigid awnings is required. Telescopic awnings are cantilevered out from the wall so that the arms do not get in the way, and are easily adjustable and can be pivoted to any angle up to 90 degrees. The awning arms are also extendable horizontally instead of vertically for ultimate convenience.

Minimal slope which can withstand showers with a high degree of tension on the fabric + Operated by a Somfy electric motor + Variable Valance as an additional extra

Available in a range of colours and sizes + Extendable to any angle + Warranty period

Sunteca Fabric Tension Systems provide shade over any glass roof and are suitable for large areas such as patios or conservatories. The tension system is designed for utmost durability, and allthe visible metal parts are durable powder coated aluminium and stainless steel. The extruded cassette box is made out of high quality alloy, with an end profile that seals the cassette perfectly tight and protects the fabric from any stain and bad weather. Sunteca Fabric Tension Systems are also available with electric motor operation.

Piston with gas pressure integrated into the lateral bearing surfaces + Many fixing supports which allows a flexible and easy assembly + Can operate at any angle + Creates a weatherproof area + Withstands significant wind and rain + Available in many colours + Lifetime warranty period

Robusta Awnings are similar to Pivot Awnings but are made from stronger materials in order to achieve a high level of wind tolerance. The product allows for large areas to be covered by a single awning, with arms that have strong springs to hold the fabric under tension so that it can withstand wind. All of the profiles are clear anodised aluminium extrusion. The Robusta covers the entire window when it is fully extended, suitable for a window facing any direction, and comes with an electric motor which makes possible automatic options such as timer, wind, sun or rain sensors.

Robust and simple to operate + High degree of wind resistance + Pptional internal crank handle and electric motor + Designed for large window areas or high wind areas + Can be operated both internally and externally + Constructed from heavy duty extruded aluminium for added strength and durability

Width up to 15000 mm + Cassette and cover profile – 7 – 7/8” deep x 6-3/4” high + Projection – 2 to 5 feet + Series connection up to 65 ft wide with hand crank

Pergolino Fabric Tension Awning is a weather protection system made for restaurants and private gardens. This product is fixed to the facade with a wall mounting which is adjustable. This robust and easy to install shading system is fitted with two adjustable guide rails and support posts. When the system is retracted, the front bar tightly closes the elegant box and protects the fabric from weather. A high fabric tension is assured by the gas sturdy vertical columns. The system has a modern Somfy motor with friction brakes, a thermal protection and an electronic final shut off.

Along with the standard system, there is also provision of basic equipment and a waterproof cover + Operated by a bevel gear with hand crank or by a tubular motor + Easy to install, reliable weather protection system

Horizontal width 84 to 216 inches + Projection 84 to 192 inches + Roller tube – 78 mm + Hardware colour – white

There are many environments where there is a need for shade solutions. For some people, there is a need to block early morning or late afternoon sun, while for others the need is to create privacy from their neighbours. Markilux 790 Side Privacy Awnings offer the perfect solution, especially for large patio or deck areas. This side awning fully retracts into a compact cassette which is installed vertically on the wall, s when shade is needed, the awning can be pulled out using the handle and is inserted in a fixture post connection profile. The frame and fabric remain fully protected from the elements when they are retracted in order to ensure years of performance.

Can be operated manually and easily by a convenient handle + Select from over 200 high quality fabric offerings + Coordinate the fabric and the cassette with other awnings + Retractable side screen becomes an ideal partition to protect from low lying sun + Offers total privacy + Is extremely sturdy and easy to use + Can be pulled out using the handle and inserted in a fixture bracket + Fabric cover is protected from dirt and dust

Provided in height of 5’7 or 6’11 + Maximum extension of 13 feet + Extensions up to 4.0 m are available

Luxaflex System 2000 Awnings come in a large selection of fabrics and colours suitable for most house designs. These awnings are used normally on the ground floor of the house where the awnings need to be quite close to the window, but can also be coordinated with the Pivot Arm style that is suited to houses wanting upper floor installations of awnings. Luxaflex System 200 Awnings have been successfully windload tested by the CSIRO, and are therefore a durable, sturdy choice for any external window sun protection application.

Improve energy efficiency by controlling solar heat gain and loss + Versatile and durable + Made from the finest quality materials + Provided in 16 panel colours depending on the design + Provided with specific rope, tape and automatic or crank systems + Reflects 90 percent of the heat + Style – drop arm cassette + Application – over windows only

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