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The range of Crystaline High Pressure Laminates from Abet Laminati creates a uniquely beautiful effect in interior spaces. The base laminate is an ultra-hard plastic surfacing material ranging in thickness from 0.6 to 1.8mm in thickness. To this product is applied a technologically advanced finish comprising numerous tiny crystals, available in three striking geometric designs, and in dark or light shade.  

The range of Stratificato Compact Grade Laminates from ABET is the ultimate combination of practicality and style. The super hard surface, available in a range of thicknesses from 2mm to 30mm, is durable and easy to clean. The product is also visually attractive, as the brown core may be finished in a range of bright colours, including pinks, browns and neutrals. 

Mural Plus is a homogeneous flexible vinyl sheed developed from a vinyl flooring. It is designed to be a permanent wall covering, fully resistant to impact. It sets a buffer against damage from beds, trolleys and indoor motorised vehicles and other transport systems.



Hospitals, Clinics, Aged Care, Schools, Laboratories, Commercial Kitchens and Bathrooms


PUR surface treatment for low maintenance and stain resistance

Impact resistant

1mm thick sheet

Dimensions: 2m x 30m vinyl roll

Murobond brings the beautiful effect of an ancient traditional wall finish with the benefits of modern technology in its Pentimento Lime Wash Range. The Wash is easily applied by brush to create a matt, velvety finish that adds richness and depth to any surface. Available in a complete range of Murobond colours, the versatile finish can be covered in Murobond Clear Acrylic Sealer to create a covering that can be wiped clean. 

The PURE Acrylic range of paints from Murobond is a premium quality finish of exceptional versatility. The 100% acrylic product dries to an extremely tough surface to protect walls, while the seamless eggshell finish creates a sophisticated and soft visual effect. These qualities make the PURE range perfect for use on a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces. PURE Acrylic from Murobond is available in a complete array of Murobond’s unique colours, in Low Sheen and Low Sheen + Grain for a glossy finish, and PURE Flat for a sheen-free effect. 

The luxurious, opalescent visual effect of Murobond’s Aqua Glaze Pearl paint creates the perfect feature to any interior space. The product features pearlescent pigment, fully washable finish, and light lavender scent until the coat is dry. The practical finish is suitable for use on a range of surfaces including cement, previously painted surfaces, plasterboard and plaster, clay or concrete bricks or blocks. 

Schiavello presents the latest contemporary and environmentally conscious Vertical Garden by Joost Bakker, developed to improve both workplace culture and performance.

A grid system that allows numerous potted plants to be arranged in freestanding columns or walls, the Vertical Garden is able to be extremely space efficient whilst also dramatically transforming any space. An industrial sculpture is animated by the use of living plants, resulting in an architectural highlight that creates a native and organic feature perfect for corporate, residential, hospitality and retail environments.

Latham’s wall protection systems include hand rails, bump rails, illuminated hand/bump rails, corner guards and wall protection sheeting ideally used in locations where wall damage may occur such as in hospitals, schools, hotels or nursing homes. These products share a consistent simple appearance with a textured finish that provides a long-lasting, scratch-resistant surface.

Ibertop is a new product from the White Set Plaster range by Euroset. The plaster is typically applied over an old surface finish or substrate without pre-treatment being required, preparing the area for a new coat of paint. A consistent, white layer is easily achieved due to the high workability and density acquired from the incorporation of refined gysum powder. 

New from Euroset, Placofinish is specially formulated to allow the setting and topping of plasterboard to be achieved in one process. No pre-treatment of joints and fasteners is required yet a white, flat even surface is easily achieved over the surface of the plasterboard. A highly resistant finish is also created with low suspectibility to scratches and penetration.

Euroset’s White Set plasters are suitable for internal plastering and implementation over most substrate surfaces. The gysum-based products create a hard wearing, thermal resistant coat with enhanced acoustic performance. The plaster is also easy to apply, available as a pre-mixed material, saving time on site and reducing waste.

As an alternative to plain plasterboard walls, Blinds by Bayliss stock a range of wall coverings to add texture and pattern to an otherwise flat surface. This product is sure to transform the visual experience of any room through the creation of a sense of warmth and character. 

150 Series Magnetic Laminates

8 magnetic laminate options plus custom. Magnetic, Dry Erase, Chalk, Image Projection, Paintable and Custom. To create magnetism a thin layer of iron foil is sandwiched in the HPL backer. Each product has specific uses and benefits.

Treefrog Veneer is a complete selection of 49 real wood veneer laminates, representing the most beautiful wood species in the world. Ideal for commercial interiors, Treefrog is available in pre-finished, post-formable, HPL-backed, furniture grade sheets.  

Treefrog is pre-finished (though we offer several unfinished paper-backed options). You’ll have no worries about how the wood will look when finish is applied. It already is!

Environmentally, Treefrog’s innovative process uses wood, a renewable resource.  And not just any wood. Treefrog’s process uses more commonly occurring and faster growing species, like poplar. Our veneers, produced in Italy, are certified E1, the lowest Europe-wide standard for formaldehyde release. Now with our FSC Collection we’re taking it a step further.  

The 200 Series is just one of our 9 design series featuring tactile, three dimensional high pressure laminates. To create, a layer of metal is pressed onto an easy-to-work-with laminate backer under high pressure.  The result? Organic, industrial, and modern embossed and debossed designs that feature HPL functionality durable, beautiful and easy to apply.

Organic, modern, and industrial embossed and debossed HPL designs. Durable, beautiful and easy to apply.

Go to www.chemetal.com.au and be inspired by our impressive and expansive selection of Metal Laminate Designs from hand crafted metals, the Classics, Tints, Magnetics and much much more….

Convey sophistication, joy, elegance, energy, surprise and almost any other mood with the over 100 expressive metal laminate organised into Chemetal’s 9 Series of designs. Organic, industrial, impressive and visually deep, showcasing an energy and depth not found in lesser, imitative materials, are truly classic Chemetal Designs.  All this with the options of HPL and phenolic functionality and in some cases etching capability.

Don’t compromise, find and specify the metal laminate that best compliments your project. With such a large selection Chemetal offers advantages specific to your use and budget.

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