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Di Emme offers an extensive range of more than 500 different paint finishes including stucco, gilding, rust, antique finishes, Marmorino, wood grain and sponge finishes. Finishes can be applied in the studio or directly onsite onto walls, columns and ceilings. Di Emme can also create any custom finish you desire.

With our team of experienced artisans, Di Emme has been involved in a number of fine restoration projects including Sydney Town Hall and Admiralty House at Kirribilli. Our skillful team can also create murals, of any size and subject matter, using a variety of techniques.

For inspiration you can see Di Emme’s ever-expanding library of traditional and contemporary paint finishes and then work with our talented artists to create personalised effects for your project. The Di Emme team is experienced in maintaining a unified application of complex finishes over large areas for commercial projects.

Please contact Di Emme to discuss how we can help with your decorative finish requirements.

MACPrime from Melbourne Acrylic Coatings is an easy to use product that can be applied to ensure the longevity and premium performance of masonry surfaces and walls. The acrylic primer is extremely alkali and water resistant, and can enhance the adhesive performance and life of textures and paints applied to stone. 

Melbourne Acrylic Coatings’ Stone Paint creates a classic polished look, while simultaneously protecting and sealing masonry surfaces. The acrylic product can be easily applied to render or brickwork, and features a fine grit composition to ensure adhesion to stoneware. Resulting in a highly uniform finish, the paint is available in a complete array of colours to suit any space.  

Quick drying, bright silver coloured, and rich in aluminium, DuraGal is a protective paint designed to protect welds and other steel products from corrosion.

Materials treated with DuraGal have the appearance of a hot dip galvanised surface, and boast excellent adhesion and durability. Suitable for touchup and repairs as well as application to newly fabricated components, DuraGel is ideal for pre-primed steel sections where a bright silver finish is required.

A high build recoatable gloss polyurethane, Weathermax HBR provides superior gloss and colour retention for mild steel, galvanised steel, concrete, and aluminium.

Suitable for application using a high build roller or brush, the coating provides good chemical and abrasion resistance and can be used with an accelerator for use in cooler conditions. The versatile surface treatment is tintable and available in over 5000 colours, and is unaffected  by splash and spillage of neutral and alkaline salt solutions.

An economical and user friendly epoxy zinc coating, Zincanode is a corrosion resistant primer suitable for use in environments up to 200ºc. The quick drying treatment offers ease of application alongside excellent abrasion resistant capabilities and resistance to neutral and alkali salts.

Available in a matte grey-green finish and specially formulated for use in power generation plants, bulk handling equipment, and oil refineries, the primer is compatible with abrasive blast cleaned steel surfaces.

A fast drying, high performance zinc-rich epoxy, Liquid Allgal from Orrcon Steel is a non-corrosive coating for all steel products. Liquid Allgal combines a tough epoxy binder and metallic pigment blend with an evenly dispersed zinc powder to provide a two tiered, unrivalled level of protection from rust.

Ideal for touch up applications on existing zinc-coated steel surfaces and also suitable for use as a primer on new fabrications, the solution is an excellent colour match for electro-galvanised and hot-dip galvanised zinc coated steel.  

A water based acrylic coating designed to replace oil based surface treatments, SmartCOTE is a highly effective steel coating for tubular products. 

Compatible with welding, galvanising, painting, and powder coating, SmartCOTE emits minimal fuming during processing, and is non-toxic, non-flammable, and free of heavy metals. SmartCOTE improves the shelf life of steel products, withstanding damage during the packaging, transportation, and processing stages. Tubular products treated with SmartCOTE can be easily marked with chalk and resistant to dust, and do not leave oil stains or drips when handled. 

Steel is a widely used and very functional building material commonly used in the construction industry. Steel is very versatile being easy to transport and erect, and is easily recognizable in many of the world’s largest buildings and structures. Along with being very versatile, steel is a leading contributor to sustainability as it can generally be reused or recycled at the end of a building lifespan.

A coating over steel is still the most straightforward and economic way to prevent corrosion. Coatings over steel serve two purposes; to protect the substrate from corrosion and to provide specifiers with the opportunity to select a range of colours and finishes to distinguish their structure.

Choice of applications are between environmentally friendly water based Envirothane Epoxy primers, Polyurethanes and Inflonito Fluoropolymer topcoats, and the same in solvent based Vitrethane Epoxies and Urethanes and Enviroflon FluoropolymerTopcoats.There are two factors involved in steel coating…protection of the steel from rust by the primer and possibly build coat, and the decorative and protective role of the topcoat.

A&I Coatings first developed their CFC range of Ultra Violet cured coatings in 1995. They  have since developed many UV Coatings for various timber substrates, plus other unique applications. They have a complete range of skills available to the industry, including formulating, manufacturing, UV line recommendation as well as considerable expertise in application and measurement.

Facades can be comprised of a range of different substrates which all have one thing in common; they all need to be protected from the elements in one way or another. Two of the factors involved in facade coating are:

+ Protection of the substrate from moisture by the primer and build coat
+ Decorative and protective role of the topcoat

A number of types of building materials are used for facades. Some of the main ones are…

+ Compressed fibre cement
+ Metal and Aluminium composite panel
+ Glass reinforced concrete
+ All the above elements can be coated for aesthetics and durability in a range of different coating systems

A&I Coatings’ Envelon is a membrane coating that has the potential to create surfaces that are 100% impervious to dust, gas and water. This is made possible due its strong, elastomeric form, allowing the coating to easily bridge across large gaps. With such high credentials, Envelon is ideally used for waterproofing and gas-proofing in harsh environments such as the marine and mining industry.

Seal ‘n’ Peel range of strippable coatings are ideal for surfaces that require temporary protection. They can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as powder coated finishes, glass, colour bond finishes, fibre glass, porcelain and metal surfaces. Seal ‘n’ Peel peelable coatings are specially formulated to protect surfaces from abrasion, scratching, staining, and other environmental contamination that may result during manufacture, transport, storage, and installation. These revolutionary strippable coatings can be used for industrial, commercial, or domestic applications.

Floor coatings are can make a vast change to almost any environment. When specifying A&I Coatings floor finishes, you not only get a very durable and functional floor finish, you also create a brighter atmosphere, which in turn creates increased efficiency and output.Your floor coating is an asset to your company, and when well maintained, will always increase the professional appearance and efficiency of your company, facility or workplace.A&I Coatings now has a range of water borne and solvent borne epoxy and polyurethane floor systems to choose from. We also boast an excellent water borne seamless flake flooring system.

Resene Cleancote is a waterborne coating with the excellent qualities of dirt, mould and water resistance. Engineered for application on masonry, including brickwork, concrete, and fibre cement, the substance is extremely adhesive and dries to a highly uniform, durable surface. 

The unique Blacktop finishing product from Resene is designed to enhance the look and performance of asphalt surfaces. The material is based on a bitumen emulsion and dries to an ultra durable, non-slip finish. The deep colour and highly uniform texture of the surface ensures that asphalt surfaces will also look their best. 

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