Skirtings + Baseboards

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Tredsafe’s floor finishing trims are manufactured from aluminium, providing a durable edge to floors.  There are many different types, including straight or curved transition strips between various flooring heights and types, as well as covers for expansions joints and floor edges.

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In every flooring installation there are junctions where different types of flooring or wall coverings meet. For walls, Tredsafe’s range of PVC and anodised aluminium trims provide a durable, easy clean finish.

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Cutting corners is not a problem when they are professionally protected with Acculine’s Corner Guard range, ensuring you avoid the expense of ongoing patching and painting.

For a quick fix we have tape on corner guards, and the option for heavier duty solutions for corners exposed to higher impacts or flush mounting.

Our Vinyl is stain, scratch, impact, fungal and bacterial resistant and Fire Rated to Class 1.

This is part of a complete range of matching Wall, Door & Corner Guards.

Catering for any interior, Heritage Profiles and Mouldings supplies a comprehensive range of architraves and skirtings. Available in a wide selection of timbers including finger-joint pine and moisture resistant MDF, the broad product catalogue is supplemented by Heritage Profiles’ custom milling service. With an impressive job turnover time of 5 working days or fewer, customers can enjoy quality bespoke skirtings with a minimal waiting period.

From ornate Federation style profiles to minimalist Modern cuts, architraves and skirtings to suit any interior style are sure to be found. All profiles are available in various factory heights and thicknesses, and can be custom sized to suit the requirements of individual projects.

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