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Manufacturers, distributors, and installation/maintenance services for grip products, floor cushions and underlays, carpet cushions, adhesives, rubber flooring, pre-fabricated or pre-cast floor panels and structural solutions, foam floor insulation, and protective membranes for residential and commercial use.

We’ve designed, tested and manufactured vinyl & cork underlay sheets to deliver a smooth, durable surface for your vinyl and cork tiles. You can also use the sheets under parquetry floor tiles, and they’re water-resistent and totally proofed against termites and rodents. Why not cut Vinyl & Cork Tile Floor Underlay sheets to size onsite? Ideally you should use a 180mm Durablade, remembering always to use dust-collection devices, an approved dust mask and safety glasses.

Stonesheet™ is your first call for a stone tile substrate and background for true masonry on timber or steel-framed buildings. A flat, square-edged sheet, Stonesheet™ comes as 9mm-thick panels. Designed specially as a substrate for both residential interior and exterior applications, Stonesheet™ is an excellent alternative where other non-specifically designed substrates have been used.

High-density BGC compressed fibre cement sheeting is a superlative substrate for interior floors in framed-construction wet areas. Fine for upper stories and transportable buildings, it’s equally suited for use in the cladding of exterior decks. BGC Compressed Fibre Cement sheeting is manufactured from Portland cement, finely-ground silica, cellulose fibres and water. After forming, they compress the sheeting to high density, then cure it in a high-pressure steam autoclave for an exceptionally durable, fit-for-purpose product.

BGC ceramic tile floor underlay is a specially-formulated fibre cement sheet. It's designed as a stable substrate for slate and ceramic floor tiles, so you can install ceramic tile floor underlay over new or existing timber floorboards, plywood or particleboard flooring.

Kiesel’s versatile range of surface preparation products provide extremely fast setting characteristics with outstanding work-ability and a reliable performance even under the most demanding circumstances, all with very low VOC emissions.

Polyflor’s Kiesel Okatmos EG 20 Fast Setting Primer is part of a new range of primers, screeds and adhesives suitable for Polyflor’s variety of flooring solutions. Okatmos EG 20 dries quickly, is solvent free and features low emissions which makes it perfect for one-day installations in new and old indoor spaces. The primer is for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates and can be diluted with water on concrete substrates.

Kiesel Okapox GF is a solvent and water free, very low emission thin two-component epoxy primer for the preparation of absorbing and non-absorbing substrates before patching, sealing and floor installation. Suitable for a wide variety of materials, Okapox GF provides a high flexural strength, adhesive strength, compressive strength and abrasion resistance, resists water, lye, acids, salt water as well as grease and fuel. It can be use as moisture barrier on cement based substrates and can be used as binder for epoxy mortars.

Kiesel Okatmos DSG is a solvent-free, sanitising moisture barrier and primer with a high bond strength for well-prepared substrates. It is for use on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates before levelling, sealing, thin-bed tile installation or the installation of textile/flexible floor surfaces and parquet/engineered wood flooring. Okatmos DSG can be used as moisture controlled dispersion primer on cementitious substrates such as cement screeds or concrete barrier against excessive moisture.

Austech’s EXPOL UnderFloor Insulation has been altered just in time for Winter. Now with improved install functionality while still maintaining and generating consistent R-Values. The 60mm rigid panel has been transformed into a flat surface. Therefore the installer does not need to seal off the ends to ensure a still trapped space. Resulting in minimal install time, as well as creating advancements on in insulation level.

EXPOL UnderFloor Insulation has been designed to insulate your home.. By fitting EXPOL snuggly between the timber floor joists, you are making the ‘ultimate choice’ for your new or existing house.. All EXPOL panels are concertina cut on both sides to allow for a compression of up to 20mm for ease of installation, and to ensure a snug fit between the joists. EXPOL UnderFloor is ideal for both retro-fitting under existing floors and new floor installations. EXPOL is backed by a BRANZ appraised 50 year limited product warranty. To withstand the unpredictable Australian weather conditions that can make their way under your home, choose EXPOL, solid insulation.

  • EXPOL solid insulation WILL NOT sag over time
  • BRANZ appraised 50 year limited product warranty
  • Cooler in summer
  • Easy to install
  • Warmer, dryer floors
  • Save on power bills
  • Rigid polystyrene panel with flame retardant additives
  • Safe, will not itch and non allergic
  • Product & bag are recyclable
  • Insulation performance is NOT affected by ageing or moisture

In correspondence with the changes and redesigned packaging, EXPOL are introducing a user friendly measuring ruler and an up-to-date brochure that includes all relevant information as well as an EXPOL pack calculator table.

Don’t miss out this winter; efficiently insulate your home with EXPOL.

MasterFloor is a cost effective and environmentally friendly sub-floor insulation system. The product features flexible ‘concertina edges’ that facilitate quick and easy installation, as well as allowing the product to compact and hold fast. MasterFloor lets you save energy and money on your heating and cooling bills with an increased thermal or R rating. The system exceeds the minimum R value requirements for timber floors and complies with the fire safety requirements of the BCA. MasterFloor is a great DIY product, suitable for new homes or to retrofit an existing floor.

Reverberated noise and thermal control are critical aspects of any domestic and commercial design, with insulation maximising the building’s performance in both these fields. With an ecofriendly 85% polyester fibre composition, Soundblock Solution’s range of insulation products offer high performance and ease of installation.

Encompassing wall, ceiling, subfloor or interior panel options, the comprehensive range of soundproofing insulation reduces internal noise transmission significantly, whilst also reducing heating and cooling costs by providing effective thermal control.

Though often overlooked, impact noise transmission between floors in multi-storey dwellings is a major acoustic issue. Occurring even where carpet is installed, impact noise is particularly problematic in residential or commercial units where overhead footsteps are conveyed to units below.

The selection of soundproof floors is dependent on the material with which the floor is finished (e.g slate, timber, tiles, carpet), with Soundblock Solutions offering acoustic insulation products to cater for both new and retrofit projects.

For ceramic installations, the AcoustMat cork and rubber underlay provides minimal floor flex and a stable acoustic sub-floor to which tiles can be directly adhered. Partially fabricated from recycled rubber, the AcoustaMat has been verified by the CSIRO as offering noise reductions of up to 30dB.

Other subfloor options include the NuWave acoustic carpet underlay, a polyester and vinyl composite that can be installed beneath carpets or atop joists in timber floors.

Dunlop Carpetmate offers an extensive range of foam carpet underlay to help make your carpet even more comfortable. With eight different combinations of density and thickness available, you can choose the right level of comfort and support to suit you and your requirements.

More luxury than you’d expect from an entry-level underlay, Carpetmate Standard is your first step towards a softer, more comfortable carpet and improved carpet performance.

With its added thickness, Carpetmate Government Red delivers more quality with extra comfort, exceptional support and added performance.

The extra density of Carpetmate Luxurytred provides an enhanced level of comfort, making your carpet even softer and extra luxurious, delivering premium performance.

Take your comfort level up a notch with Carpetmate Supergreen. Its extra thickness provides extra support and softness underfoot making luxury more affordable.

The name sums up the feeling you’ll get when you first set foot on it. Carpetmate Eureka delivers a perfect balance of softness, resilience, comfort and support.

With its perfect balance of thickness and density, Carpetmate Supercomfort takes comfort to a whole new level. Experience the ultimate in luxury, superior support, and outstanding performance.

Thanks to its extra density, Carpetmate Comfortmaster delivers additional support and greater performance without compromising on luxurious comfort.

For truly outstanding performance and comfort, it’s hard to go past Carpetmate Opulence. Boasting the highest density and thickness in the Carpetmate range, it improves carpet durability for even longer lasting luxury.

No matter what level of comfort and performance you need, Dunlop Springtred has it covered. There are 4 premium products available in the range, each offering a different level of comfort and support to suit your budget and your lifestyle. Each product has been specifically designed to make your carpet more comfortable, extra durable, and to help retain its appearance for longer. All Springtred products have been with the proven antimicrobial Ultra-Fresh for added asthma and allergy prevention.

More than just an entry-level underlay, Springtred Classic is your first step towards better comfort and greater carpet performance.

With its extra density and thickness, Springtred Extra works hard to provide improved underfoot comfort and added performance.

Offering even more luxury and support, Springtred Ultimate takes it to another level with its superior balance of thickness and density providing outstanding comfort and performance.

For maximum support and comfort, Springtred Supreme offers our highest density and thickness, delivering a superior feel and unbeatable performance.

When it comes to durability and comfort, Dunlop Flooring performs. With frequent foot traffic, it’s important that commercial environments provide carpet that lasts. Dunlop Flooring is leading in the development of re-bonded polyurethane foam carpet cushion and installation systems, having engineered a superior performance carpet underlay for every commercial application, meeting the AS4288 standard.

Dunlop DB3 carpet underlay adds comfort and improves acoustics to modular carpet tiles, PVC-backed carpets and other textile floor coverings in high traffic areas. Applications: Offices, Education, Retail, Healthcare, Wheel Traffic, Government, Airports, Public Spaces

Dunlop DB5 carpet underlay has been developed to provide an exceptional level of durability and support. Ideal in high traffic areas, DB5 works hard to extend carpet life and ensure continued underfoot comfort. Applications: Offices, Education, Retail, Hotel, Healthcare, Government, Public Spaces, Entertainment.

Dunlop DB7 carpet underlay offers a touch of luxury combined with outstanding durability in high traffic areas. A balance of comfort and performance ensures that it works hard and feels great. Applications: Hotels, Conference Facilities, Theatres, Restaurants, Bars and Lounges, Public Spaces, Entertainment, Places of Worship.

Dunlop DB9 is a premium Double Bond carpet cushion that offers a luxurious feel as well as incredible durability. Developed for prestigious applications, DB9 is the ultimate commercial carpet cushion. Applications: Boardrooms, Executive Areas, Auditoriums, Hotel Receptions, Foyers, Theatres, Restaurants, Luxury Units and Apartments.

Dunlop's extensive range of Hard Flooring Underlays are designed to harmonise with your timber, laminate and vinyl floors. With high performing benefits in acoustics, cushioning and moisture resistance, you can be confident your floors will last for many years to come.

Dunlop Advantage 3 is a Rubber/Cork acoustic underlay suitable for conventional and double bond applications for floating timber floors. Click here for more details.

Dunlop Aquacoustic is a specialist timber flooring underlay that provides unsurpassed acoustic performance. Incorporating a 200 micron moisture resistant barrier, Aquacoustic offers a superior moisture protection. Dunlop Aquacoustic is recommended for use with most common laminate, engineered wood and solid timber floating floors where excellent noise reduction, unbeatable moisture protection and resilience is required. Click here for more details.

Dunlop Luxury Vinyl Cushion is a 1mm thick underlay specially designed for Luxury Vinyl Plank. Click here for more details.

Dunlop Thermacoustic is a timber flooring underlay specially designed to offer an increased reduction in sound transfer whilst also providing added moisture and thermal protection. Dunlop Thermacoustic has been tested by the CSIRO to determine its acoustic performance and compliance with the standard set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA), which it exceeds. Dunlop Thermacoustic is recommended for use with most timber floating floors where superior acoustic, moisture and thermal protection are required. Click here for more details.

Dunlop Timbercushion is a specialist timber flooring underlay that provides acoustic performance whilst offering effective moisture protection. Dunlop Timbercushion is recommended for use with most common laminate, engineered wood and solid timber floating floors where superior noise reduction, effective moisture protection and resilience is required. Click here for more details.

Dunlop Timbermate is a timber flooring underlay specially designed to reduce sound transfer whilst providing added moisture protection. Dunlop Timbermate has been tested by the CSIRO to determine its acoustic performance and compliance with the standard set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA), which it exceeds. Dunlop Timbermate is recommended for use with most timber floating floors. Click here for more details.

ACOUSTICUSHION (Thickness 12mm)
Dunlop AcoustiCushion is a sound choice in carpet underlays. It’s the perfect choice for multi-level residential living because it helps reduce the impact of noise through floors and ceilings by up to 69%, easily surpassing the industry standard set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Our thickest foam carpet cushion yet, it makes your carpet more comfortable while also delivering outstanding sound insulation. It’s also a fantastic thermal insulator, which keeps your home warmer and helps reduce heating bills. And as you’d expect from a Dunlop carpet cushion, it improves carpet appearance and retention, extending the life of your carpet.

Multi-level residential buildings including townhouses, apartments, units and two-storey homes.

Acoustic Rating: 22dB

Excellay (Thickness 7mm)
Dunlop Excellay carpet cushion is the best solution for conventional installationin commercial environments. It’s been specially formulated to provide superior underfoot comfort and outstanding durability in high traffic areas. Dunlop Excellay is made from high density, bonded polyurethane foam, so it’s tough and resilient enough to keep bouncing back under continual traffic loads, day after day, year in year out.

Hotels, Conference Facilities, Theatres, Restaurants, Bars and Lounges, Public Spaces, Entertainment, Places of Worship.

For a seamless sporting surface that promises optimal performance in all weather conditions, the Decoflex Softcourt and Softrack are unbeatable.

The highly durable, high performance product is comprised of a prefabricated rubber base mat finished with multiple coats of liquid rubber, and is available in six colours. Both the Softcourt and Softrack are designed and engineered to ensure athlete performance and safety, with varying product thicknesses offering force reductions of up to 41%.

The use of a polyurethane adhesive to bond the rubber to the sub-floor further mitigates the risk of injury, in conjunction with a high level of surface resitance to tears and abrasion.

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