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LUMAS has been making contemporary photography accessible to a wider audience of art enthusiasts and young collectors – both online and in over 40 galleries around the world. With more than 2,000 works by 230 established, as well as up-and-coming, artists, LUMAS delivers a comprehensive look into the contemporary art and design scenes. The works are available as hand-signed originals in limited editions, usually of 75-150.

The LUMAS team, a panel of experienced photography experts, have created a diverse portfolio of contemporary art that is continually being updated and expanded.The selected pieces exemplify the artistic concept and oeuvre of their creators and are produced as originals in co-operation with leading professional manufacturers.

LUMAS offers:

  1. Priority access to our team of Art Consultants
  2. No advisory fees
  3. Art at special volume rates
  4. Gallery Quality
  5. A selection of over 1800 signed, limited edition works of art
  6. Exclusive, contemporary and curated works of art
  7. A wide variety of sizes, frames, and printing options
  8. International shipping
  9. Art that arrives ready to install
  10. Recommendations for a picture hanging service

LUMAS offers a wide variety of artworks, and their catalogue is constantly changing. Here are some examples of what LUMAS has to offer:

Minis: LUMAS offers a large selection of minis and classics artworks of various sizes and formats. Ideal for creating saloon-style walls and/or creating variety without having to extend the budget.

Roost Apartment Hotel, Philadelphia: A large selection of single large LUMAS artworks was used in various rooms of this hotel. Excellent way to modernise hotel room.

Hotel Wellenberg, Zurich:
Amazing selection of various small and medium-sized art used to create a unique saloon-style hanging in the lobby of this hotel.

Restaurant Sra Bua by Tim Raue, Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Berlin: A large selection of medium and large-sized LUMAS artworks used to create a lovely atmosphere in this restaurant.

Amano Hotel, Berlin: Large-size artworks used in various areas around hotel to create unique feel in the rooms.

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