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Manufacturers and designers of architectural and decorative mouldings for columns, trimmings, skirtings, classic and decorative cornices, plus suppliers of plasterboard for internal wall and ceiling linings, including sound resistant panels, for commercial and residential interior applications.

Complementing our GTEK™ plasterboard sheets, BGC offers a range of GTEK™ cove and decorative cornices, adding exciting finishing touches to interior wall and ceiling joints in new builds and renovations. GTEK™ cove and decorative cornices are available in three profile sizes suited to all applications.

These plasterboards are recommended for use in wall and ceiling systems where higher levels of acoustic insulation, impact resistance or moisture and mould resistance are needed.

  • Gyprock® Soundchek™
  • Gyprock® Superchek™
  • Gyprock® Sensitive

Products in the Select range are high quality plasterboards recommended for use in the majority of non-specialist wall and ceiling applications.

  • Gyprock® Plus™ 10mm
  • Gyprock® Supaciel™
  • Gyprock® Aquachek™
  • Gyprock® Repair Panel

‘Creative, attractive embellishments that make any home a castle’

Versatech mouldings are an attractive, creative solution made from lightweight polystyrene which can be cleverly finished to add a touch of elegance to any home. Versatech mouldings are designed for durability, created to withstand the toughest weather conditions; from blistering heat to driving rains. They can be applied to several external grade materials such as cement based sheeting, rendered block/brick, face brick and concrete panels, recommended for best application onto a flat sheeted surface. With a range of over 100 designs that can be modified or custom-fit to your specific dimensions, Versatech’s gable vents, house trims, window sills and keystones offer a charming cost-effective finish to any structure and design.



Durable  +  Will not crack, warp or rust with time  +  Able to be painted with external grade paint after joining has been completed



Polystyrene moulding

Avoid unsightly stains on your walls with Drip-Lip Mouldings. With a subtle but carefully calculated angle, Drip-Lips keep water off your walls without affecting your moulding’s appearance. Reducing moisture, stains and the need for repainting, you can add years to the life of your walls.

Window sills lends windows elegance and sophistiction. There are two types of sills – one sits in under the window itself as well as in front of the window (like an L shape) while the other sits only on the wall in front of the window so rendering is used directly under the window.

Window sills include Self Returns.

Standard lengths up to 3400mm.

Wall capping is used to cover the top section of walls and can be matched to suit the pier caps. Moulds are shipped in the standard length of 2.4m, however any custom length can be ordered. Maximum length is 3.4 metres

Flatbands can used as window architraves, to cover up flashing, to break up a high wall or even conceal joins between two levels.

Arches are made to follow existing arch lines and are hand made in almost any profile desired. Usually a keystone on an arch tops off the look.

For the first time in SURTECO`s 130 year history, SURTECO Australia introduces the Döllken Weimar Skirting Range to Australia and New Zealand.  For over 30 years Döllken Weimar, a SURTECO Company, has been the dependable partner for European flooring manufacturers and wholesalers developing a wide range of skirting systems.  Döllken Skirting Systems cater for all flooring surfaces and environments.  Amongst the vast range of Döllken`s unique skirting ranges, the CUBU skirting system is a polymer wrapped MDF skirting, that is perfectly suited for every environment, it is plastic wrapped and more resistant to humidity and water than conventional skirting systems.  Similar to many other Döllken Skirting Systems, it comes with a mitring tool and glue gun that reduces installation time by at least 30%!  The MIG, a co-extruded hollow skirting system that is the perfect skirting solution for every environment in which you would like to hide cables or even light the skirting.  Suitable for retail, office and commercial installations, healthcare, aged care and education, Döllken Skirting Systems come in a variety of wood grains and solid colours that are now stocked in Australia.  All of Döllken`s Skirting Systems are Greenguard certified; the outcome of SURTECO`s long term focus on protection of the environment and a consistent policy of energy savings and its commitment to reducing the level of greenhouse gases.  

Initially designed to protect walls from damage from seat backs, the chair rail has since evolved into a largely decorative interior element. Using a wide range of timber, including moisture resistant MDF and finger joint pine, Heritage Profiles supplies chair rails to suit any interior environment. 

The company offers a catalogue of twelve pre designed chair rail profiles spanning from classic to contemporary, with custom milling options ensuring that designers are accorde full control over their interior project. 

Facilitating the fast and stable hanging of pictures, mirrors, and other framed objects, the picture rail is an interior design detail that is as functional as it is decorative. Heritage Profiles and Mouldings supplies a range of six timber picture rails, alongside a custom milling service for bespoke profiles.

Picture rails by Heritage Profiles can be fabricated from virtually any timber, with finger-joint pine and moisture resistant MDF posing high performance, cost-effective options.

Offered in a wide selection of timbers including finger-joint pine and moisture resistant MDF, mouldings from Heritage Profiles and Mouldings are a versatile interior solution. With more than 15 factory styles, the product range includes contemporary and classic designs alike to suit any project and taste.

With the entire product catalogue available in custom sizes, Heritage Profiles also offers a bespoke milling service that allows designers full control over profiles and unique moulding shapes.


Unitex® are manufacturers of specialty exterior wall materials.  Established in 1983 by two experts in the practical and technological side of the exterior wall industry, the company has since produced specialty cladding, textures, renders, mouldings and columns.  With the combined knowledge of a solid plasterer and an industrial polymer chemist, Unitex® has risen as Australia’s most innovative manufacturer of quality and specialty exterior wall materials.   

As top quality manufacturers, Unitex® are dedicated to constantly developing and improving their products and services for users including builders, applicators, designers as well as home-owners.   


Specialty Exterior Wall Materials Product Range  

Unitex® specialty products include external wall polystyrene cladding, specialty render, applied texture finishes and masonry paints.  These high quality finishes are available in a range of products that have been honed to suit specific applications around the home, office, business or in large scale projects.  Unitex’s spectrum of products can achieve highly modern finishes or improve and restore existing exteriors.   

Cladding/Uni-EIFS are innovative and highly effective alternatives to traditional internal insulation.   The external insulation is supplied as a pre-finished product for the exterior of buildings, providing effective insulation for both winter and summer weather.  Unitex are market leaders in External Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) and have over fifty years experience in its manufacture and application, their external insulation is available for both residential and large scale applications.  

Speciality Renders:  For applications on both new and old exteriors in need of high thermal resistance, Unitex’s Specialty Renders include a range of lightweight dry powder renders and fire rated patching products that have high impact strength and superior adherence to well bound surfaces.  

Applied Texture Finishes:  Wet and dry textured finishes for decorating interior and exterior walls are available in Unitex’s Applied Texture Finishes range.  The range includes ready-to-use finishes of the finest to the coarsest of textures in any colour.  

Masonry Paints: Highly flexible pigmented sealers are used in Unitex’s masonry paints which provide effecting and  long lasting coverage over a range of porous textures characteristic to masonry.  

Mouldings:  Both lightweight and strong facade mouldings with custom-made design and ex-stock options are available for new applications or for the restoration and conservation of historic buildings.  

Columns: Incorporating a lightweight centre with a reinforced coating, Architectural columns by Unitex are sturdy and easy to handle.   

Render Industry Accessories: True to Unitex’s focus on superior manufacturing and service, the company hold a huge range of render industry accessories ideal for use with all Unitex specialty exterior finish products.   


Unitex Vision 

To ensure all products are consistently of the highest quality, Unitex use high quality raw materials in all their products.  The cost-effectiveness of these products are evaluated to ensure that quality and affordability go hand in hand. 

Unitex’s continuing expansion and innovation is in part due to the company’s dedicated research and development team.  The team aim to constantly move beyond convention to develop better products that are sustainable, work efficiently and benefit users.  Aiming to be the best of the best in the Australian exterior finishes industry, Unitex have enforced environmental initiatives into the practical and technological aspects of there products.  By developing technically superior products, Unitex aim to minimise waste during the manufacture and use of their products in construction, improve the environment of users and supply cost-efficient products through out Australia.

Gyprock™ is Australia’s leading manufacturer of gypsum-based products such as plasterboard, plasterboard ceiling tiles, plaster, cornices and associated finishing materials and accessories. For over 65 years of industry leading innovation, Gyprock™ has been providing a versatile range of decorative and functional ceiling tiles that are used in offices, shops, shopping centres, restaurants, function centers and community buildings, warehouses and factory buildings. From the Gyprock Freshtone™ with sag resistance properties, to Gyprock™ Perforated Panels for additional sound absorption, the Gyprock™ ceiling range provides architects and designers with a wide range of ceiling options.


  • Good acoustic ceiling
  • Economical
  • Multi-purpose ceilings
  • White finish
  • Easy to demount


  • Suitable for an exposed grid
  • Made from reliable plasterboard by Gyprock™
  • Ceiling tile sizes: 1200 x 600 x 10mm and 1200 x 600 x 13mm


  • Freshstone™ Diamond White Vinyl Face
  • Supatone™ Bright White Paper Face
  • Perforated Panel White Vinyl Face
  • Arctic White Vinyl Face

CSR Ceilector offers Australia’s widest range of ceiling systems and accessories under the one roof. Ceilector offers a variety of Mineral Fibre ceiling tiles to cater for all your commercial building needs. Partnering with German manufacturer OWA and Japanese manufacturer Daiken, our mineral fibre ceiling tiles are made of pure biodegradable mineral wool, other natural components and are free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances to ensure that your commercial space contains no threats to your health and the environment. Our Mineral Fibre range offers a variety of finishes and designs to suit any space.


  • Excellent Acoustic Properties
  • High Resistance to Fire
  • Mould and Mildew Resistance
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Diverse range of Finishes provide a Clean and Modern Look
  • Special applications where Hygiene is important
  • Manufactured without formaldehyde
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Manufactured of Pure, Bio Soluble and Natural Components
  • Low VOCS Emissions
  • Lower raw material requirements due to superior technology

Product Range:

  • OWA Alto
  • OWA Finetta
  • OWA Sinfonia
  • OWA Sandila Micro
  • OWA Humancare
  • OWA Universal
  • OWA Constellation
  • OWA Brillanto A
  • OWA Sinfonia dB
  • OWA Multi Alpha
  • OWA Aqua Cosmos
  • OWA Sinfonia Black
  • Excel Tone MR New NDF
  • Excel Tone MR Coordinate NDF
  • Excel Tone MR Travertine Delica

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