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GTEK™ Ceiling is a 10mm plasterboard sheet designed specifically for ceiling use. Suitable for residential and commercial applications, GTEK™ Ceiling can be used in ceilings without sagging where ceiling joists lie at 600mm intervals. GTEK™ Ceiling is a lightweight, easily installed alternative to standard 13mm plasterboard. Featuring useful recesses on the long edges, a smooth continuous surface is assured on completion of installation.

GTEK™ Curve is a flexible plasterboard that enables the creative execution of curves on interior walls and ceilings. With its 6.5mm-thick design that may be bent around tight radii without wetting, GTEK™ Curve can easily be applied to timber or light-steel framing in a number of attractive finishes. Ideally suited to a flat, blemish-free surface ready for decorative paint and thin cover finishes for homes and offices, GTEK™ Curve can be fixed to timber or CFS (Cold Formed Steel), light-steel framing or masonry using plasterboard screws, nails or adhesive.

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GTEK™ Wall plasterboard realises a flat, smooth, blemish-free and monolithic surface that will readily take decorative paints and thin cover finishes. For residential and commercial applications where economy of effort and cost-effectiveness are crucial. GTEK™ Wall comprises a gypsum core wrapped by a protective linerboard. Recesses in the long edges help provide a smooth, continuous surface on installation.

Ideal for high-traffic areas where walls are subjected to regular stress, GTEK™ Impact can be used in residential and commercial applications. Specify GTEK™ Impact where furniture and equipment are frequently moved; from hallways, garages and games rooms to schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centres and transport hubs. GTEK™ Impact features a unique core structure and a heavier paper liner, delivering more strength than regular plasterboard.

GTEK™ Total Plus offers market-leading fire, water, mould, sound and impact resistance, together with GECA Certification in recognition of high percentages of recycled materials. At least 11% of its gypsum and 100% of its paper liner (green in colour on the board face to help identification) is recycled, making GTEK™ Total Plus a complete solution for environmentally-aware design and build.

GTEK™ Fire & Wet Area is designed for use in wet areas governed by fire resistance limitations (FRLs). Use of GTEK™ Fire & Wet Area typically includes partitioning where FRLs are required in relation to wet areas, such as showers or bathrooms. GTEK™ Fire & Wet Area is excellent for walls and ceilings and in residential and commercial applications.

GTEK™ Wet Area has been designed and developed for wet area walls in residential and commercial buildings. Suitable for bathrooms, laundries, toilets and cleaning room areas and external ceilings such as alfresco areas. GTEK™ Wet Area has a low absorption core that eliminates the probability of water wicking, therefore preventing possible damage to the supporting structure and wall finishes.

GTEK™ Sound is a high-density plasterboard specifically designed to reduce unwanted noise detectable through walls and ceilings. With installation and handling similar to standard board, GTEK™ Sound has a higher-density core than standard plasterboard. Eliminating or greatly reducing noise travelling between rooms, GTEK™ Sound is ideal for quiet, stress-free living environments.

GTEK™ Fire comprises single or multiple layers of BGC fireboard sheets in 13mm and 16mm thicknesses for interior walls and ceilings. GTEK™ Fire delivers higher fire resistance than standard plasterboard, and is especially suitable for fire-isolated exits and public corridors. With pink-facing paperboard allowing easy identification, GTEK™ Fire features recessed edges, ensuring readiness for taping and jointing with proprietary stopping and setting compounds.

Acoustic performance with design freedom

Excellence in design is achieved with a balance of aesthetics and functional performance. The Gyprock® range of perforated plasterboard allows architects and designers to create beautiful ceilings and walls that achieve high levels of acoustic performance. The panel perforations together with acoustic fabric lining and insulation, where used, reduce echo and noise reverberation to create more comfortable environments for work and leisure.

Gyprock® provide three core ranges of perforated plasterboard:

  • Gyprock® Standard 6mm Round: the traditional Gyprock perforated board product that has been extensively used throughout Australia for many years – providing an economical aesthetic solution for ceilings or walls.
  • Gyprock® Gyptone™ Range: featuring three contemporary perforation patterns, each with different percentages of open area to meet most acoustic application requirements.
  • Gyprock® Rigitone™ Range: featuring four edge to edge pattern layouts that deliver a monolithic, seamless design with exceptional acoustic performance.

The market leading Gyprock® range of Base Coats are preferred by professionals in the plastering industry. Gyprock® Base Coat 20, 45, 60 and 90 'set' through a chemical reaction rather than dry through evaporation of water, while Gyprock’s Wet Area Base Coats is a premixed drying type compound. Gyprock® Base Coat products suit all applications, help to create a superior strength joint in conjunction with jointing tape, and provide excellent tape adhesion. Since the development of Gyprock's legendary GB175 in 1968 at our Concord factory in NSW – better known as Base Coat 45, Gyprock® has consistently delivered advanced jointing products for the Australian building market.

  • Gyprock® Base Coats
  • Gyprock® Toppings
  • Gyprock® All-purpose

Gyprock® manufactures a number of special purpose plasterboards for applications requiring specific properties not catered for by the Commercial Select Range.

  • Gyprock® EC08™ Impact
  • Gyprock® EC08™ Impact MR
  • Gyprock® EC08™ Complete
  • Gyprock® Shaft Liner Panels
  • Gyprock® Flexible Plasterboard

Gyprock® also offer perforated plasterboard panels for commercial applications where acoustic properties are key.

These Select Range plasterboards are designed to satisfy the majority of basic performance requirements in commercial projects.

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