Ceramic Tiles

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With its naturally textured surface, the Alcina tile range offers an elegant suite filled with warm and earthy shades. Available for use on floors, walls, wet areas through to living spaces and kitchens.

These earthy, natural and warm shades create a pleasant and homogenous ambience. With a stylish cut décor in all floor colours and a wide range of sizes for many areas of application.

Urban design for private and public rooms. Whether you place these tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, shops or living areas, these beveled District tiles ensure an elegant, minimalistic and stylish feel is achieved.

Offered over two sizes in eight on trend colours: almond beige, white, pitch black, ash grey, Miami mint, denim blue, racing green and burgundy red.

A textured elegant tile series, with the grain look detail of wood. Laid expansively, the natural tile range reveals an elegant look, especially in combination with earthy or highlighting colours.

This series can be utilised for indoor, outdoor and wellness applications.

With an inclusive non-slip safety rating, the Akazia series is the perfect choice for bathrooms, swimming pools, showers, spas, patios and kitchens. With its homogenous ambience, you can create a consistent look in both indoor and outdoor applications

A wall tile series in special pearl white. These white, glossy, high quality tiles offer a refreshing effect, adding a modern touch. Contrasted by two different black and grey formats, make these modern white tiles shine and bring a fresh perspective into the interior.

This series allows you to set the tone in a room, whilst remaining in the background. The modern white tiles integrate seamlessly in many room situations and forms the backdrop for individual design.




The soul series of tiles from Ceramic Solutions Australia, makes a statement for modern concrete design. Available in four colours over two formats, the modern concrete look tile transports easily from factory building to the more stylish minimalistic environments of today. Appealing to those who love its authenticity, the soul series delivers an expression of modern attitude towards life.

A new generation of Façade systems: Innovative, flexible and effective

AGROB BUCHTAL’s bracket-mounted, rear ventilated façades are highly efficient through rapid installation, variable mounting systems and self-cleaning with its HT ceramic material. As one of only a few tile manufacturers world-wide, AGROB has been operating in the sector of curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades for decades.

Agrob Buchtals’s bracket-mounted, rear ventilated façades are highly efficient through rapid installation and variable mounting systems. The product families KeraTwin and KerAion offer innumerable design possibilities in a variety of glazed and unglazed styles.

Key benefits of AGROB Facades:

  • Improved insulation and acoustics
  • Building protection from rain and moisture
  • Lower CO₂emissions
  • Cleaner air, HT technology decomposes exhaust fumes
  • Easy Maintenance, ability to access building membrane or replace sections
  • Rapid installation
  • Low cleaning costs, due to HT self-cleaning technology
  • Enhancing the status of existing buildings through renovation

For future details visit www.ceramicsolutions.com.au/agrob

Casual Luxury

This series from Agrob Buchtal pays homage to the classic aging of natural materials. Good materials age in style, giving rise to textures which are reminiscent of abstract paintings. The result of a refined combination of various designed and style: patina glazes, mesh-like inclusions, historic patterns and conscious omissions. Offered in two authentic colours and three different formats, this range offers a luxurious yet casual atmosphere.

Agrob Buchtal’s high-quality ceramic tiles are designed for application in dry and wet barefoot areas and provide unlimited combinations for beautiful bathroom designs. With a great variety of formats and colours available, Agrob Buchtal tiles provide elegant bathroom solutions that become inviting showpieces within the home or commercial spaces.

Jasba and Agrob Buchtal tiles and mosaics give rise to new bathroom design concepts. No longer the neglected little room, thanks to our huge mosaic and tile range, bathrooms are now a show piece and private wellness area.

Anti-bacterial bathroom tiles

Specifying wall and floor tiles with HT material determines three significant advantages:

1. The tiles have an anti-bacterial effect,
2. Are easy to clean and
3. Capable of eliminating bad odours. The anti-bacterial effect of HT is based on the principle of photocatalysis. Light activates the oxygen molecules, which decompose bacteria and germs that are in contact with the tile surface.

Agrob Buchtal HT tiles are available in a range of colours, shapes and textures. Most commonly used in public bathroom spaces, such as shopping centres, leisure centres, hospitals or retirement villages. HT tiles are recommended in areas where hygiene is of the upmost importance. The tile finish decomposes bacteria, fungi and germs and prevents the development of new pathogens.

A longstanding partnership between Eco Outdoor and a group of innovative Italian architects saw the introduction of a new range of modern Italian Cotto in 2007. Incorporating high impact design and engineering and used by the likes of Mario Botta, Renzo Piano and Grimshaw Architects, Eco Outdoor’s Cotto was a first for the Australian market. Within our range of Cotto terracotta flooring tiles we have a variety of colours, textures and sizes, which can all be used in classic or contemporary home and landscape design projects.

Eco Outdoor’s Cotto terracotta flooring range includes both traditional Italian handmade tiles and extruded tiles, combining the tactile pleasure of a handmade tile with the strength and durability of a commercially manufactured paving material.

Eco Outdoor’s Cotto Tiles walling range offers a true sense of history and authentic craftsmanship – it’s a modern take on a much-loved traditional material. And a key highlight of Moroccan influence in modern design has been the resurgence in the use of Cotto Zellige™ and Cotto Glazed tiles.

These elements, made from clay, are dipped in coloured enamel and are hand cut for precision. Featuring beautiful natural variations in texture and colour, these tiles feature a wonderfully unique translucent glaze.

Traditionally these tiles are laid without grout and whether using one colour or mixing colours to form a pattern, these hand-made tiles can create a unique option for bathroom and kitchen walling accents. The Cotto Tiles walling range is ideal for a huge selection of external cladding, feature walls, pool designs, fireplaces and interior finishes.

Explore the Cotto Tiles walling image gallery for examples of how hand-made cotto tiles have been used in a diverse selection of architectural and landscape designs.

Subway Tiles

Plural earthenware tiles contain a silky-matt, densely glazed, non-glare surface, making them suitable for a huge range of applications both indoors and out. Available in a standard 100x200mm subway size, the Plural range also lends itself to larger formats that systematically match one-another for technically perfect detailed room designs.

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Agrob Buchtal’s porcelain stoneware tiles are specially developed for both dry and wet areas. Available in a great range of attractive designs, these tiles offer maximum safety in public and commercial spaces.

Formats modularly match to one another to ensure a uniform look from 50x50mm mosaics to 300x300mm square tiles or 600x120mm large format tiles. Ideal for entrance zones, balconies, walkways, changing rooms, amenities and pool surround.

Interior Design

Agrob Buchtal’s ceramic tiles provide unlimited combinations for elegant room designs. With a great variety of styles and colours available in modular formats, interior designers can create harmoniously coordinated wall and floor designs throughout entire buildings.

Made in Germany, Agrob Buchtal tiles are manufactured in accordance with maximum quality standards to ensure consistent colour clarity and a high-quality finish, which is an essential requirement for any large retail flooring area.

Commercial Pool Tiles

Chroma Pool floor and wall tiles have been specifically developed for swimming pool interiors. Available in smooth glazes, as well as slip resistant surfaces, Chroma pool tiles provide the ideal underwater solution from competition pools to leisure pools or hydrotherapy pools.

As part of the Chroma pool tiles series, a great selection of compatible colours and modular formats are available, to provide creative scope for planners and pool architects. Manufactured in Germany by Agrob Buchtal, Chroma pool tiles are extruded and offer far superior performance qualities in a pool and aquatic environment than pressed tiles, such as adhesive tensile strength (both dry and wet), stain resistance and DIN EN 14411 standard water absorption for optimum bonding.

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