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Using colour and texture, PANDOMO Wall is a finish which brings style and robustness to a variety of substrates. Whether it be a Venetian Plaster or an off form concrete finish this is easily achieved. The ability for a thin application also allows the finishes to be applied to ceilings to allow the design of the room to be further enhanced through the attractive iridescent surface appearance. For more information visit the brochures section.


Ezy-Texture from EzClad combines the best protective qualities with a stunning textured finish. The coating creates extremely durable and longlasting covering in a range of attractive effects, including fine textured and scratch, with option for inbuilt sealer to create an appealing shine, and is available in a complete array of colours.  

EzyClad Silica Coat is provides the latest in acrylic render technologies in an easy to apply product. The trowel applied product has modern qualities of flexiblity and lightness, while still creating the traditional look and classic smooth finish of sand and cement renders. The product is suitable for use on varying wall systems as well as traditional block or brick construction. 

Astec Paint’s CBR Render is the ideal render material for brick and block construction. The pre-blended acrylic render offers an alternative to traditional sand cement products, as the mineral-based material can be applied by trowel to create a uniform finish. The render’s polymer elements give the product suberb moisture resistance and has excellent adherence to most surfaces. 

Astec Waterproof Render provides the ultimate protective surface in the harsh Australian climate, drying to an attractive, smooth off-white. The product is a uniform blend of washed silicas, cement, and polyester reinforcing elements, which can be mixed on site and easily applied, drying to an extremely hard and waterproof surface, which has chemical and impact resistance at thicknesses as low as 1mm. 

A modern solution to traditional renders, Astec Light Weight High Build Skim is an 100% acrylic render which provides all the insulative and protective qualities of conventional materials without the thickness and weight. The ready-to-apply product is water reducible and can be applied to thicknesses up to 15mm to create an extremely light, smooth and flexible finished surface.  

To aid the process of rendering, Unitex supplies a collection of accessories to add convenience and efficiency for a quick and quality finish. Accessories are designed to be partnered with the comprehensive Unitex range including fixings, fibreglass mesh, trowels and adhesive foam.

Uni-Marble Grain texture is an acrylic bound finish that produces a smooth, multi-coloured glistening stone effect. The product is appropriate for use on internal or external surfaces, enhancing what could have been a dull wall, balustrade or column to one that reflects natural beauty and texture. Uni-Marble Grain also displays high resistant characteristics with protection against biological attacks, fire and water.

Uni-trowel décor is designed for trowel application with only one required coat. Acrylic is the main binder, creating a coating that has high impact and scuffing resistance. The finish is available pre-coloured in a versatile range of grades from a rough trowel finish (aggregate grain size that is approximately 3mm) to a fine sand finish (aggregate grain size that is around 0.06mm).

Veneto Mineral Coloured Finishes are a celebration of the old, rustic patina used in ancient Venetian villas. The product is supplied in a dry powder form that can easily be mixed with water and applied over a Uni-Cote render to produce a sandy ochre appearance. With moderate weathering, the surface will gain subtle shade difference, enhancing the exterior to a state of timeless style.

With Unitex Renders and Surface Finished Coatings your walls are our pride. Unitex products range from high-build lightweight pre-mixed dry powder-based renders to the smoothest fine skim coats.

Every product has proven technological advances in polymer modification and functional additives. All Unitex Renders & Finishes have high-impact strength combined with excellent adherence to well bound, dry, sound, and laitance-free surfaces. All Unitex Renders & Finishes are formulated to specific substrate requirements. All are easy to apply by spray, trowel, or roller.  Many of the renders utilise recycled materials that enhance the benefits but don’t compromise performance, because at Unitex protecting our environment is at the cornerstone of our product development.

Uni-Cote™ Renders by Unitex® are designed to be applied over surfaces including new or old brickwork, FRC sheeting, blockwork, precast panels or applications where patching, levelling or filling render is required. Base renders should always be over coated with a finish coat from the Unitex Applied Finish range.  All Unitex Base Renders have high impact strength combined with excellent adherence to well bound surfaces.

Unitex's Uni-Cote® Fast–R Render is a premium quality product formulated to be applied as a single thick or thin coat.  This easy to apply render offers optimum workability, with the additional ability to close over readily when floated or sponged.  Uni-Cote® Fast–R Render levels and protects all sound dry masonry walls including brickwork and concrete blockwork.  The cement based and polymer modified render ensures strong adhesion to these surfaces and is applied directly onto clean, dry and cured masonry surfaces with a trowel.  Uni-Cote® Fast–R Render is workable from thicknesses of 4 to 10 mm with drying periods reduced to no more than 3 -7 days between coats. Uni-Cote® Fast–R Render is ideal for both domestic and commercial applications and may be overcoated with Unitex's applied finishes coating systems. 


For dry masonry surfaces  +  Use to level and protect masonry walls  +  Easy to apply  +  Overcoat with Unitex applied finishes 


Workable from thicknesses 4 – 10 mm  +  Drying periods only 3 – 7 days 


Redi-Render™  +  Hi Lite Render™  +  Polymer Render  +  Panel Patch Render™  +  Redi-Render Fine  +  Uni-Base Board Render™  +  Hi Fibre Render™

Uni-Base Board Render™ is a specially formulated low-build render from Unitex that’s strongly-adherent on pre-coated Uni-Base Board. Uni-Base Board Render in conjunction with other Unitex products forms an integral part of the Uni-Base Board low-build, external insulating cladding system; another member of the Uni-EIFS™ range. Uni-Base Board Render is applied by trowel and suitable for one or two coats. When dry and fully cured, Uni-Base Board Render is overcoated with any of the range of Unitex Roll, Trowel or Brush Applied Texture coating systems. 


Cement-based polymer modified  +  Workable at thicknesses up to approximately 4-5 mm  +  Supplied in ready-to-use 20kg bags  +  Approximate coverage per bag is 3-5m²  +  High Performance, Water Resistant and Strongly Adhesive.


Unitex® are manufacturers of specialty exterior wall materials.  Established in 1983 by two experts in the practical and technological side of the exterior wall industry, the company has since produced specialty cladding, textures, renders, mouldings and columns.  With the combined knowledge of a solid plasterer and an industrial polymer chemist, Unitex® has risen as Australia’s most innovative manufacturer of quality and specialty exterior wall materials.   

As top quality manufacturers, Unitex® are dedicated to constantly developing and improving their products and services for users including builders, applicators, designers as well as home-owners.   


Specialty Exterior Wall Materials Product Range  

Unitex® specialty products include external wall polystyrene cladding, specialty render, applied texture finishes and masonry paints.  These high quality finishes are available in a range of products that have been honed to suit specific applications around the home, office, business or in large scale projects.  Unitex’s spectrum of products can achieve highly modern finishes or improve and restore existing exteriors.   

Cladding/Uni-EIFS are innovative and highly effective alternatives to traditional internal insulation.   The external insulation is supplied as a pre-finished product for the exterior of buildings, providing effective insulation for both winter and summer weather.  Unitex are market leaders in External Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) and have over fifty years experience in its manufacture and application, their external insulation is available for both residential and large scale applications.  

Speciality Renders:  For applications on both new and old exteriors in need of high thermal resistance, Unitex’s Specialty Renders include a range of lightweight dry powder renders and fire rated patching products that have high impact strength and superior adherence to well bound surfaces.  

Applied Texture Finishes:  Wet and dry textured finishes for decorating interior and exterior walls are available in Unitex’s Applied Texture Finishes range.  The range includes ready-to-use finishes of the finest to the coarsest of textures in any colour.  

Masonry Paints: Highly flexible pigmented sealers are used in Unitex’s masonry paints which provide effecting and  long lasting coverage over a range of porous textures characteristic to masonry.  

Mouldings:  Both lightweight and strong facade mouldings with custom-made design and ex-stock options are available for new applications or for the restoration and conservation of historic buildings.  

Columns: Incorporating a lightweight centre with a reinforced coating, Architectural columns by Unitex are sturdy and easy to handle.   

Render Industry Accessories: True to Unitex’s focus on superior manufacturing and service, the company hold a huge range of render industry accessories ideal for use with all Unitex specialty exterior finish products.   


Unitex Vision 

To ensure all products are consistently of the highest quality, Unitex use high quality raw materials in all their products.  The cost-effectiveness of these products are evaluated to ensure that quality and affordability go hand in hand. 

Unitex’s continuing expansion and innovation is in part due to the company’s dedicated research and development team.  The team aim to constantly move beyond convention to develop better products that are sustainable, work efficiently and benefit users.  Aiming to be the best of the best in the Australian exterior finishes industry, Unitex have enforced environmental initiatives into the practical and technological aspects of there products.  By developing technically superior products, Unitex aim to minimise waste during the manufacture and use of their products in construction, improve the environment of users and supply cost-efficient products through out Australia.

Unitex Applied Texture Finishes are acrylic-bound textured coatings designed for commercial and residential exterior walls, and can be rolled or sprayed to give a smooth finish and reduce the application time on large sites. Unitex Applied Texture Finishes are suitable for use over surfaces prepared with renders from the Unitex Specialty Renders range with a one coat application that offers a long life heavy duty coating. Like most Unitex finishes, Uni-Roll Decor Texture is a ready-to-use, water-based product that is easy to apply, and using different roller sleeves provides different effects. This product is a water based acrylic system with safe handling and low toxicity properties, yet also has a high biological resistance to attack from any fungi or bacteria.


  • Two grades of Uni-Roll Decor: Unitex 109 (fine medium grade roller sleeve dependent) and Unitex 110 (heavy coarse grade roller sleeve dependent)
  • Water resistant and available in an unlimited range of colours
  • Each pail has a label with a unique code identification with specific texture type, batch number and colour
  • Supplied in a 15L pail with coverage of 16-18m2 (fine-medium grade) and 8-10m2 (heavy grade)
  • Suitable over Unitex Speciality renders
  • Applied with medium or fine roller

Uni-Cote Render products are dry powder based products. The user can mix clean water, on site, instantly prior to application of the substrate. Redi Render is trowel-applied and suitable for a one-coat or two-coat application on all suitable masonry surfaces, both inside and out. Redi Render is a cement based polymer modified, High Performance Water Resistant and adhesion promoted masonry render system which enhances the appearance of masonry surfaces and may be sponge-finished for an old world sandy surface effect, or overcoated with any of the range of Unitex Roll, Trowel or Brush Applied Texture coating systems.


  • Trowels on smoothly, thinly and easily
  • Polymer modified for strong adhesion to the surface
  • More waterproof than conventional render
  • Ideal for renovation works
  • Consistent quality
  • Supplied in 20kg bags with coverage of 3 – 5 m2
  • Suitable for new or old brick, and cement block
  • Can apply with spray or a trowel

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