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Manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of wallpaper and wall-coverings, including vinyl-coated paper, coated fabric and moisture absorbent wallpaper, wall stickers, textured wallpaper decorative wall panels, interior wallpaper, motif wallpapers and decorative paints and plasters for commercial use.

Fabricut has grown into one of the largest, most progressive distributors of decorative fabrics in the world, offering over 58,000 choices in fabrics, trimmings and wallpapers. Fabricut is a “go to” brand offering an instant solution to almost any brief.

For use in interior spaces exposed to moisture, the OUT System Wet collection harnesses the technology of Wall&decò’s exterior products. The water resistant, highly durable wall linings are suitable for applications such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries.

Every bit as unique and interesting as Wall&decò’s other interior collections, the OUT System Wet is an innovative and attractive addition to any interior project.

Reflecting Wall&decò’s continued pursuit of new ideas and design innovation, the Think Tank 13 collection is the product of cross-disciplinary collaboration. Drawing inspiration and production methods from art, technology, music, and design, the Think Tank 13 collection embodies the eclectic vision of a range of creatives.

Featuring the work of globally renowned illustrator Shout (Alessandro Gottardo), Think Tank 13 is vivid and playful. All wallpapers in the collection are designed for interior use, and are particularly well suited to small scale residential projects such as bedrooms or living rooms.

As the name would suggest, the Big Brand 14 collection is all about size and boldness, offering vibrant, large-scale designs. More accurately compared to a mural than to patterned wallpaper, the collection is designed for installation on interior walls of larger than average size. Applications include double-height spaces or curved walls.

Like all Wall&decò products, wallpapers in this range are durable and long-lasting, and can withstand some water exposure in moist installation environments such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Featuring bold graphical prints, contemporary designs, and a playful use of colour, the Wall&decò Life 14 collection adds vibrancy to any interior space. From illustration and typography to floral imagery and magnified textures, the extensive collection is sure to include something to cater for all tastes.

As durable and easy to maintain as they are visually striking, wallpapers in the collection allow for the rapid redefining of spaces of any scale. Noteworthy in the Life 14 Collection are the selection of trompe l’oeil wallpapers, offering interior illusions such as false windows, shelving, and industrial finishes.

The latest addition to Autex’s Quietspace range, the 3D Tile blends innovative design with high performance acoustic installation. Comprised of 100% polyester and fabricated from a minimum of 60% post-recycled material, the striking tiles are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional acoustic solutions.

The 3D Tile is provided in multiples of four and is completely demountable, affixing to most substrates using screws or double sided tape. Free from chemical binders, the highly tactile modular unit is allergen and irritant free, alongside being fully recyclable at the end of its long product lifespan.

A decorative interior wall cladding and screen comprised of 100% polyester, Vertiface acoustic wall coverings provide sound insulation for educational and commercial projects.

With a low maintenance, stain resistant surface, the Vertiface is a versatile and durable acoustic insulator that can be customised to suit any interior space. The hook-and-loop receptive surface also doubles as a display board, while supply in roll form allows the Vertiface to be affixed to any pre-existing surface.

Boasting a non-woven, non-fray composition, Vertiface is available in two surface finishes and over 30 colours.

The range of Crystaline High Pressure Laminates from Abet Laminati creates a uniquely beautiful effect in interior spaces. The base laminate is an ultra-hard plastic surfacing material ranging in thickness from 0.6 to 1.8mm in thickness. To this product is applied a technologically advanced finish comprising numerous tiny crystals, available in three striking geometric designs, and in dark or light shade.  

The hand drawn wallpaper collection from Murobond creates a rich and detailed visual effect, offering a unique finish to interior spaces. The range of unique designs are manufactured in 10.05m x 52cm rolls, are easy to apply, and printed on premium non-woven “paste on the wall” paper, with one design printed on 100% renewably sourced paper. 

Our range of high performance indoor/outdoor fabrics is manufactured from the revolutionary new Flyer yarn. The intrinsic qualities of Flyer give these beautiful fabrics enhanced wearability, easy care and suitability for outdoor use. Most importantly the quality is environmentally friendly.  

High Performance Features include:  

Suitable for outdoor use with high resistance to sunlight, sea-water and chlorine

+ Hardwearing– 40,000 Martindale rubs suitable for heavy domestic and commercial use

+ Excellent colourfastness

+ High pilling resistance

+ Resistant to mould and bacteria

+ Easy care – washable at 40C Fire resistance qualities

+ Environmentally friendly and 100%  recyclable, non toxic, non allergenic and energy saving manufacturing process

Our vinyl wallcoverings include stunning animal textured skins featuring crocodile, ostrich and snakeskin as well as a contemporary collection featuring intense metallic brushed effects. All featured wallcoverings are made in Italy and are suitable for domestic and high use commercial space.

Our large range of vinyl upholsteries have the following features:

+         Many novelties, decorative and leather looks.

+         High performance

+         Easy care, with some qualities graffiti proof.

+         Many qualities nature friendly

+         Mildew resistant

+         FR Treatment available to meet AS1530 parts 2 and 3

The Textile Company have available a comprehensive range of wide width sheers in 100% polyester fabrics which are inherently FR.

The Textile Company have available a comprehensive range of draperies all available in 100% polyester which are inherently fire retardant.

Crypton’s patented technology is engineered into the fabric, encapsulating every fiber with stain, odor and bacteria resistance. The breathable moisture barrier is permanently integrated into the fabric, ensuring a complete and proven performance system from the fibers up. Nothing can penetrate the fibers or the barrier. Crypton is tested, trusted, and guaranteed to be highly stain resistant and extremely easy to clean. Crypton Super fabrics resist’s whatever life throws at them.

The Textile Company offers high performance upholstery fabrics all with a minimum of 40,000 Martindale rubs and up to 100,000 Martindale rubs. FR Treatment is available to meet AS1530 parts 2 and 3. Our many ranges feature beautiful velvets, flat woven and jacquard qualities which are all high performance.

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