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Containing the characteristics of traditional terrazzo flooring, the TerrazzoMicro finish provides a modern 1 – 3mm aggregate finish to give a subtle aggregate look to the floor finish. It is ideal in heavy foot traffic situations like shopping centres and grand entrance areas but can still find its place in a high-end residential project. For more information visit the brochures section.

Terrazzo flooring – marblechips bound in coloured cement and ground and buffed to a polished finish, has been a familiar sight for many years. Its attractive clean cut finish and its easy maintenance has made it a firm favourite with architects and planners specifying materials for projects such as commercial complexes or large shopping malls – anywhere, in fact, where conditions dictate that the finish has to be both durable and easily cleaned.

At Pebblecrete In Situ Pty Ltd using the most modern machinery, entire floors of modular tiles can be prefabricated in our factory. Our technique of pressing and vibrating the material in moulds permits 80% of a contract to be completed in the factory. The tiles once laid are then finished in the traditional manner by grinding and polishing.

At Pebblecrete Insitu Pty Ltd we have a team of experts ready to advise and supply prospective clients with detailed information on our products, which in addition to terrazzo floor tiles we also manufacture terrazzo partitions, terrazzo steps and precast concrete pavers for external use.

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