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Brick layers, stone masons, and the manufacturers and distributors of masonry, including bricks, coping, mortar and adhesives, form block, internal wall systesm, stone masonry in sandstone, basalt and bluestone, limestone, granite, travertine, onyx, marble and ledgestone, and retaining wall systems for residential and commercial applications.

Pawling® Wall Protection Systems are an attractive solution for any kind of handrail, door, wall or edge protection. As a solution for especially high visibility areas, they are being successfully used in facilities like hospitals and healthcare facilities, sports venues, public spaces or high traffic areas.


  • Weatherproof
  • Anti-bacterial surface
  • High performance materials
  • Maintenance free
  • Impact resistant
  • Conceals minor scratches and marking on walls
  • Unlimited custom colours
  • 5 years warranty by manufacturer


  • Wall finishing and protective wall covering
  • Hospitals and sanitary institutions
  • High traffic areas
  • Handrails, chair rails, crash rails, bumper rails
  • Cart bumpers
  • Corner guards
  • Door frame guards
  • Door edge protector

Wallflex vinyl wall covering has become the Australian Standard for durable, hygienic wall covering. Clean and simple by design, Wallflex provides a seamless coating for healthcare interiors needing a low maintenance, long lasting wall covering which resists scratching, scuffing and denting.
◦Urethane coating reduces maintenance costs and protects long term appearance.
◦Clean, simple design for uncomplicated look or the addition of a frieze if desired.
◦1.5 metre width ideal dado height for ease of installation.
◦1.25mm homogeneous construction for excellent dent and gouge resistance.
◦Heat weldable for seamless installation.

Pro-Fit® Modera™ Ledgestone.

Our Modera Pro-Fit® collection offers a practical way to achieve a tailored ledgestone look with small-scale, low relief stones. It's quick and easy to install because it isn't applied one stone at a time. Instead, the primary building blocks are groups of small stones meticulously bundled together to form modular components of equal height.

Modera Pro-Fit® products also feature the patented Cultured Stone® cladding interlocking mortar groove for secure adhesion without grouted joints.

Unique Character and Maximum Use of Resource – That’s Alpine Oak!

With recent advances in technology, ASH have been able to salvage smaller, character filled pieces of hardwood and create a long, straight product range that reduces the manufacture time for the builder and champions the natural effects of timber – the way its meant to be.

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The Market’s Best Appearance Grade Timbers

It is well understood that Victorian Ash is very easy to work, cut, stain and build with, but ASH go much further. GOODWOOD Victorian ash is straight line edged after drying, has minimal pink colouring, is internally scanned for defects and much, much more. ASH's range of options has exploded into all of the timber aspects you need for the internal fit out for this reason. You can find them just about all around Australia, which means the flow of design can carry on throughout your project.

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Woodmatt is a new range of 12 tactile woodgrain prints, which sets a new benchmark for standard laminates and melamines. Combining the best of natural timber with technology advancements, the matt finished subtle woodgrain embossing is designed to match perceptions of authentic timber veneer – in look, feel and warmth.

Woodmatt is available in laminate and pre-finished boards for use on any horizontal or vertical surface – joinery, walls and benchtops – where warmth, timber tones, durability, easy clean, scratch resistant qualities and a consistent and fade-free appearance are desired. Made in Australia, Woodmatt pre-finished board is a new generation product innovation from polytec achieved through advanced print quality, improved surface finish – and tweaking natural timbers with more contemporary tones.

Exclusive in Australia to Alternative Surfaces, the globally recognised X-Bond Seamless Stone is a water based, seamless stone overlay system. The mix combines an engineered liquid polymer with Stone-Tex which allows some flexibility and is not as cold underfoot as tiles or concrete.

X-Bond is a hand-trowelled application which is designed to be applied at a 2-4mm depth directly over concrete, tiles and sheeting.

X-Bond consists of internal and external finishes and sealers which are available in a variety of colours and can be applied to floors, walls and joinery pieces.

The finishes available in the Xbond System include:
X-Bond Polished Bond
X-Bond Polished Concrete
X-Bond BI

Premium acoustic solutions range

Atkar’s premium range offers excellent acoustic performance, aesthetic appeal and the ability to fully customise solutions to realise the vision of Australia’s leading architects and designers.

  • Premium quality acoustics
  • Full customisation
  • Concealed fixing system
  • Large range of designs



BGC Fibre Cement’s range of aluminium accessories has been designed to simplify the ordering process and to be more cost effective. This new range of corner extrusions will provide the same look and feel when combining 2 or more BGC Fibre Cement products.

GTEK™ Curve is a flexible plasterboard that enables the creative execution of curves on interior walls and ceilings. With its 6.5mm-thick design that may be bent around tight radii without wetting, GTEK™ Curve can easily be applied to timber or light-steel framing in a number of attractive finishes. Ideally suited to a flat, blemish-free surface ready for decorative paint and thin cover finishes for homes and offices, GTEK™ Curve can be fixed to timber or CFS (Cold Formed Steel), light-steel framing or masonry using plasterboard screws, nails or adhesive.

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GTEK™ Wall plasterboard realises a flat, smooth, blemish-free and monolithic surface that will readily take decorative paints and thin cover finishes. For residential and commercial applications where economy of effort and cost-effectiveness are crucial. GTEK™ Wall comprises a gypsum core wrapped by a protective linerboard. Recesses in the long edges help provide a smooth, continuous surface on installation.

Ideal for high-traffic areas where walls are subjected to regular stress, GTEK™ Impact can be used in residential and commercial applications. Specify GTEK™ Impact where furniture and equipment are frequently moved; from hallways, garages and games rooms to schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centres and transport hubs. GTEK™ Impact features a unique core structure and a heavier paper liner, delivering more strength than regular plasterboard.

GTEK™ Total Plus offers market-leading fire, water, mould, sound and impact resistance, together with GECA Certification in recognition of high percentages of recycled materials. At least 11% of its gypsum and 100% of its paper liner (green in colour on the board face to help identification) is recycled, making GTEK™ Total Plus a complete solution for environmentally-aware design and build.

GTEK™ Fire & Wet Area is designed for use in wet areas governed by fire resistance limitations (FRLs). Use of GTEK™ Fire & Wet Area typically includes partitioning where FRLs are required in relation to wet areas, such as showers or bathrooms. GTEK™ Fire & Wet Area is excellent for walls and ceilings and in residential and commercial applications.

GTEK™ Wet Area has been designed and developed for wet area walls in residential and commercial buildings. Suitable for bathrooms, laundries, toilets and cleaning room areas and external ceilings such as alfresco areas. GTEK™ Wet Area has a low absorption core that eliminates the probability of water wicking, therefore preventing possible damage to the supporting structure and wall finishes.

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