With the central message “EGGER has the answer”, the wood-based material manufacturer EGGER introduces its new flooring collections for specialist distributors. The Comfort, Design and Laminate flooring offers are reimagined on the market under the EGGER PRO line. As well as new flooring and decors, the manufacturer adds a comprehensive service programme and attractive accessories, providing an answer to everything professional craftsmen expect from a contemporary range. Trendy decors meet quality, safety and optimal customer support.



Limitless possibilities with Overall decors – a bonus on top

A continuous flooring look can create a special atmosphere, especially with open living spaces. Until now flooring customers were limited from this point of view, for instance if the selected flooring decor was not suitable for the bathroom nor the hallway, due to the lack of waterproof or robust characteristics. EGGER’s new PRO Collection addresses this issue. Four decors are available across the new Laminate, Comfort and Design flooring collections. This means that with the same decor you can have a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom with Comfort flooring, water-resistance in the bathroom with Design flooring, and a sufficiently robust surface in the hallway with Laminate flooring.

Our EGGER PRO collection offers all 80 Laminate decors as original samples. The decor book in DIN A4 contains an overview of all 140 decors (Laminate, Comfort, Design).

Visit our website for more information: https://www.egger.com/shop/en_LV/products/flooring/pro